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Found 1 result

  1. NO Scrape Spore Printing/Cradle Printing TEK I take no credit for this as I seen it online somewhere long ago, I just utilize it and share with you Here is a way to spore print directly to your distilled H20 without having to use foil, baggies etc...this is simple and easy to do things you will need : [*]pliers [*]wire [*]jar [*]distilled H20 [*]Syringe [*]PCer...NOTE : You can boil if you don't have a PCer, but you will be using bottled D-H20, unless you Microwave the water in the jar and boil the wire skeleton Take your 2 pieces wire(Roughly 10 inches...depending on the size of the jar mouth) and put them side by side...Take a pair of pliers and twist them together like a twist tie a few times...about a half inch worth...spread the ends out so there about even from one another....place into the jar your going to be using all the way to the bottom works best to get the right angles(nice short wide mouth is what I prefer)... Hold the wire down with your fingers in the center of the jar & apply pressure to the wire until you reach the sides of the jar, forming a wire skeleton of the inside of the jar, if your wire legs seem a bit short at this point no worries, you will be lifting it 3/4 of the way out of the jar anyways. Lift the skeleton out of the jar about 3/4's of the way, get a good grip on the wire and start folding the wire over the rim of the jar to create hooking legs then 1 by 1 take and hold the hooking legs and manipulate them so your center twist is centered within the jar. Now take your new cradle, Jar, syringe, and any other utensils your going to be using and PC for 30min to 45min(You can put your distilled H20 in at this time also, just place cradle in jar and your #ml/cc of distilled H20 for the amount of syringes you'll be making and tinfoil the top, and its all together and ready when it comes out) once everything is cooled to room temp, your ready to go...take any cap ready for printing and place it in the center of the cradle, cover with a piece of cardboard, paper towel, tinfoil ETC(Anything that is clean) and place in your GB or whatever you use to accomplish nice clean prints traditionally wait 12hrs to 48hrs and the spores will be swimming there waiting for you...I didn't have any pics of my printing, but I will update this with a pic of them swimming in there D-H20...this process can be done for any size cap...if your doing Burma, Mazatapec Mexican Cubensis, or any other small fruiting mush and the caps are small, all you have to do is scale down the cradle to fit a shot glass or if you find a larger cap that wont fit then up size the cradle...easy as that Hope its useful to at least one person aside from myself...This is for people wanting to go directly to syringe without having to use a Nocc loop or just wants to avoid scraping all together. NOTE : Let your syringes sit for 12 to 24hrs prior to using as to Hydrate them again, Shake the shit out of your syringes before using to separate and clumped spores ALL COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS WELCOME !!! Below you will find some pics of my shot glass as well as my wide mouth jar, I couldn't find the Measuring tape so I used a 10ml/cc syringe for the comparisons, as we all know & have many of these old and new Thanx for Peepin in and checking out the cradle printing TEK Peace **D**
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