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Filing Cabinet Incubator

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    • Mush Zombie
      I use an iso wiped flat head screw driver bit most of the time to scrape spore. Got lots of of them so why not? I do prefer inoculation loops, however. use whatever you have even if it’s a butter knife 
    • El_Piraña
      I don’t think you need to do anything special to get the spores onto the agar plate. I use a scalpel. I heat the blade to red-hot, and I cool the blade by sticking it into the sterile agar, then scrape spores, then ‘wipe’ the spores off the blade in the agar. I don’t know if others do it exactly this way, but it works for me. here’s one of three plates that I had inoculated from an Alacab print on 2/14.
    • ed61874
      No growth on plates at all day 7. Good thing is my test is clear. So my gb is close to sterilize so that is good will help a lot with contamination. I need pointers on the best way to get spores off of foil please. Im begin to think i was unable to get spores transferred this time. i know it is still early give it a few more days. Hey if not then it is ok i got spores and plenty of plates ready to go again lol.
    • Mushinist
      Yeah you dont have lye in it, it would be green if you did.  If you burn it, it will taste horrible or sting the lips or throat. Properly vaped it is smooth like you mention and shouldn't hurt your lungs at all. You can do a sandwich method with weed, this will help keep from burning it if that's how you want do it.  Looks good to me, like typical yellow spice, and good job on the extraction!
    • mushmouth
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