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Found 5 results

  1. Hello fellow Mycologist. Today is my first day on this site. I am learning all the things I've been doing wrong. LOL I was hoping to get some input regarding to the glove box that I made. I will pretext this post noting that the entire enclosure is completely sealed airtight. I accessed the enclosure through the end cap which is removable. Using a bilge pump blower I draw air into the enclosure, through the HEPA filter and exhausted through the fan. I keep the Clean Air circulating through any procedure I am perform in the closed box. Note , that prior to all procedures the interior of the bo
  2. mushy-madness

    Glove Box

    From the album: First attempt!

  3. HIGH QUALITY GLOVEBOX TEK CREATED BY Str0be ABOUT I recently needed to make a glovebox, but did not like any of the designs I saw, so I created my own. I did not photograph the construction all that well because I was not orignally going to make a tek out of it. But someone suggested that I should, and I figured that it could help the community. If you want / need / or are told you need a glovebox, and you want a high quality one, then follow this Tek. TOOLS REQUIRED Sharpie Ruler / Tape Measure Sharp Scissors, Dremel or any suitable tool to PRECISELY cu
  4. Str0be

    Glove Box

    From the album: Str0balific Fungi Experience

    Glove Box
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