This is not my tek. I just expanded upon it with my resources and added things to it, making it easier to follow for beginners. The first tek was poorly written. Need spores? Please support our sponsors! SECTION ONE: GRAIN SPAWN   Note: This section must be completed before moving onto any other section entirely     The type of grain spawn that we are going to use to grow mushrooms in this tek is Wild Bird Seed or WBS for short. WBS is cheap, and can be found at wal mart or hardware stores. Try to steer clear of WBS that contains cracked corn in it. Cracked corn sucks and turns to creamed corn. Not good. WBS PREPARATION

Str0bes NO FAIL wbs tek is excellent. It is the easiest there is for newbies, and experienced alike IMO. You do not have to worry about too much moisture in your jars leading to bacterial contam bc he puts the coarse verm in the botom of the jar, which sucks up the excess! Just make sure you learn the shake so that you dont mix the verm up in the WBS too early! MAKING SPAWN JAR LIDS

These are the best lids you can make for your spawn jars. The tyvek works great as a contamination barrier, and it is free at the post office, plus there is no guessing as to where to stick the needle in! The rtv acts as a self healing injection port (S.H.I.P.) so there is no need for micropore tape. GLOVEBOX

We have two of these here at this moment of writing. Both of the glove boxes are awesome.
Shadow box version 2.0
High Quality Glovebox by Str0be     SECTION TWO: SUBSTRATE PREP, SPAWNING, AND SPAWN RUN   NOTE: This section can only be completed once section one is complete and the grain spawn jars are colonized 100% SUBSTRATE PREP Things you need: INOCULATING WBS JARS

Wipe your needle with alcohol before and after you noc any jar.
Wipe your lids with alcohol before you stick the needle through the tyvek.
Cover holes with micropore tape, to keep contamination out!

Inoculate the WBS by sticking the needle in the jar through the ship, aim the needle at the glass side of the jar, then squirt just a little onto the glass side of the jar. Try to make about 4 inoculation points in each jar by squirting a little spore solution in 4 places of even distance apart from each other.

Use 1cc per jar.

Set in incubator @ 75-80* F If you do not have an incubator you can use a cardboard box on top of your refrigerator

It can take up to 14 days to see growth from spores. When the mycelium has colonized about 20-25% shake the crap out of the jar to redistribute the colonized grains around the jar. This will speed up colonization immensely.   Time to shake!   Pic courtesy of Str0be! Thanks!   Once your jars are 100% and it is time to spawn you can begin your sub prep!   SHAKING THE WBS JARS Quart mason jars Coarse grade vermiculite 100% colonized grain spawn 20 qt clear plastic tub (about)   The basics:   Use a 1:1 ratio of colonized grain spawn to feild capacity vermiculite. This means if you use a quart of colonized grain spawn that you need to use a quart of feild capacity (properly moistened) vermiculite. Your substrate depth needs to be about 2" deep, so make sure you use the correct amounts for your size container that you will be fruiting in.   First off, get to know whole easy, and They colonize faster since you can shake the qt. jars and you end up with way more spawn/substrate. This grow used 4 qts...this is 3 of 'em.     Next you simply mix into a tupperware container (this is a 20qt'er) with about equal parts vermiculite, to how much wbs you are going to use. moistened to field capacity, this is you can squeeze a handfull and get a few drops of water out...       Next, cover with foil and incubate for 6 - 10 days DO NOT REMOVE THE FOIL TO PEEK AT IT FOR ANY REASON.         After 10 days...         SECTION THREE: FRUITING     [*] [*]Temperature: 68-74* F is best [*]Mist lightly and fan for at least 2 minutes 3-4 times a day. [*]You should begin to see your first pins in about 10 days or so.