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  1. So after getting back into this beloved hobby, I’ve come to realization a dehydrator was an absolute MUST! Unfortunately I’m from small town and those are “out of season” so it required two days effort and a 70mile haul to larger city but that’s whole diff story😡 My question I pose is this sometimes I see people separate caps from stems before drying also occasional people cutting in half. What’s your preferred method and how do you think it effects the long term storage??? I personally have found that yes cutting in half will give you a dryer “crackier” type feel which is of course
  2. You know how to play. Tell me what you think. First monotub and flush from a friend. He doesn't really know when to harvest.
  3. An interesting study I'd not seen before now, thank you to Don Shadow for bringing this to my attention. I thought it may be of interest to others and so worthy of sharing. Study: Matshushima, Y., Shirota, O., Kikura-Hanajiri, R., Gosa, Y. & Eguchi, F. et al. (2009) Effects of Psilocybe argentipes on Marble-Burying Behaviour in Mice. Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, 73,8: 1866-8. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/27db/ba7610194971742f8adf5a8dde8e3b06addb.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2ld6CQCuz3ax1mDPe4qO8sstDrMyrrS92
  4. PoliteHunter

    Monotub Noob

    I am going to try and grow a Monotub, I've read the guide and have some questions, dont know if there stupid or not haha. Knobbly have experience with jars. 1. It says to add a casing layer once the mycelium turns white, what does this mean? More Substrate? 2. After you make the substrate how do you inoculate it inside the tub? do you just inject it with syringes throughout the tub, if so how much do you need? Doesnt seem like it, i tihnk im missing something. If not syringes what do you use and how much do you need? 3. How much weight can you expect from one tub? Like a 1/2 pou
  5. What's up everyone! Let me start off real quick to inform everyone this is my first post, so bare with me please. Been studying, studying, and studying some more. Just want to clarify on a few steps while I'm doing it. No point to not ask for help if there is some out there right?! I'm doing these methods because I want to see what works for a single fruiting chamber and I didn't want to risk contaminating all my cakes. So I went and bought some 2 liters, tubaware containers, and a few others. There is so many do's and dont's on cultivation and it's confusing the hell out of me. I only ha
  6. Hey guys, most of you know I spend more time in o'l Wally's world, and just to let y'all know, pallets are being set for a Organic Expert Gardener pallet of.... 8lb compressed blocks of Coco coir, Organic, and roughly $7.87/$8 a block. I think I pay approx a buck a pound normally from Home depot, and a good thing about this is I smelled a block and no musty odor, seems like good stuff. So if you want coir for a buck a pound, (unhydrated) this is a great buy.
  7. Hello Hello! This seems to be the best community for fellow cultivators! I want to say hello to everyone and also say from the start that I am always grateful for knowledge in any form! Yes I am a beginner but mushrooms have always fascinated me, I've done a lot of my own reading over the years, and more than anything now I want to learn from others who clearly know what they're doing. Soooo tips, questions, concerns, ideas, tricks, advice, suggestions, random comments, anything at all is not only welcome at all times but is greatly encouraged! Can't wait to start the journey it will def
  8. Hello guys i love this forum been reading for a year and just started playing with fungus 3 month ago its puerto rican cubensis. i did MS to agar then agar to LC and innoc some jars and spawned to horse poo for 12 days then moved to martha fruiting chamber 3 days ago.today am seeing something new on the sub is that a baby pins?should i start giving it more FAE?thanks
  9. I'm interested in your guys technique for early growers who's veils are broken and are connected to little guys who haven't had a chance to mature fully yet. Do you let the big guy be or try to pick him off his family? Here's a picture of one of my tubs for reference. (Golden teachers ) Cheers!
  10. Here are 2 different tubs of PE where I'm using a smaller tubs I've noticed that around the edges it is shrinking considerably even though I have moisture around the tub, here is a picture to see what you guys think and any advice. Any tips would be great thank you.
  11. Hello, This is my first post here and it's been a long time coming. I've been working on this grow for about 2 1/2 - 3 months now and I think that my first flush is nearly ready to be picked! The strain is B+ Cubensis and the grow was relatively easy and low maintenance. About 3 weeks ago I transferred colonized spawn bags into my bulk grow kit and my first pins started appearing 6 days prior to this post. My only question at this point is are my mushrooms ready to be picked and dried? Also, I heard that you're not supposed to pick any big mushrooms if there are smal
  12. So I want to do a Monotub-grow and use horse manure as substrate. The problem is that i can't find simple dehydrated manure. I can only get HPoo pellets. The pellets are 100% HPoo and have 1.9% nitrogen and 1% phosphorus. Can I use those pellets for a bulk substrate? Help would be appreciated
  13. Having so much fun growing, I want to try growing some gold and pink oyster mushrooms. To be very generally, I typically do a G2G transfer bulk grow for my cubes. Does this same technique work for oyster mushrooms? I know some mushrooms need very specific grow methods, ie. Chanterelles need to be near the roots of certain trees. Info about any other edible mushrooms would be great too! I just have a source for oyster mushroom spores. As always, mush appreciated!
  14. Hear are different jars. same time. 8/29 There is some funny coloring to the jars never seen before myself would like to get somebody else's advice. Are they have stalled not sure what I should do quarantine them or just throw them away or rents and wash and put them in the fitting Chamber
  15. MushyMark84


