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So here’s one of many new mush ideas I have!!

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Ok fellow mycologists I just might be onto something big here!!!This is round one of experiment #1 regarding this new pondered method but I have nothing but the highest expectations that this will increase yield (For sure for those of you that struggle getting your middle to pin!!) So here I sat thinking about how else could I improve the climate my mushies are sitting in and I started thinking about side pinning and how that’s almost always the first pinning to take place and came up with brilliant solution why not introduce more sides into my shoebox!!!!!More sides equal more side pinning was my logic are you following?!? So I came up with why not try after adding the spawn for the bulk run why not “till” the whole thing and create as much sides as possible? So I added 3 vertical lines by indenting my knife into substrate about 3/4 inch . If this is successful the second experiment I’ll not only add few more vertical lines but also some horizontal ones as well! What’s everyone thinking about this?!?




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