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Redneck Flowhood

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blackdogwoody    552



so here is my first attempt at making a flowhood. i bought 18x24 honeywell furnace filters and built the box to fit. the filters are a little smaller than like 17 7/8x23 3/4 or something close to that. i cut 4- 1x1 at 23 7/8" for the top and 4- 20 7/8" for the sides, you have to add 3" to either the top or the sides for  the 1x1s. each 1x1 is 1 1/2" and you have 2 so you will need to add 3" for the filters to fit. my frame was pretty much 24wx18hx16d. on the left side, top, and bottom of the box i added another 1x1 to the front of the box so that 2 filters can fit. i also measured with width of the 2 filters and put 4 blocks in place to keep the filters from moving. used a piece of lath around the front to keep the filters from falling out. i cut the right side of the plywood about 8" wide so i could take it off and replace the filters, i will tape the crap out of this area to keep it as air tight as possible. i couldn't think of any other way to replace the filters so i cut one side so i could get inside to the filters. the siliconed all of the seams inside and out.


i am using a 6" inline fan that i found on ebay for less than $90 with shipping, a tjernlund 530cfm from saveonhvac ebay vendor. i have used one of these in my bloom room for at least 4 years and the baby is still going. great inline for the the price.


i am using honeywell 18x24 furnace filters, rated 10fpr and 12merv, i got them at home depot for $17.


i am not an hvac guy and i don't know how this will work out, keeping my fingers crossed that it does the job. thoughts or questions?

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    • Flawedprophecy
      That is a decent amount of time. Honestly I couldn't say. I would just let it do its thing since you have more stuff going. Sometimes they like to be difficult lol 
    • Shroomin85
      Ok thanks guys

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    • mushmouth
      Beautiful trays, mm!!! 
    • magicman
      It's harvest and printing day for the Leucistic GT tray Before prints   After prints were taken   I cut these with a knife again, but I had some extra casing so I did re-case this tray over the stumps.   Total harvest on a cookie sheet   This tray filled almost all 5 trays in the dehydrator, almost as much as the 4 GT trays combined
    • GobbleGobble
      I think that's just some old vermiculite I missed while scrapping it off, it looks like the stuff I scrapped off earlier. It's been 16 days since I dunked it, how much longer do you reckon it'll take?
      Thanks for your help by the way

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