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    Sup Guys, First off, I wanna say ology has the best growers, most knowledgeable people and most of all the BS info doesn't fly here. I am starting this thread, hoping that everyone would join in, in listing a few of their best tips... No tip to small, please share your knowledge!!!!! MY TIPS... 1. When casing your dub tubs or mono tubs, first apply your casing around the edges & apply it a little thicker then the rest of the tub. this will help with side pins 2. When moving newly mixed dub tubs or mono tubs.. Place a sheet of wood or heavy cardboard under your tub when moving it to keep the middle of your substrate for sinking.. It will help keep your substrate level and keep water from pooling in the center of your tub, good for even evaporation which aids in a full canopy
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    I used this to do my first clone when I was starting. I had a cool pheno pop up on a oakridge tub and mushflush told me to clone it. I didn't have agar yet so he said use cardboard and hey it works very well to. I do a combo of steam and chemical sterilization .. I put 2 or 3 tablespoons of bleach in a ziplock place cardboard in and fill with water .u want the large corrugated cardboard any will work but the large works better. . Let soak till the cardboard is saturated.an hour or so.Then drain the water leaving a little in the bottom leave one corner unzipped microwave for five min on high .let coolsoak your tissue in 10% bleach water then place tissue in between the the cardboard layers.this is a pan so the pieces are large .use smaller inside pieces of larger species.place back In the ziplock and seal and incubate .If u notice it drying out moisten with sterile water.some teks call for a sugar solution but I think it just increases contamination risks and isn't necessary u can add a pinch of poo compost for pans but for cubes and wood lovers just as I have stated works great .u can go to grain or agar from here I don't think LC is a good idea but have not tested it.This is at 4 days I usually don't open till u can see the growth emerge at the ends usually in a week are so.I hope this helps some of you like it has me.
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    Cool thread mt. When using mist and fan teks, you don't need to mist every time you fan. Let the casing dry out a bit in between mistings. Evaporation is the main pinning trigger. When new to cultivating, pick a tek and follow it to a T. Do your homework before jumping in. Ask questions! We are here to help if we can Case your subs! It's not necessary but it's recommended. Don't eat yellow snow.
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    Just thought I share.
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    These are my first attempts at isolation to make it past the run. I started with ala from s.o.s then from the first grow I chose a clean sample. On the first round of agar work it showed both tomentose and rizomorphic growth so for the 2nd round I separated them and allowed them to grow out a little more. Lastly I chose a good chunk out of each dish and put them to grain. Once the jars finished I spawned them to coir/Cmc and allowed them to run the sub. Today is case day and these are the results. tub one is super fuzzy it's the tomentose portion of the og sample. tub 2 has alot of rizo growth like I had hoped. It would be nice if both fruit so I can complete a comparison of what type fruits better.
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    1. As soon as I see pins I stop misting and back way off of fanning. 2. Never panic. As long as you don't throw anything away the deems is always there
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    Ive posted this before... Great pvc build for auto fanning
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    I can't believe how light colored these MR are. Not a bad tub...
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    Thanks man! I did two more tonight. The last two definitely need another day or two. Tub #2 AND TUB #3!!! 328 GRAMS! So freaking stoked.
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    The MR are getting pretty wild in there...
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    PINS! I HAVE PINS! Damn I can’t believe how excited I am to see those little pips popping up! Four out of six tubs are pinning. I’m optimistic about the other two. Woot!
