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hey guys put this flow hood together its a FPR 9 HEPA filter completely sealed box with a 650 CFM inline fan pulling threw in Activated Carbon air filter as my pre filter and I have a 25 WATT UV sanitation socket and bulb coming hopefully within the week to mount inside to further clean and sanitize air of contaminants. 

if anyone has any feed back or some advise on using home made LAMINAR flow hoods that would be awesome this is the first one I have made since I'm getting back into mycology after taking a break because of a divorce.




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Danger Zone

if your stuck with going with a furnace filter get MERV 13 or better

real hepas are not cheap and most off the shelf products arent what you need.
a HEPA for laminar flow would be a minimum of 6 inches thick and rated for removal 99.7% of all particles under .3 micron

that furnace filter would be suitable as a pre filter for a HEPA but won't do enough on it's own.

also if thats a charcoal prefilter and not just a foam sock I would not use anything with the chance of inducing particulates as a prefilter it will reduce the lifespan of the HEPA.

if im not mistaken MZ had a flowhood with an 18inch thick nuclear grade hepa, your flowhood/ clean space isn't where you cut corners it impacts everything you do

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