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Mush Zombie

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) In Bulk

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    • Tattooed Headshrinker
      Thanks for the replies. I was hoping their delivery times would be a little faster since it says 4-5 days on their website. I have everything I need for my first grow except the spores. Hopefully my order will arrive eventually, but in the meantime I might order spores from another vendor so I can get started sooner rather than later.  BTW, I was listening to Phish when phish replies to this thread. 
    • magicman
      Simple bag tek (you just need a PC): Order some large mushroom spawn bags, 0.5 micron filter patches. Put a quarter sized dab of silicone on the filter patch and let dry overnight before PC’ing for your SHIP. Fill bags with 1.5” CMC (composted cow manure) and then the same amount of coarse vermiculite so your substrate is about 3” thick.  Then fill half of a qt jar with any grain like WBS, oats, rye or wheat berries, etc. Put grain in blender and powderize. Add to your bag along with 1/2 tbs hydrated lime like Mrs. Wages.  Mix everything up well and then slowly add RO or distilled water until it gets to field capacity. Fold the top of the bag down 3 times to the top of the filter patch after getting as much air out as you can, then squeeze the rest of the air out and fold the bag down around the sub with the filter facing out. Clip the ends with binder clips, and use 2 rubber bands to hold the bag down.  PC for 2 hours at 15 psi. Inoculate bag through your SHIP once it’s cooled overnight with spores or LC. Put in inc until it is fully colonized and then just set it out in a room with good air circulation to fruit it.  It takes about a month to colonize but it’s simple and better than vendor kits and a lot cheaper. 
    • MysticMadness
      Aren't they a sponsor of the site? I just told someone they were and need to go back and find the post to edit if not.
    • phish
      First of all, we as moderators and Administrators, have no affiliation with SOS whatsoever. That being said, there have been many  issues with orders being overly delayed being filled.  Its a small time operation from what I understand, and they get backlogged with emails and texts from impatient customers. I guess SOS just don’t care to respond, for unknown reasons. Then BOOM , your spores show up at your door a couple months later. Granted, that’s not the way customers wish to be treated, but for now, that’s the way it just is. I have no idea what the specific problems with SOS are. But I hope they get squared away sometime soon.  
    • MysticMadness
      Yep, MSS = multispore syringe. If you're just starting and don't have a print or spores then you can't do agar. Not unless you want to culture whatever you have floating around your home anyways, lol. Agar is more difficult though, yes. Sterile technique needs to be on point as you're working with petri dishes rather than a jar with an injection port etc.  You need spores either way. Just order you some MSS and do that the first round. Then experiment as you wish. Besides, it's better to do agar from a tissue sample taken from a fruit than from MSS. MSS there are just too many different strains and genetics to try and isolate. If you have a nice fruit, you still have quite a bit going on in there, but it's a bit easier to work with from my understanding. Agar is generally considered more advanced work. Even though it is possible to isolate from MSS > agar, I would highly highly suggest getting some fruits under your belt first.