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    How to build an effective low-maintenance fruiting chamber for the Psilocybe Mexicana mushroom species: This chamber only requires maximum three times daily misting. Fanning is automated. Additional fanning post-misting will improve flushes, but is not necessary. Any strain of Mexicana should fruit well in this chamber. It can definitely be used for Cubensis, and likely Panaeolus species with some minor adjustments. You will need: - Tape-measure - Fine-tip permanent marker - ISO alcohol for removing ink - Straight-edge/ruler - A clear plastic tote, preferably with a sealing lid. If you can't find one with a sealing lid, apply a bead of silicone around the rim of the lid so that it will create a seal when latched. For this tek I will be using a 54 QT Sterilite gasket tote: - 5V 2 1/4" (2.25") CPU fan - 5V power adapter. Samsung/Android phone chargers are perfect - 1/8" and 1/4" electrical shrink tubing - Cigarette lighter - 1/4" pilot point drill-bit - 1/8" drill-bit - 2 1/4" (2.25") hole-saw - High-speed drill - 80gal aquarium pump - Aquarium airline hosing - Two aquarium airstones. I use 5" round stones with a plastic housing, the plain blue ones break very easily, avoid them. - Blue actinic LED light in 450nm frequency range (not necessary but blue light has been shown to promote primordia formation). A 6500K daylight bulb will do just fine, or ambient daylight from a window (avoid direct exposure to sunlight). - Two timers, one must be programmable to the minute. Let's begin! Set your tote on your work surface and begin making marks in each corner at 3 1/4" from the bottom: Using your straight-edge and fine-tip marker, make a straight line from mark to mark on all four sides: Now find the center of the line on each side and mark it. Make marks every 2" from the center on each side: On one of the sides mark two extra holes for the airlines: Using your 1/4" pilot point drill-bit, proceed to drill out every hole you marked. Now find your center on the back of the tote and make a mark to drill a hole for the CPU fan. Drill the hole about 3.5" to center below the rim of the tote: Place your CPU fan over the hole on the outside of the tote and mark out the holes for the screws on the inside: Drill them out with the 1/8" drill-bit: Use your scalpel to shave off any excess plastic from all the holes you've just drilled: Now it's time to wire up the fan to the adapter. Cut off the adapter plug and carefully strip the wires on both the adapter and the fan: Attach the appropriate wires together. You can plug in the adapter and test the connection to make sure you get it right before shrink-tubing them. Don't forget to slide your shrink tubes on first! The 1/8" tubes go on the individual colored wires, and the 1/4" tubes go on the main black wire. Bend over your wires, slide the shrink-tubing on and use your lighter to shrink them securely: Now slide the larger shrink-tube over the two colored wires: Voila! Now mount your fan so that it blows into the chamber: Now it's time to rig up the airstones and add your perlite/water. Fill the tote so the perlite comes about a 1/2" above the holes, and fill about half-way with tap water: Place your chamber in your growing area and hook up your air-pump to the airline tubing. Connect your fan and light to your programmable timer. The air-pump stays on 24/7. I place my chamber on a plastic shelf and hang my airpump from a string to minimize vibration and noise. I fasten my LED light the underside of a shelf with zip-straps: Notes about substrates/casing mixtures: Mexicana will fruit on cmc/coir based substrates, as well as coffee/coir, ryegrass seed, rye grain, and probably many others. I have achieved the greatest success using the following mix: - 325g coir - 1/2 cup used coffee grounds - 1/2 cup wheat bran - 1/8 cup gypsum - Add hydrated lime by the 1/8 TSP until a PH of 7-8 is reached (I've found that this is not usually necessary for this substrate). - Bring to field capacity and sterilize. Vacuum seal in jars and use like any other bulk substrate. Notes on lighting: - If you're using blue LEDs, set your timer to come on for one hour in the middle of the night. My reasoning is that blue actinic lighting is meant to simulate moonlight in fish habitats, and therefor it stands to reason that mushrooms may benefit more if exposed to the light at night when moonlight would naturally be present. Studies have shown that only brief exposure to blue light is necessary to trigger primordia formation and fruiting direction. Leaving the light on for only one hour prolongs the life of your light. Spawn run: - Spawn your colonized grain to your shallow square tray and use a trashbag liner to ensure evaporation from the casing only. I mix my sub/grains in a glovebox to reduce the chance of contamination, but I have found that the Mexicana mycelium is very resilient to contamination if your grain spawn is clean and incubation temperatures are steady. - Mexicanae species