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1st grow with hella pin set!!!!

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 I would like to send out mushlove to everyone/anyone that has ever posted a tek!!! Well because I've have read it at leastonce plus several books cover to cover a few times. The lst few months I've dedicated my time to learning this cultivation skill which wouldn't be possible without open air of knowledge. Obtainable through reading these forums all the information anyone needs to learn is at your fingertips the only thing stopping anyone from learning it is lack of determination. This 1st official grows show what hard work, dedication, patience will become. Dont think I did this without failure accidentally used a contaminated brf cake and contam quite a few grain jars whoopsy! Now I've learned to spot contams pretty well. 10lb error of wbs lol whcih equals about tree fifty I have a feeling that dam loc ness monster had something to do with
it hehehehe but the upside is I now have a nice outdoor bed. My next step is to start with etheos and cacti i live in a northern colder zone but I have a sun room
at my disposal and outdoor garden. The times are changing the hemp industrial revolution had begun, the mycelium revolution will follow suit.
I beleive our culture can overcome much with ethoes, psycedelics and marijuana, We are all watching the tide come in on this,
I hope it can bring peace, love and understanding. So I wonder where I'll be when the high water mark comes? When can these political figues
 set aside there diffrences and start doing the right things for the right reasons.......


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