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  1. Hi All, is anyone here able to recommend any liquid culture recipes they've found work well for Panaeolus species? My go to is AL203's karo and extra light malt extract recipe which works very well indeed for all Psilocybe species I have grown, and lion's mane mycelium loves it to. Pan cambo and Pan cyan on the other hand show initial promising growth before things stall a bit. There is some mycelium present for sure, but it doesn't seem to be thriving like the mycelium of other species I have grown. Wondering if anyone here has found success with any LC recipes for Panaeolus?
  2. Just looking for member input, experience and/or feedback. How long can a l.c typically stay viable if refrigerated? What's the oldest l.c you have used and got good grows from? 4/5 of mine are still clear with white myc and the last one is kinda yellow with yellowing myc should I assume it's dead or could it be in a state of inactivity I don't remember the word for it but it starts with a "s". Lastly if any of these turn out viable is it better to "feed" them by adding new l.c solution or should I start new l.c's with a syringe outta the old ones? Thanks for your
  3. Hey guys so I use an awesome product for my Cannabis growing that works VERY well for my soil micro biologics called Aphrodite's Extraction by Nectar for the GODs. it is a carbon product it has .1% Sucrose and .1% Glucose and 1% P2O5 which is Mono-Potassium Phosphate which is an inorganic plant food. I use this specific sugar over say molasses for the sheer fact that the sugar has a smaller molecular chain making the sugar more "Bit Sized" so to speak for my soil Microbe's where ass molasses and other sugars Like Karo corn sugar have long molecular chains which takes a lot longer f
  4. I have a LC in a quart jar that’s about a month old. I tried pulling some out with a sterile syringe and it kept getting clogged. Has anyone tried using a sterile blender/food processor to break up the blob??? I will be trying this with half of what I have 🤞🏽 Any tips on retrieving CHUNKY LC from a jar with a SHIP are welcome! Thanks in advance 🦢
  5. I have a jar that has completely colonized on the outside just the other day and I want to know how long until I can dunk it and birth it? it is a 125ml 1/2 pint jar
  6. I made hippy piss the other night. When I pulled the jars out I saw the micropore tape had melted. It's the tape that was over the brass insert stuffed with polyfill. Is this normal?
  7. Hey, I'm new to liquid cultures, and a couple of the ones I have look like they are ready to be used. What is the best way to suck up the solution? Just shake up the solution, tip the jar on it's side until I can get the needle barely into the liquid and suck it up? Also, is sterile technique the same as if you were to use a spore needle on jars? Just flame it and go? Or do I need a SAB. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hey, I'm wondering if shaking a liquid culture is necessary or is it okay to just leave giant blobs of mycelium and break it up with a syringe when i decide to use it? Is the liquid culture better when you shake it or no?
  9. Hey, I want to clone some of my penis envies to LC, and I've been using the method lately with normal shrooms where you stab the stem of the fruit body with a sterile syringe and then shoot the piece of stem into your LC. It's generally a fast and easy method. Penis envy however seems to have a different type of stalk from what im used to. it's more spongy? I did the syringe method and i didnt seem to get any flesh into my LC, and only sediment which im guessing was inside of the stem. Would this syringe method still work if I stab the cap to get a piece of meat instead of the stem? Thanks
  10. So I'm currently in the process of trying to grow my first batch of Golden Teachers. I did quite a bit of research but not enough i dont think. Also, it seems like everyone has their own style and technique. I will write out everything I've done up to this point and add pics in the end. Please let me know where I messed up. 1. I got sterilized grain bags and injected the spores into them 2. after about a week they were almost completely white so I decided it was time to mix it with the substrate in a monotub I made from youtube using 8 1.5" holes with polyfill and lined with black co
  11. I was wondering if my cake looked like there was more pins on its way? cause I have only had the two since ive birthed it which was 2 am on the 20th. The pins started in the jar so I birthed it but they haven't grown a lot since then, why are they growing so slow, should they be bigger after two days?
  12. I innoculated the jars on the 20th of sept within alacabenzi lc it is now the 9th day, I innoculated straight downwards into the Substrate because I didi not know you were supposed to inject it to drip down the glass, there is healthy mycelium growing on one part but at the bottom there is some yellow orange, Is this bacteria or is it just early mycelium metabolites?
  13. I innoculated some jars with some Alacabenzi Liquid culture syringes and one jar that has some healthy Mycelium growing at the innulation point downwards but when you look at the bottom it has some yellow/Orange color on the bottom of the jar in the middle that is the size of a quarter It is just plain substrate though, is this early Mycelium Metobolites fighting a contaminent or is it a contaminent?
  14. I innoculated this jar on the 20th of Sept with Alacabenzis, Is this healthy looking mycelium?
  15. Any advise looking to start a clean home based grow opp and advise would be welcomed tricks and easy DIY options. If i must get spawns locally or online looking for a high psychedelic upper strain? Im from RSA it a indoors set up so temp control so any ideas on a quality easy to bulk, grow strain with a extra psychedelic upper kick? Medical and recreational grows. Was told (penis envy) strain but keen for advise in regards a perfect set up and strain. Watched the tutorials of the basic bulk run a little slow sometimes any helping hands for a Noob Mushy Ninja. Scaling down indoor s
  16. I recently got done doing grain to grain transfers of Rye Berry jars. One of the jars had some colonized grain sticking to the side, so I added sterilized water I had pressure cooked injected into the jars and swirled it around 2 dislodge the mycelium from the Rye to create a liquid mycelium solution. I then took a sterile syringe and sucked up about 15 cc's of liquid inoculant. Seems to me I got a lot of mycelium floating around in the mycelium water. There's a chance there could be some contaminants, and nothing is ever a hundred percent sterile. I want to know if anyone else has ever tried
  17. Hey guys, new here with two questions.. First, is there really anything stopping me from using a ship on a grain jar topped with foil instead of rtv and tyvek lid? Also, when it come to making lc, why do the teks show a ship and a syringe filter? I don't understand where or why the filter comes into play. Thanks and I appreciate any feedback and I REALLY appreciate everything everyone here does. This has been a great find for me.
  18. My spores are showing growth and I posted a pic of the agar I inoculated with one of the syringes I had of liquid culture I made 2 years ago along with the new pics of the spores on my other thread, on Monday I made up some small jars of wheat berries & inoculated them each with a different syringe of liquid culture and they're showing growth too I thought I'd use them for a grain to grain transfer if they're good, there was 4 syringes and I made 6 small jars. Here's a pic of 2 of them. Also a pic of one of the giant pan I made my prints from and some wbs in half gallon jars of pan I used
  19. I received a pan cyan Hawaii print from the awesome @magicman. In a glovebox, I made a multi-spore syringe from the print. The day after, I used it to inoculate hippy piss liquid culture. I'm using mushroom grow bags for grain colonization. The bags are small size, with 0.5 micron filter patches. I made my own SHIPs with red silicone. I placed 3/4 cup of medium grade vermiculte at the bottom of each bag and then filled each bag with 3 quart jars' worth of WBS. PC'd the bags for 90 minutes at 15 psi. Afterward, I inoculated the bags with the LC.
  20. So this is my very first LC 1.5 Pint Jar Light Corn Syrup Barley Malt Syrup (I have powder now for maybe a second one pending this one) PC'ed 90min@15PSI Cooled for 24 hours Innoc 05FEB - Kept at about 75F How is it looking? I swear it's like a game of second guessing yourself every night while reading forums. I worry it's sooo caramel yet. As I've read a bit the myc should be taking a bit of the color out.
  21. OpenBar

