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Mush Zombie

Soak and no Simmer WBS tek

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    • aqudoc
      That is a load of fantastic information right there ^^^^^^
    • MysticMadness
      Got it. I thought that was what you meant @phish but I wanted to be sure I hadn't misinformed someone. Thanks for clarifying that guys. Been a while since I've been around and I'm getting old so I could have forgotten or it could have changed either one.  
    • Mushinist
      Yes they are sponsor's, the only sponsor, but as phish mentioned we control no aspects of that part of the site. Phish couldn't have said it better, not sure what's going on with SOS!
    • phish
      SOS puts out a great product in the long run. But I’m the kind of guy that likes to keep a couple good vendors at hand for my supplies.  Some carry exotics or edibles that the other doesn’t, at different times. “Affiliation” was probably a poor choice of words. We have no working relationship, influence or or any sway of any kind with SOS
    • Mushinist
      Yeah my phone is old AF, but until it craps out on me I'm not buying another one. I know you can buy little macro lenses for them, since mine doesn't have a macro setting, but oh well.  Thanks for the info though, may just give that a try next time!