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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everybody! I recently started growing cubes and I believe my first flush (start to finish all alone) will be here any day now. So far everything looks and smells very healthy so, while not finished yet, I'm confident I will be able to replicate these results time and time again. Cubes seem very easy and as such was a great starting place. My question here is, what else can I grow? I'm interested, for the sake of this post, in other psilocybe species only. My brother and I are interested in branching out as most, if not all, of our experiences have been with the study of cubes onl
  2. Moving into bulk using Rye and I've seen reference, not on here, about adding a cup of liquid coffee to the grain soak and 10 minute boil to increase the Ph of the grain. Is this a good idea or not? I've seen references to using spent coffee grounds in the substrate to maintain the substrate Ph level to 7.5-8 prior to mixing spawn to substrate. I've also seen lime being used to raise the substrate Ph. Would the same result be obtained by using a small amount of pickling lime to the grain soak and boil part of the tek? If so what would be the recommended amount? Don't want to screw u
  3. Hi, all. I'm going to get a MSS of a mexicana strain since I've read that they provide a "smoother and lighter" study than cubes, which I am finding to be quite "dark". I have the choice between Ps. mexicana Jalisco strain and Ps. mexicana Tampanensis. For those of you who've tried them, do you have a preference? Are there differences between the two in effects? Differences in growing conditions, i.e. is one more difficult to grow than the other? I understand they need lots of FAE for fruiting so I'm considering fruiting them in shallow trays inside a SGFC with a fish tan
  4. Hi, i am wondering why they stopped growing after first flush?they are just staying half size and nothing happening since couple of days. humidity is okay 90-95% and i do fan 2-3times a day + the light is 12/12... a quick advice will be highly appreciated! thanks
  5. I've heard the Mexican strain is a very smooth ride? Are they talking about psilocybe Mexicana are the mexi cube verity ? What are your experience with them.thanks
  6. I am going to post my thoughts on the necessary features a microscope needs to have!! COMPOUND MICROSCOPE 1. Oil immersion lens 2. 1000x plus magnification 3. Ocular micrometer eye piece 4. electric light source 5. controls to move stage mechanically 6. both a fine and course focus knob 7. standard interchangeable fitments If I have left anything out please add to the basic list!! Remember this is for the basic beginner microscope. Enjoy! PLEASE READ MZ's post below for other great options. I am going to get what he is talking about for
  7. HI folks I am going to be doing several logs, but this is my favorite... I got my syringe yesterday, Had a Liquid Cultures made in Anticipation of the arrival of 14 different strains. nock 5 lc with different strains. But in less the 24 hours the Mexicana (A-Strain) has started(with a vendor syringe!!!) Here is the growth I can see Not a ton of growth , but dang in less the 24 hours I am impressed!!! I will nock the LC in to 3 RYE SEED jars and let one grow just for stones, the others will be fruited. I will try to update as much as I can with out boring ever
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