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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so I got really bored and creative this weekend and decided to build this and wanted to share it with you all. This is definitely nothing new or ground breaking, but I think I just improved upon the original way a hair. The Problem: Wild bird seed is very dirty. There's no way around it. It's grown outdoors, harvested with machines and treated and processed in factories. There's no need in sanitizing it since it's meant for wild birds and not human consumption. The Resolution: Washing it. Plain and simple; if something is dirty and you want it clean, you wash it. There are plenty tek's out there for this purpose and they're all great. This is just my way of doing it. Estimated time: Labor = Ten minutes Waiting = Twenty four hours Required Tools: Drill 3/4" Drill bit Plastic mixing tool of some sort- I used a plastic spoon Something to mix on, I used a plastic jar lid Materials needed, (and the cost at which I purchased them for): 5-Gallon bucket, $2.60 3/4" X 2" PVC SCHDL 80 Nipple Riser, $0.47 Loctite Plastic Epoxy, $5.47 Zinc Hose Y w/shutoff, $4.97 12 pack Yuengling, $8.69 (Optional) The Construction: I start out by drilling out a 3/4" hole about 2 inches from the bottom of the bucket. You want to make sure there is just enough room for the Hose Y to spin on the inside without getting stopped by the bottom of the bucket. Then, screw in the nipple riser until you can no longer see the threads. Grab the Hose Y and screw it all the way onto the nipple riser inside of the bucket. Now it's time to start mixing that epoxy I recommend mixing it for about 60 seconds. This stuff sets up slower than traditional epoxy and if you try to apply it too quickly after mixing it, you'll have a runny mess like I did. After you feel it start thicken up a little, go ahead and slop it on the inside and out of the bucket around the nipple riser. BTW, as an after though, i decided to add some bathroom caulk around this area as well to plug up any spots I missed and prevent leaks. (Optional) Drink your Yuengling while cleaning up the mess you just made. Allow the epoxy to cure for 24 hours prior to use. How to use: I grabbed a window screen and propped it up on a couple of bins and placed the contraption we just built on top of the screen. You'll see why momentarily. Screw your water hose on the outside of the bucket and turn it on. Look inside to ensure both shut off valves are open. Slowly pour your WBS into the bucket after it fills up with water. This will make it much easier to get rid of all those pesky sun flower seeds as they'll just stay afloat and not sink back down to the bottom of the bucket. This is why the window screen comes in handy; it's a lot easier to clean up your mess afterwards. Took me about 3 minutes total to drop a 20 pound bag of seed into the bucket. See how dirty the water is? Allow the water to run for about 5 minutes, then reach your arm in there and give it a good stir. repeat a few times until.. ..you see the water nice and clear as such. Take the bucket off the screen and clean up your mess. Conclusion: Now, from here you can use a variety of other teks out there. You can let your seed to sit in this very same bucket and hydrate for 24 hours by just reaching your arm in the seed and closing the shut off valves. You can toss the floating trash from the screen, then use that very same screen to toss your WBS on to get it out of the water and start a simmer tek. It's really all up to you. I hope you found this guide useful. Feel free ask me anything if I didn't make it clear enough and as always, happy harvesting!
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