    Hello all. I am new to 'ology and ironically got confirmation on my first order today. I started this journey because of mushrooms in general from wild edibles, medicinal, and magical. So far I've just been book learning but now wish to invest some time into horticulture as a whole. Any guidance or tips along the way will be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. RiK

    CoTG continued..

    Hi y'all! I wanted to show off my progress with psilo extraction experiments here's some pics.. Here is the finished product of my labor.. and yes, they were solid and crunchy lol plz leave comments to let me know what you think, thank you.
  17. PsychoNanoNaut

    My beloved mushies: part deuce

    I had an old grow log: My beloved mushies, it got lost somewhere so here's part deuce. I started my journey by chance 18 months ago. Came across some mushrooms out of the blue, had not done them in 16 years prior to that. I was hooked, being a gardener, I decided to grow them. I miss brf cakes, lol. My last grow was like 6 months ago, Matias Romero. I went with new grains (cheap whole oats). I had troubles with tam, and I had trouble dialing in the moisture and nsns tek. Finally got it down somewhat. First pics is my last flush of MR. 7/29 I nocced some oats with AA+. On 8/2 I nocced som
  18. I have two jars that have been nocked up almost ready to spawn. I was wondering if i could put the mycelium into two large pickle jars that I have and fruit them that way. I just dont know how to get good airflow in them. Any help would be awesome. This is just an idea I want to try. Thanks!
  19. I would like to know if anyone knows any viable substitutes for agar while working with petri dishes. I can get agar no problem I'm just looking for ideas for experimenting with. I'm not really trying to get a successful harvest i just like messing around with mycology and seeing what you change in your process can do to the culture.That's why i joined the community to check out other people's grows and experiments.Thanks for any suggestions.
  20. Im leaving for a week and I was wondering how long I leave my tubs alone. I dont have anyone to check on them, and I cant take them where I am going. It is the second flush. I would like to keep them going but dont want them rotting while im gone. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
  21. PsychedelicTarantulas

    P.T.'s Outdoor Finds

    I'll start posting my outdoor finds here. I'm not the greatest at ID'ing anything besides a cube so I won't try at most. But enjoy the pics! I need to go round up my old outdoor pics, as well.
  22. Yo yo guys, im wandering . . . Wouldn't it be great if we have some print exchange/giveaway this days. I would like to try some new strains, and have couple of Equador/Columbian prints to share!
  23. Hey wanted some opinions on if my new pins are ok? It's my first grow so I'm equally excited and paranoid.
  24. Hey everyone ! This is my first time doing a grow! Things have gone without any issues til this point! I've been following the 6 quart tub tek. So I'm to the misting and fanning stage. I've been keeping the environment at 97% humidity most of the day for the past two weeks since adding the peat moss top layer. I just have a couple of questions so for clarification I'm growing two strains. 1 tub of Lovely Golden Teachers (first 3 images) , and 1 tub of A+ Albinos (last few images). So on to the first question . in the last pic of the albinos I noticed a little orange spot. I d
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