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What’s wrong with these mushrooms? (Pics included)

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Hello comrades,


i was just curious as to the reason(s) why these mushrooms grew so funky...


As you can see, they have super wavy stems which are almost completely hollow. As they grew, the stem eventually split open to reveal the hollow insides, and those that didn’t do this ended up with split stems upon being picked. 


Anyone have the issue before or know why this would happen?

For the record:

They were grown using BRF cakes that were shredded and combine with Coco coir & verm (50:50) and converted to bulk substrate in a mini plastic Tupperware container with air holes poked into it with blackout paper glued to the sides to prevent light from entering where it isn’t supposed to. They’re misted 2-4xs per day w/ d-H2O.


I’d guess maybe too much water/misting?  But hey, if I knew, I wouldn’t be posting this question on here right now lol  


Thanks in advance!











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yep like shyn said. Temps probably too high during fruiting.
What temps did you fruit at?

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That’s strange because it’s actually on the colder side right now for the area where these are being grow (which stays hot from like March until November), so I would be surprised if their environment was too hot but I’m a novice and trust your guys’ expertise over my own. I’m not saying I disagree necessarily however these guys were grown temps around the low-mid 70s during the day and mid-low 60s at night. Also, there has been real decent success with these growing in the dead of summer in the same environment when it gets to be in the triple digits outside (and like 85+ during the day when nobody is there to lower the temp).  


Is there any other reason as to why these would grow this way or is it pretty much exclusively a discrepancy with the temperature of the environment where these are being grown?


Thanks in advance for all your help!



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Could of course just be genetically not greatest and not temp at all. You’d have to run another experiment to find out exactly but I think your better off just starting from some good agar and go from there. Sorry you were blessed with the funkies.

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