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Lexan Flowhood

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Putting the finishing touches on this.  Had to cut room for second 464 CFM fan.  It just did not blow hard enough.

First attempt.  Live and Learn.

I also attached my second attempt of spawn.  I tried three methods.  PFTek, WBS and Liquid.

I tried and failed at honey twice.  I found out that fungicides are added to certain brands of honey.  Mine was Winn Dixie brand.

Here are my results.

Let me know what you think.


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    • Moonphase
      That's good to know!   Was sure I was going to have to trash two bricks of coir.   Glad I put them into the freezer for later use.  Thank you MZ.   
    • Pcitrueprefcet
      Is that a seedling heat mat under the tin full of water? I have two, but only used them for inc, before I dropped temp for fruiting.
    • Mush Zombie
      I've used pH 10. It doesn't do anything bad. Optimal is actually 7.5- 8. Bacteria doesn't do well in alkaline conditions for the most part. But I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary when I've added too much lime.
    • Moonphase
      Three A+ jars were definitely 100% colonized.   Shook up the jars and mixed each jar of mycelium with 3 jars of field capacity substrate balanced to 7.75 Ph consisting of coir and spent coffee grounds PC'd for 90 minutes last night.   Paid attention to get a good mix into the corners and edges then leveled the surface as best I could.   Put the three 6 qt. tubs into the IC (Incubation Closet) and will try and maintain 78-80F for the next 10 days.   I will add a casing and put them into fruiting conditions on 5 May to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.   This will be my only chance for shrooms in May.   Starting another grow this weekend for June. 
    • Baphomet
      Ate some of these... taste like cubes... starting to get high... feels like cubes...  my conclusion: they’re cubes... yay!