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Glove Box (Still Air)- Inspired By St0Be Performed By Lon3St@r!

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Mush Zombie

nice man. I like it when people use their head to make it happen.

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    • Tripster727
      :  0 Thanks, always waiting. It's okay though. Looks like im giving these guys plenty of FAE. Gonna be short fat fruits like how they are outdoors ;  )
    • Borgfer4542
      Also mush I had a question for you if you have a sec... in your Brf Tek you show your SGC with holes drilled all around plus the lid... I got that. But in one picture you don’t have micro tape on top row of holes, and then after pinning starts is when I see micro tape on top row.... is there a reason for this?? If so why. And should I follow?
    • Mushinist
      I was talking about the weed bags, lol As for the micropore tape, personally I would've put regular masking tape over the holes until colonized then when I cased replace with micropore.
    • mushmouth
      And that is the one reason why I use the grain that I use.
    • Alias
      I doubt it... Possibly at a feed store.