prefer shallow substrates, 1.5" is ideal. - Full colonization usually takes 6-10 days at 77-80F. I have found that Mexicana prefers 78F. - Case your colonized tray with sterilized 50/50+. Adding 1 TBSP of play sand per jar of casing has been shown to increase yields. You want the casing very light and fluffy, no deeper than 1/4". I let the casing fall off a fork and I do not put any pressure on it. - For trays I like to use these shallow (2" deep) square plastic PP5 containers with four 1/4" holes drilled in lids and covered with micropore tape: Here's what a healthy colonized tray looks like: Primordia Formation: - Place cased tray in the fruiting chamber. - Maintain temperatures between 65-80F, 70-75F is the sweet spot. - Relative humidity should be 95%+ (the perlite and airstones rarely let the RH fall below 96%) - Set your fan to run for FIVE minutes SIX times per day (five minutes every four hours). - REMEMBER: Evaporation triggers primordia formation. When you mist, you want the casing just glistening, not saturated. I like to run the fan for about TEN minutes immediately after misting. Before misting again, wait until the casing looks light brown and spongey/fluffy (not dry). - Keep up this routine and you'll see pins in 8-12 days. Post pinning: - After pins reach about 1/2" in average length, you want to reduce fanning to THREE to FOUR minutes FOUR times per day. - Mist lightly two to three times daily, only when the caps look pale. You want to see shiny orange orbs right up until the caps open. - Maintain 95%+ relative humidity or caps will dry out quickly. Harvest: - Harvest when the caps become plane and the gills start to darken. The easiest way to harvest Mexicana is to twist and pull them gently, brush them off and then patch the casing where necessary. - Dunk your trays with R/O or distilled water overnight, and drain before patching the casing. Resume primordia formation conditions. Printing: - Using your scalpel, poke the center of a cap and cut the stipe with scissors as close to the gills as possible. The cap will remain on the tip of the scalpel. Place on a sheet of aluminum foil on top of an upside-down plastic tub lid. Mist the tub lightly and cover, but do not seal or moisture will condense under the caps. Leave for 12-24 hours and you'll see nice dark prints. Good luck! Please enjoy this truly awesome species.
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    So the rally's In on first flush could have let them go longer I think but was worried they would go funky .
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    Paint strainer bags in combination with mop bucket strainers work great for getting lots of sub to field capacity quickly.
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    How long did it take to collect the 2 Inches of seamen In the jar?.....imagine the smell makes me gag a little.
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    1. Always flame sterile needles. 2. Always wacth your jars grow daily. 3. Always do Experments with everything . 4. Always start new cultures once a month no matter how many you have stored. 5. Changelleing your myc it will surprised you. 6. Steal microscope form a local college.
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    Unless you have put blood, sweat, tears, and semen into it, it's not enough.
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    deff need more air, IMO you should drill a bunch of 1/4" holes in the top of your dub, do not fill them with poly.. they need a lot of fresh air Here are some pics from my oyster grow, i used my cake fruiting (shotgun) chamber turned upside down, i still needed to fan for fresh air. Light is also very important to oysters... Good luck !
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    First tub harvested this morning. I didn’t weigh the three I took for prints. 267g wet weight after three pulled for prints. Harvrdting tub #2 tonight! Looks like 3 and 4 have a couple more days to go. I’m gonna go ahead and pat myself in the back now. Not just for my noob success but also for seeing this log through to the end. Spore syringe to spore print! Not bad for my first time. Heh So much thanks for all the help from everyone here. You guys rock.
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    A few pics. My pinset isn’t very even, I have shrooms of all size going on. But they’re looking really good. They are growing slow. Took 9 days to see pins and these pics are six days after first pins seen. The ambient temp of the room is 66-68. A little cool, but they’re growing and I hoping with the slow growth they’ll be potent. I had one tub tam on me. The tub was looking super-dry and not pinning. So I broke a cardinal rule and opened the tub to mist it. Two days later I saw a lovely little green spot. But so far five out of six for my very first round. Looking forward to harvesting. s
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    Went for stroll today, nothing much going in the woods.
