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Found 2 results

  1. So I recently came across a formula that’s supposed to do wonders for the yields and of course that caught my eye so here we are! Here is the link to the actual text if interested: https://patents.justia.com/patent/20180000013 I am not able to completely follow so this is what was left out. No orb water didn’t want to go extra mile quite yet on this demo.Also cumin, and rice were left out,but as the study states 6 is great but 8 seed blend is best. These were noc’d The 22nd of August.Really looking forward to seeing how she does in the mono. Quinoa was an absolute pain to dial in pr
  2. So how far can the root system of a plant in nutrient rich soil “reach” before death?I know we have ideal levels you’d want to for optimal success but was hypothetical max? Is a seed running off stored energy or does it have ANY biological nutrient uptake methods in that form? Here’s why I wonder had this happen.Thing absolutely would not be denied !
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