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    How to grow mushrooms

    Shroomology provides accurate, up to date information about mushrooms, especially mushroom cultivation techniques, and an active community for anyone who loves mushrooms, or just wants to expand their minds, and have a place to chat with other free thinkers. Consider this a place that you can feel at home no matter how society looks upon you for who you are. If you are looking for a tutorial to start growing magic mushrooms quickly check out this tutorial called how to grow magic mushrooms in bulk


    Currently mass misinformation regarding shrooms or psychedelic mushrooms exists on the internet, regarding their usage, cultivation, and side effects. Shroomology helps to dissolve the frivolous and extremist views that plague our society, and many peoples minds. Shrooms have been used by humans long before written history, equally information needs to exist that is easy to find and disseminate. It is important to obtain correct information so that people can make educated decisions about what they consume.

    Magic Mushrooms

    The so called magic mushrooms have been used by humans since prehistorical times, as a means of self awakening, enlightenment, and exploring the realms of subconscious thought. Shroomology's aim is to serve you with any information that you may seek in relation to these psilocybin mushrooms, as well as millions of unique pictures, grow logs, and discuss your findings or experiences. Our community is open minded by nature, as we are all drawn together by the same interests - shrooms!

    Medicinal Mushrooms

    There are many mushrooms that have been used for just as long as the magic mushrooms for healing illness. Mushrooms provide alternative treatments to common ailments, even cancer, and are being proven to be effective at doing so by science every year.


    Bioremediation is the use of micro-organism metabolism to remove pollutants from our earth and atmosphere. Many mushrooms have the ability to biodegrade motor oil, plastics, and other pollutants. There is not a better time or place to learn how you can help our current situation regarding pollution, and recycle what has been wasted.

    Mushroom Forums

    Shroomology not only provides many thousands of pages regarding psychedelic mushrooms, their use, cultivation, etc. but also provides you with a brilliant community to share your thoughts, grows, and questions with. Register and participate in the mushroom forums today!


    Shroomology is considered an adult website, made for adults. You must be 18 years or older to use this website. We do not condone irresponsible use of any information on any topic. What you do with what you learn here, or anywhere is solely your responsibility. Please see our terms of use for full disclosure of our rules, and disclaimers before you proceed. Shroomology does not promote illegal activities, nor does it condone underage use of any drug, especially psychedelic mushrooms. If you are posting on this website, you are responsible for what you post.