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Found 18 results

  1. Having so much fun growing, I want to try growing some gold and pink oyster mushrooms. To be very generally, I typically do a G2G transfer bulk grow for my cubes. Does this same technique work for oyster mushrooms? I know some mushrooms need very specific grow methods, ie. Chanterelles need to be near the roots of certain trees. Info about any other edible mushrooms would be great too! I just have a source for oyster mushroom spores. As always, mush appreciated!
  2. Ok, this is my first time and I used the 6 quart and grain spawn tek. I have put the casing on and have been proving indirect sunlight for a couple hours a day and kept the temperature around 72 f. I have been misting and fanning several times a day and seem to be following the tek. Yesterday I noticed several white spots as if the (cultivation), hope this is the correct term, has begun on the casing. I read another tek from another web site and they state that after applying the casing I should place in a warm, dark place for 3 to 7 days to allow the cultivation to occur on the casing and the
  3. Hi all my name is MoTo im new here but anyway, I want to clone a oyster mushroom I found. Anyone with experience with oysters I'd like to chat.
  4. Bharless

    What's going on here?

    What is this orange stuff? It was growing in another spot on the tub but overnight it seems the mycelium attacked it and is growing very thick in that particular spot. Is this contaminated or the mycelium waste I've seen posts about
  5. Those Who Were

    Blue Oyster Buffalo style..

    Here is my first edible grow attempt....My buddy gave me a jar of colonized WBS that was colonized with some Blue Oyster. I pasturized some straw and let cool then mixed in the spawn and let incubate for 13 days...This is where I am at now..I sliced small holes all around the bag so the oysters should grow through them.. Fingers crossed
  6. I had oyster grain spawn that was going to start to fruit in the jar because I left it sitting too long - so I was too lazy to prep for growing it in bags and I just spawned it in my ztubs. I put it on pasturized hardwood fuel pellets mixed with gypsum and brown rice flower. I did the black liner and everything just the same as we do for cubes. my question is.... do I case these oysters? if so, do I case with regular cube casing? also, I plan to add many more polly holes to the top tub to get more fae. does that sound like a good plan?
  7. 1nickthegreek

    Nicks oyster grow log.

    So, I got a mess of culture syringes so decided to nocc up a bunch of used coffee grounds. No pics of the substrate cos I forgot. I have a friend who manages 2 McDonald's here and saves me the grounds so I can get all of them I want. I just put 12 pounds of them in a pillow case and put in a bucket then poured boiling water in until it was all covered and put the lid on the bucket for the night. 18 hrs later I did my tubs with 2 coffee cups of grounds in each and I put 12 cc's of juice in each tub, stirred it all around and then patted it level. Alright, first up is the coffee/coir
  8. Niidaho

    Messing around

    I'm not doing a lot waiting for the heat to break .but I thought I would show everyone what I'm doing so u all don't know what a lazy ass I am lol.these are my pans the mycilium is way different looks like cotton. This is supposed to be yellow oysters trying to get the right order from the company now .its a producer tho. And the last one is a king oysters tray I'm trying to get to pin that's if they sent me kings same co the yellows came from.
  9. MushFlush

    How MushFlush Does Oysters

    AAAALLLRIIGHTY then! Well class, pull up a chair. All you guys growing edibles already can stay if you like, but I doubt you'll learn anything. In this thread I'll show all you myco-nauts how I go about getting some great Pluerotus Ostreatus a.k.a. Oyster mushrooms. I'll be working with three bangin' cultures. P.O. Wellington, P.O. Brat, and a wild iso from a good friend in West Virginia P.O. Volcano. So let's get started. First you gotta start with a good culture... then a nice jar or forty of grain, cooked up just like momma made it... some folks have asked me re
  10. However, If it is... :-) Is my friends mycelium still alive? My friend has a 6 month old grow bag of white oyster mycelium. - I do not think it has been misted or watered - I do not think it was stored in the fridge, but at room temperature (50's-70's F) Someone from a shroom farm gave the bag away. We were thinking of attempting to get it to grow on some cardboard and go from there... I thought we should ask around! :-)
  11. feedmefodder

    More Oysters!

    Hello Hello Hello Fodder here with an exciting Chocolate Oyster Grow!!!! So Lets Get Started With The Lids.... Simple Tyvek lids With RTV 12 Jars Ready For Grain Loaded Them With Wheat Berries and Wiped The Rims All 12 Ready For The PC In The PC For 90 Fresh Out The PC After A Short Cool Down Prepped The GloveBox With Hospital Grade Dissenfectant The Chocolate Oyster Culture>>>>>>>>>> THANKS 101 Loaded GB and Sterilized Nocced UP 4 Jars and Labled
  12. Mush Zombie

    Pink Oyster BRF cakes

    Pink oyster BRF cakes are pretty cool! They are doing really well, but supposedly Pink Oysters are very productive as it is. They are a very pretty bright pink, and there are pins EVERYWHERE on this one cake, that is sitting at the bottom of my GH, on top of the perlite.
  13. Hello every one that did not bypass a edible log. I have decided to share a grow I have been doing using phoenix oysters and later a blue oyster basket, I think its best just to start from the beginning. I did the same thing for both oyster species. but first I will log the phoenix. and the blues will be soon. I prepared 3 WBS jar, Inoculated them with LC. the colonization went real well, had no problems. I pasteurized straw by filling a pillow case up.. got a pot of water up to 180 degrees, added one table spoon of Mrs. Wadges lime. Placed the straw with a thermometer in the ce
  14. autogarsas

    Oysters growing LOG

    Well so will start my log, as promised in indroduction. Who dont know so im going to grow Oysters in bulk. Plan: 1. Make LC´s from spore syringe. 2. WBS grain spawn 3. Mixing spawn with straw, and put into bags. Well expected result is somethink like that I were growing mushrooms before (cubes) and never had problems, but i never were doing my own LC. So right now im at step one, and my LC is most likely contaminated... Jars with SHIP (seems to be done ok) But the culture itself contaminated? Anyway those LC´s werent incubated, so today i decided to
  15. Hello.I am going to Grow Blue Oysters for the first time, I started by Inoculating a Malt and Karo LC and also put some on Agar. I will save the LC for later and I will use the Agar to nock RYE jars.It has some depth to it!!this is the LC..used .5 ML on it so I would have a backup. more to come. later
  16. Hey all! I'm coming back at ya with another edible log. This time it will feature a Pink Oyster grow! First of all this was all made possible by our resident good member Vicious! Here's the Lc he sent me, looks freaking great! So with that, it was time to make up my jars. Did the normal soak for 24hrs, rinsed, let dry and loaded into jars. I then Pc'd at 15psi for 90min. Once the pressure cooker reached 0, I opened up, gave them a shake, and then closed it back for it to cool. Once cooled over night, it was time for NOC'N boots! Here's my jars pre noc up..
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