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    • rachael47
      I am confused on this comment. When the mushrooms grow they won’t all grow at the same time. I am confused. I don’t pick them pick right before the vail breaks and before they release spores. Can u explain the answer a little more for this newbie?  Thank ya!!
    • Doodlin
      Hooray, I can finally chip in!  Let me start right out by saying: this is a very cool idea. I have been musing for a while on how to create a cubensis growth system that places psilocin production under positive selective pressure, without having to actually assay every individual, and what you've come up with is by far the best route I've considered. I definitely think it's worth a try. I'm not as sure as you that psilocin / psilocybin are actually involved in the HSR; I think it's just as likely that it's the increased trp flux that improves heat tolerance through downstream components, and the increased psiloc* levels are just a simple consequence of more trp. Regardless... the question is how to actually translate this idea into a selective program. This is where I have to do more reading, as my experience is that this is quite organism-specific. I think the most ground would be covered by multiple cycles of mutagenesis-growth-selection, but the specifics of mutagen and selective pressure are very hand-wavy right now. But in summary -- nice find!
    • Doodlin
      Ouch, glad you're ok. I've worked in both microbiology and cell biology labs. In micro they flame and don't use gloves. In cell biology they use gloves (and a shitload of 70% EtOH) and don't flame.  Never the two shall meet -- I've been reliably told that a Class II cabinet + fire => a very bad time.
    • Doodlin
      Ha you have a knack for finding these cool things.  Apt username!  Do you know if they've published anywhere?  If it's the E field alone that's doing it, that just might be practical to manipulate for a hobbyist.  If it's the current though, that'd be more of a pain.
    • Bill Cozart
       I posted this in an old thread of mine, I was hoping for a quick answer but got none, just cuz I need to figure out what I wanna do with these, so I'm posting it here to hopefully get a response, thanks in advance.  I made some BRF/water sort of "pucks" to use as an agar substitute when I was waiting to get my actual agar, just to use up the last bit of a B+ syringe, and they are fully taking over and running the plate/jar.  I took wedges and isolated some from them and I don't really have a purpose for em now, but I hate to waste great looking, un-'tammed myc, actually it's aggressive, it's climbing the underside of the lid, very rhizomorphic, it looks like it wants to fruit, so I'm thinking...  If it is able to fruit, they will be tiny, as the BRF water was only 1/2" deep(the myc is up to 3/4" thick), but they would have to have an aggressive set of genetics to fruit from a culture medium, and would be very clean, as it's in the 1/2 pint jars(GE w/micropore, SHIP).  So if I cloned the biggest fruit from the medium(if it fruits) I would have something that, when spawned properly to bulk, could fruit with vigor as the BRF jars are a thin medium and genetics that are able to fruit from that would have to be aggressive, at least that's what I'm thinking, I got the idea from reading something on another forum about fruits from an agar culture that someone was cloning for this purpose.  I don't know if this theory is correct, I'd like advice on it, whether or not anyone thinks it'll fruit, and mostly the question, How do I get em to fruit, do i open the jars in a tub? Or would they fruit eventually in-vitro? THX  Oh, and how long would these be viable, they're a month old now.