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How To Grow Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) In Bulk

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    • 6spore6
      There are a few subsets of cubies that will grow and fruit on saturated wood... not just wood by itself. There are ways to force hybridization. It is very expensive, and not guaranteed to work. In fact it is very wasteful, and you probably won't get a successful mating, but it can be done. Whether it is stable, or not is a different story. Likely it would not sporulate.  Now, there are quite a few wood loving Psilocybe here in TN. They are a bit harder to find, since we have some hellatious look alikes. Actually, your best bet here are Copelandia sp. They can be found quite broadly here. Problem with that is that you will find many many more non actives than actives. I have even come across some active Gyms here. You just have to be able to use a scope. You won't be able to tell species with Gyms without it.  
    • Rezz
      Well, The hell with Oregon.
    • Evenevo
      Worth the investment for cloning imo. Gorgeous.  
    • Evenevo
      In a consoling way, not a meh way. A positive okay, not negative or neutral. An "it's all good" okay. More towards op. You however, you're an ass. In the donkey way. Carrying the weight of the children, often too naive to look around at the resources that surround them. Kudos and praise.
    • Flawedprophecy
      I am glad I am ok. LOL.