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Found 16 results

  1. PsHey there guys i‘ve been starting out with my own Cubensis Mexicana cultivation. I‘m a med student and tried to make the procedure as sterile as possible at any point eventhough i obviously didnt invent any of this techniques 😜. Pics of my final box can be seen in the end of the post and i also have some questions in the end regarding my shrooms in the end ✌️. For my setup you will need: - A Plastic container with at least 50-70l, preferrable with seals already installed but you can also get some yourself. - 2 long plastic containers with appropriate closing and seal
  2. DamionDeamon

    Positive Pressure Box/Ghetto Flow Hood

    Ok so I saw MZ two for a positive pressure bag with a Holmes air purifier. Also I saw another person take a plastic box and silicon the air purifier to the box. I wanted to create a mixture of both. So here is my Ghetto Flowhood. MATERIALS USED: 66 qt sterilite tub Holmes air purifier with upgraded 99.99% hepa filter Black duct tape 5. 6 qt sterilite tub lids Dremel tool with a cutting wheel Black trash bags Now first thing I did was take that 66 qt tub and cut a hole in the bottom. Close to one side. The side that the hole is closes to becomes the new b
  3. Hi guys, my long anticipated spore print (equadore) from my fried has arrived a couple days ago. All happy and moudy I prepared everything: I PC distilled water and syringes with needels, and putted all in glovebox and started to work. I guess I was a bit moved and not 100% present, I was cleaning all with alc. (98%), prob. poured too much and when I wanted to torch scalpel prob. didnt w8 long enough . . . BOOOM!!! Blue flame was everywhere and started to expand box and pressure my hands even pressured syringes (water got out of it). All happened in a split of sec, I pulled my hands back and t
  4. colddayinapril

    Over Enginered Glove Box Tutorial

    OVER ENGINEERED GLOVE BOX INSPIRED BY STR0BE'S DESIGN INTRODUCTION After being inspired by Str0be's excellent tek on this forum I decided to try my hand at creating one myself. After a bit of trial and error I was able to produce a respectable quality still air box for under $100. After extensive testing I'm happy with the results and I hope you can use this for your future grows! REQUIRED MATERIALS A Sturdy plastic container. For this design I used the Sterilite 106 qt container. The same base product u
  5. zzuurrcc


    From the album: Random Pictures 2017

    This is my glove box. I turned one fully colonized Mexican strain jar into 7 today. Grain to grain transfers.
  6. So i set up this 'glovebox' today and wanted to know if it will work well enough as a traditional GB. The entire chamber is sealed heavy plastic garbage bags, duct tape and a clear shower curtain liner on the front. I left some give in the plastic so i can move with my hands in the gloves. Also I may add another set on the near sidw to increase mobility. What do you all think? Can I make this sterile with lots of Lysol and 70% alcoholl? I have Agar for an MEA coming in this weekend and want to start isolating strains and work with clones soon Any advice is appreciated on keeping things c
  7. Finally bought the materials today going to make me a high quality glove box. Now to put it together... I'll update you guys on my progress so you can point it out that I suck lol.
  8. I am going to post my thoughts on the necessary features a microscope needs to have!! COMPOUND MICROSCOPE 1. Oil immersion lens 2. 1000x plus magnification 3. Ocular micrometer eye piece 4. electric light source 5. controls to move stage mechanically 6. both a fine and course focus knob 7. standard interchangeable fitments If I have left anything out please add to the basic list!! Remember this is for the basic beginner microscope. Enjoy! PLEASE READ MZ's post below for other great options. I am going to get what he is talking about for
  9. vaforlife


    Just wanted to say hi and ill be attempting to use a microscope veymsoon..lol. nice to meet everyone!!!
  10. A year and a half ago I was drinking with a buddy and he bet me I couldnt grow mushrooms. I accepted the challenge and told him "you get me the spores and ill do the rest." Little did I know I was going to need to put a lot more study time and money into this just aside from getting the spores. After a year and a half of trial and error and reading up on everything everyone is doing......here I am today. These pictures were at one point a dream and now its reality. You'll notice there are some differences with my tubs. Im taking detailed notes on each tub from the light depth to sub type or my
  11. mushy-madness

    Check Out My Grow!

    Check it out! Give me some Feedback guys! After another 4 days these will be ready to for the next step. I plan on putting a casing on them after I remove the foil and then spray the tub once and cap it until its time to harvest. Hows this sound?!
  12. Sorry if these questions have been answered already but I am brand new to the forum. (hello!) I've been reading and plan on implementing str0be's no fail wbs tek but I did have a few questions and I couldn't reply to the thread. How hot are we suppose to keep the jars in the glove box? Is a glovebox strictly required? Is there a simpler container/way to keep the jars in? I understand that it's to prevent contamination and pretty critical, just wondering if there's an easier way to avoid getting more hardware. Would it be good practice to sterilize/clean the jars prior to putting in the v
  13. Hi there, Just thought I would share a cheap and very reliable alternative to a flow hood for innoculating cakes or grain. All I have done was to take a large steralite tub and purchased a table top 99.97% hepa air purifier. I traced the purifier on the bottom back end of the tub, cut and inserted the purifier. I then used clear sillicone to seal it all in place front and back and Voila' there you have it. Of course sterile procedures are used and to date I have had 0% contam rate with this set up and as you can see it is large enough to innoculate quart size jars. The whole set up cost around
  14. HIGH QUALITY GLOVEBOX TEK CREATED BY Str0be ABOUT I recently needed to make a glovebox, but did not like any of the designs I saw, so I created my own. I did not photograph the construction all that well because I was not orignally going to make a tek out of it. But someone suggested that I should, and I figured that it could help the community. If you want / need / or are told you need a glovebox, and you want a high quality one, then follow this Tek. TOOLS REQUIRED Sharpie Ruler / Tape Measure Sharp Scissors, Dremel or any suitable tool to PRECISELY cu
  15. Hey all, I have been using the same GB for the past few years with relative success - But after reading MZ's bulk for beginners, I realized that my old glovebox just wasn't cutting it anymore! I got the dremmel and hot glue and got to work.===========================================================================I cut two rings of PVC we had laying around and glued them into the arm holes.I then bought a new pair of rubber dish gloves and glued those to the PVC.I now have an air-tight Glove box, I used to have an awesome plexiglass top for my GB, but it got broken during storage, so now I ju
  16. ViciouS

    SB 2.0

    Supplies: 1/2"x3/8"x30' foam weather stripping 2 4" PVC couplings Velcro Medium size plastic container (get one with straight sides) Black zip ties (I used the small ones, but recommend getting the bigger ones) 1 tube white caulk or silicone 8 tiny screws Drill bit a little smaller than the screws Dremel tool Tyvek jumpsuit 2 latex gloves 105 qt clear plastic bin Sharpie Duct tape Version 1 First, measure the distance across your shoulders. Add a 4 inches to this measurement. This is the distance between the centers of the holes you're about to cut. L
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