    Alacabenzi Log

    Hello Everyone, It has been a while since Iv had a log. I got a syringe years ago from who knows where. but it says alacabenzi on it. I did Noc two jars of grain. I will get into how i prep grains and such later in this log. One contam and other was so/so. nothing i wanted to risky to grow out. So I took Grain to agar. After three Transfers, Now the agar looks ready for use. I did make a slurry mix and put to LC. hope to test that in about a week. Here are some pics. Agar mix: malt, agar + little bit of yeast (food coloring to make black (red+blue) The White hand shows w
  22. Is the darkish color contamination? Thanks for any replies
  23. itok335

    Liquid culture

    I'm a beginner. Please help me make LC. I have prepared the baht Dextrosa, malt extract, honey ... give me a good composition. Sent from my Lenovo A2020a40 using Tapatalk
  24. IGuy

    My Beginning

    I would Love if people could learn from my experience and so I will try to be thorough. Also as you will find, I like numbers (especially time, and price) If anyone can correct me for wrong doing I would appreciate it as I would like to become part of the community. I WILL MARK ANY MAJOR MISTAKE I MADE THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS WITH A STAR ** STARTING- It took me around 3 days to do the research that I needed to get started and decided to make the leap and order my spores online. I am guessing that the vendor is a sponsor being that MUSH ZOMBIE referenced them in his tutorial, if not I
  25. Hello. I am wondering how long and what visual cues I can go by to see if my LC culture is complete. It has been at 78-80deg for 12 days since inoculation and I see growth but unsure what growth should look like. I will take a pic tommorow If i need to but in the mean time do any of you have pictures of LC at certain stages so I can see if I'm on track? It has white mycelia growing but it's kinda fuzzy looking. If someone can help I would appreciate it.
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