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How To Grow Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) In Bulk

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    • tankado78
      Greetings n salutations all! I’m not familiar with all the places in which you can create a topic, nor am I sure if I’m in the right spot now 2 do so. As some of you might know from previous post n millions of questions, I’m very new to the whole Mycology scene. Thankx 2 the help of some of the more experienced members here, I’ve successfully completed my 1st flush on 2 variety of cubes, GT n Ecuador. I’m having sooooo much fun n learning so many things, I truly am glad to have found this site. Now, many may not agree with me, but my thirst or quest for knowledge has me all over the shroom world n ready to take on my next challenge. With that being said, I’m patiently waiting for qt jars of rbs n 1/2 pint jars of brf to colonize with the Pan cyan var. Jamaica. While that is underway, my curiosity has led me to the wonders of agar! Although I have zero experience with agar, I’m very eager to test the waters n see what can be accomplished. Am I moving too fast too soon? I feel as if certain steps in Mycology I have down 2 a science, due to it seeming to be fool proof in nature, ONLY if certain measures are taken. Like, I take the whole sterile process very seriously n I feel as long as you practice sterile teks, your more than 50% to the finish line. So, I’ll be receiving all the supplies that I think I’ll be needing to successful conquer agar tek 2 moro. While I’m still reading up on the recipes n different teks, I’m totally intrigued by what some members here has accomplished with agar n can’t wait to chew their ears off about it! Lol     Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    • Don_Shadow
      Congrats Ni! And a beauty pan pin it is!
    • Thereapermancan
      I placed an order with soap two weeks ago and last week they sent me a tacking number and said it was shipped I waited two days for checking and all I get is pre tracking and nothing else. Has any one else had this happen? To me if you say you shipped then 10 days is enough time to reach me.  Am I getting shammed? Source of spore's oops
    • Samwise
      Same. In her case it's more like she's falling and jerks suddenly...she quite literally falls asleep.
    • Samwise
      WOW Don!! Just beautiful, you must be one happy chappy! I doff my cap to your efforts and mad mycological skillz good sir!