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Lol at the title. But something has me thinking. @Mushinist I remember watching a Youtube vid with a dxm extraction a while ago but its not there anymore. It was done in a two liter bottle and looked really easy. For quarantine reasons I kind of stocked up on some otc meds and got some to play with. I would rather not go through nexus to relearn but if anyone knows a vid please link it. Can't do a mush grow because where I am my apartment gets inspected for damages. (Been here almost a year and still had no problems lol got another this friday but it is the same for everyone so has to be done. Thank you all utilities included) but some bottles or jars wont really draw attention.  


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I would just read through this. 


And if you cant grow mush, but would still like mudh trips, I'd suggest reading through don shadows myceliated grain tek. I will vouch for this myself as it is the only thing I'm doing and is plenty potent. All you need to do is inoculate some grain in a bag, then set and forget for a few months. Dehydrate after that then make tea with it. Doesn't get any easier.

I cant add a pdf file or I'd put it on here. 

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