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I’m Back Again (Can’t seem to stay away)

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Hi all!

none of you prob know or remember me, but I was very active in 2014 on this forum(Back when the Sponsor Rank was a thing) Just put in an order earlier this morning for the below Spore Syringes:

Mushroom Spore Syringe Order:

2x Red Boys 
2x Golden Teacher 
2x PES Amazon  
2x Lizard King 
2x Z-Strain 
2x Australian 
2x Albino A+ 
2x Koh Samui Super Strain 
2x B+
2x Mazatapec

im excited to get back into Researching and curating my buy list for essentials that I’ll need to possess. 

many suggestions on what tek I should run or several tek’s I should try? And any help with materials and equipment acquisition/suggestions would be much obliged.



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Most and fan dub tubs to get started and get your feet wet . Or were you doing cakes ?

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