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    If u haven't tried the pans yet try them ! I ate a gram friends had 1/2 to 3/4 .good time had by all .very very clean upbeat the campfire was very cool to watch .best mush I have had by far .if u grow for personal use I highly recommend .
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    loving the gt growth. Time to shake jars
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    U guys won't believe this he poo straw tub is pinning again !i have never seen a mush respond this fast. I think your fruiting chamber would rock them @El_Piraña let me know if u want to try them . They lov the straw guys . Not yet tump hope to this weekend .if they are half as good as they are sup to be I have a new favorite .u were def right on the straw!
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    Here is a great way to fan your bulk tubs.. All you need is..... 4 - T's 4 - 90 deg elbows 8-10ft pvc ( i used 3/4" ) Make a square based on the size of our fan using the 4 elbows Make the hight a least 5" over you tubs so air can flow with ease.. Let me know if you have any questions...
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    Personal supply of cow semen I got at rural king for 1 bucks Clarence style. It turned out better then blood Lc.better then breast milk Lc or like 90% of random batches I've made in name of science.
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    Had some getting close to Bustin so I plucked them.
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    Mush + internet = generally bad. If your gonna go through all the trouble to build something such as a flow hood, glove box or fancy fruiting chamber for mex ect ect. Don't skimp on your first build copy one proven to work then screw around later with design and different parts. All the money you waste trying to "save money" on a build don't typically pay off. Bleach, bleach wipes, bleach spray, bleach your damn hair even it's your friend if you use it carefully.
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    Hey Tumpy, you’re not supposed to vote ON YOUR OWN POLL QUESTIONS !!
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    Little update on the Z-Strain. I've spawned a Z-tub up with 14 quart tubs.. On 11/13/17 And the L/C looks healthy, at least the 3 jars, the fourth one stalled out and did nothing.
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    Idk why do only punch me when I knock up your mother . ill probaby use it at a mag bar to hit up female police officers as I sexually harassed them by say hi and them punch me in the face. Because this litarly happen 2 hours ago. Because at some point apparently I fucked the female police officers mother like 13 years ago even if I don't remember it.
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    Fake players are not players... but just fake MZ will never be lost to the ology. Patience
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    Maybe Mush zombie banned himself to not have to deal with us.😭
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    This T.E.K.(The earths knowledge) is for anyone interested in using 1/2 pints instead of quart jars. The information in this includes the ratios of water to spawn for no soak, no simmer grains. The ratios to fill a quart jar with millet is 350mL. The water ratio for the quart jar is 150mL. The water ration can be varied at minus 15-25mL per quart. There are 4 US (1/2 pint) jars in 1 US quart jar. So for the millet it would be 350mL millet x 1 quart jar = 87.5mL millet 1 quart jar 4 (1/2pint jar) 1 (1/2pint jar) Now for the ratio of the total millet left compared to the beginning amount of millet; 150mL millet = 0.429. This was rounded to the third decimal place. 350mL millet This ratio multiplied by the amount of water from the quart jar, will give us the ratio of how much water should be in one 1/2 pint jar that has 150mL of millet inside of it. 0.429 x 150mL H2O = 64.35mL water. Summarized; Start by giving the spawn a good rinse with water. Measure out the amount of spawn before it is rinsed, because it will swell and take up more volume. One 1/2 pint jar gets 150mL of the grain of choice millet, pop corn, or rye. That same 1/2 pint jar gets 64mL of water added to it as well. The water ratio can be subtracted 5-10mL with results working good. Just be careful not to add too much water, that can cause problems. After pressure cooking, once the pressure lowers enough to open the lid, give the jars a good shake. This helps to distribute moister content. Shake through out the next 12 hours at least 3 more times. If the spawn seems to be clumped together a little after the shaking that is normal. If you leave it to sit for 72 hours then the moister will spread out from high to low concentration in the jar. After that the jars should be clump free with a nice smooth separation of grains when it's turned on a angle.
