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Found 5 results

  1. Help Me Please I inoculated 11 jars of substrate with albino a+ and 1 with blue meanie. I let them fully colonize, then sit for about a week, before birthing the cakes. I didn't dunk them, but did roll them in left over vermiculite. Currently, I have them in a growing chamber with about 2 inches of damp perlite, sitting on top of paper towels. The blue meanies started pinning quickly and I've already harvested two fully grown mushrooms from that cake. It's now growing new pins, along with 2 aa+ cakes, but no others show mushroom growth. The temperature stays at roughly 75 degrees (24 c), 95% humidity, and 12 hours on/off of indirect sunlight and LEDs. I allow 30min of FAE about 3 times a day, and the growing chamber has an air filter. All 12 cakes also have a blueish tint, like they've been bruised, but I scarcely touch them, and am sure they're not contaminated. It's been two weeks since I birthed the cakes, so am I being impatient, or has something gone wrong? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  2. What's up guys.. I need some info/advice about AA+.. I have 2 tubs that were made the exact same day, with the exact same ingredients & ratios, & they have been in fruiting for almost 17 days now at about 68°, & haven't done ANYTHING! They colonized for 12 days, & are only 18qt tubs, so they had plenty of time, & looked good when I fruited them, but I still haven't got one pin.. I decided to case one of them a week ago, & it hasn't showed any change either.. They both get fanned every 3-4 hours, & misted every other fanning.. I'm just wondering if it's normal to take this long to get pins from this strain..? It's starting to drive me crazy.. If I need to raise the temp, let me know, but 68-70 should optimal.. So what could it be? The sub/myc is thick, solid, & healthy btw.. Not even any bruising nor metabolites.. & I swear there's been knots on there for weeks, but how could they be knots & develop that slow? This isn't Penis Envy. I'm very puzzled with this one..
  3. Mush Zombie


    From the album: Mycopathic Albumz

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