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    Iv been sober now 3 days. I went on a morning to night 48 hours binge drinking bender with cocaine useage. The sketch from coming off a episode like that is worse then a nightmare. Its a panic attack disaster. Lucky for me I found some Clonazepam right at the prefect time last night. My hart was racing and felt like it was close to giving out. I hade that pain in my left arm to like never before. Today I feel a lot better, no vibrating chest pains of pins and needles preventing me from breathing normally. I got awesome friuty nicotine gum with me. Im not worried at all about dieing today and thats my number 1 priority from day to day. Im so glad I made it.
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    Everything is down, dried and vacuum sealed and transported back to the city This has been the best year so far as far as yield AND quality. I was also able to get trimmers up there this year which made it a lot easier for me. My guess is probably about 40-50 lbs after its all fine trimmed ready for sale. My neighbor up there has a bad ass extraction setup, he has a chemist up there too to make professional live resin. I gave them my two 9 Pound Hammer plants to make live resin with. Live resin is when you cut the plant down and freeze it fresh, then run it like you would if you were making shatter or wax. It keeps all the terpines in tact and is supposed to be very tasty. The 9PH smells great but looks shitty, so it should make some tasty shit Scissor hash below. Some of the plants were so sticky we had to scrape the scissors every few mins. Next year will be even better!!!
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    ABOut 5 gs 2 times a week. That’s what I’m gonna do. Time to let my friends have fun too lol. Here is an update to two dub tubs. Shitty flushes. Think I’m gonna stick to the 28 qt and z tubs cause the flushes were way better. And would this count as rhitzo growth?
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    I'm getting the humidity and fae dialed in so starting to get some length out of them .the first flush will prob be runty but there's a learning curve .they seem to like 90% humidity fan set for 5 min every 30 min .still not sure when to pick them prob pretty soon .
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    How old are your syringes? I think it's worth noc'ing up a grain jar or BRF cake to test them out. Not all the spores are stuck to the side, there will be spores floating around in the solution still. Whether they're still viable or not is the question.
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    I always forget to update this thread, maybe my short term memory gets annihilated by the bud, don't know, lol. Few pics, some of them after flipping to flower stretched more than I was expecting, actually to far and some had a little light burn due to not being able to raise the lights any higher. A couple buds during flowering. Some nugs after harvest, some of these is the lemon venom, I don't take many pics of harvest, you get the point though. It was sticky AF, smelled great and buzz is good. Thanks magicman!
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    reminds me of my gaming pc from a couple years back lolz
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    what the fucks up everyone!!!! been gone for a while i know ive posted like 2 or 3 of these but i am fer sure back i moved into a bigger place with no roomates gotta perfect grow area now .... not set up yet but it will be soon....so ya im excited to see this sites still growing and remember ASSPISS!!!!!!
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    Damn your tolerance must be high. I would still be crawling around wondering why everything was melting.
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    No worries mates once a clean room is up and you flow works there no stopping you. Litally no stopping you never let your grow space go. It is an investment that can't stop. My parent come to my home and yell at me as extremely old people always complaining about how much I spend growing mushrooms and never make any real money on them. I told them to fuck off I'm balls deep in on this hobby its better then my other hobbies, wine making, morphine, weapons of mass destruction. Tell your wife the same thing then drug her coffee every morning
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    Here we are loaded up two Z-Tubs with the Hawaii, as fallowed. They are 15 quart tubs, but only have a foot print the size of a 6 quart tub. 10/28/17
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    Your cube pin sets kick mines ass @El_Piraña .should have plenty of prints for those that want some .im going to try some in a dub tub next .thanks for the kind words guys .