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  1. This is a first time grain spawn using a spore syringe. Can anyone please identify if this is more likely like a cobweb mold or mycelium?
  2. MagicalCriminal

    GT spawn, 1st grow

  3. I've got bags of sawdust/ wood chips that I inoculated with grain spawn. The spawn was so well mixed that it resulted in even spaced white polka dots. I dont believe it will ever turn solid white except on the bottom. It's been like 4 weeks maybe 3, the bag is a solid mass, but dang... when is it "fully colonized"? How do I tell? The top is "almost" covered in lumpy mycelium, but there is still uncolonized sawdust in between the spawn grains. The growth seems to be slowing in between grains. When is when? I've read about stalled fruiting because of incomplete colonization. Any input would be
  4. I had 2x nicely colonized BRF jars so before I left on vacation and I crumbled them into some field moist sterilized substrate made of cpoo, verm & hardwood mulch. I used a 6QT tub lined with a thick black plastic bag. Here are the results after about 12 days. This is an experiment and I'm a noob so please keep that in mind.... My whole point in doing this was to see if I could make a bigger "cake" (its now a 4" x 13" x 9" brick) out of the 2x much smaller BRF cakes.... It looks like its working... is this fully colonized or should I give it some more time? le
  5. It seems I got a little carried away with adding substrate vs spawn grain amount, or may have not given my 6 Quart shoe box tubs enough FAE ability. The amount colonised is almost the same as it has been since day 7, it is now day 15. Note that the room all the tubs are in are kept at a stable 78-80F°. Tub at Day 7 Tub Comparison at Day 15 Pictures are obviously of the same exact tub, and the same side as the old picture. Although the mycelium has spread a little bit, it should be much more than that for a whole week to have gone by, should it not? I hear most spawn
  6. The bottom pic shows what they looked like BEFORE I shook them. The top pic is a day after I shook them. My question is, were they too colonized to shake? I’m now reading that if you shake them when they are more than 40% they may not recover. Ugh.... but if you don’t shake them you won’t see contams that may be infesting the middle....
  7. ... quite nicely with no visible contamination. I bought 2 tubs: 56Qt 23x16x12 in. and a 90Qt 29x13x18 in. The jars are 3/4 full. All the tek im reading says once the jars are fully colonized I need to mix it with pasteurized horse or cow shit and some say mix with Verm, etc... So my questions are: based on how manny jars I have (4) which tub should I use (I’m guessing the smaller one) and second what’s the ratio of substrate to colonized rye berry I should provide? I’d like to grow all 4 jars in a single tub if possible? Should I mix verm (and anything else) in with the hshit or use on
  8. Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I have become interested in growing mushrooms, and had a few general questions. I was wondering what one should do after each flush, do I soak, or spray, or leave alone? And for mushroom cultures can those store in the fridge for longer periods of time? Also during monotub cultivation, do yeilds drop on second flush if mushrooms are picked from the mycelium rather than cut? Any information is appreciated as I am just starting to learn about these things. I was looking at this tek if anyone was wondering;
  9. So still very new, but I enjoy experimenting. I may have lost a whole bulk grow container of Maui P due to over experimentation. However this Golden T seems to be right on. I am going for an early fruiting because I am running out of space in my 2nd master bathroom (aka my shroomery). Trying a bonafide grow light see if some urgency is put on the myc to fruit. Recipe is coco coir, verm, coffee, calcium magnesium zinc, baking soda and malt barley. spawn was straight popcorn (best spawn jars ever, no contamination in all 13 pint jars) I'll keep you posted on progress,but
  10. Long time visitor, first time poster. I am starting my first grow this week with 20cc of Alacabenzi's (From the SoS of course) and six sterile 8oz BRF/multigrain flour/Verm/gypsum substrate bags. I've purchased everything for a 48l monotub but am now hesitant to combine and commit all my spawns to a tub. I'm thinking of fruiting all 6 in their bags for the 1st flush and then making a bulk substrate (verm/coir+late casing) for the tub after. Is it a good idea to mix spawns to a bulk after they've fruited once? I am concerned of contaminating a tub on my first go and wasting it.
  11. Hey all! i built my glovebox, gathered everything, and im ready make my jars and pc them. In the bulk tek, it wasnt super clear if you need the metal part of lid of the mason jar. I know it says poke a hole in it. I was under the assumption that if youre using tyvek and RTV as SHIP, the tyvek would allow gas exchange? If youre using the metal disc under the tyvek, why use tyvek at all if you can just use RTV silicone over the hole. Wouldnt there be no exchange if there are no holes with, say, micropore tape? Sorry if this is a newb question, just trying to understand.
  12. I have waited 7-10 days after full colonization was noticed when doing cakes as this is what the Teks suggest. Is this required when colonizing WBS? I have 5 quarts going, after the shake they exploded and colonized fast then I would have ever imagined. 5 days after the shake they are 100%. Should I wait another 7-10 days like with cakes or are they ready to spawn to bulk Now? Is there any benefit or draw back to either waiting or spawning now? Few photos of the progression, before the shake, a day after the shake and now.
  13. Hey hey!! I'm back in the game, woooo!! I need help, the best spawn for sclerotia bags?? fuvk yeah!! how y'all been?
  14. So far one brick of coir get 4 qts of water and throw into the oven. Pasturation is done. Now 4 containers with 2 tsp of water crystals and soaking in 4 qts of water.
  15. Normally I do a lot of little experiments with side by side test and never post anything about it cause it's not perfect science. I will also say I feel bad about never putting my data out there for the masses who do research before starting grows if I could have saved someone form a bad choice I'm sorry. Now what I did is knock up a lc with an isolate culture. Then after it grow it in many jars corn and oats. I took one colonized jars of each and spawned to a shoebox of straight coir and cased the top with 1/2 inch of pure coir. All done 7/6/17 Theory: Most growers feel corn has l
  16. First off I wanna say that this is my first post here! Happy I chose this community over "the other guys". Definitely not a stranger to growing small scale with PF Tek, but I am new to growing bulk. MZ's Monotub Tek looks extremely well thought out and promising, However... The only thing I'm concerned about is the ideal atmosphere for open air g2g transfers from a bag/jar into the monotub since all of that won't fit under my SAB? It doesn't seem to elaborate on how dependent the myc is on a clean atmosphere to not suffer from tams during the transfer process. Maybe it's becaus
  17. Apex

    Grain Bacteria

    So I knew using g2g for several generations would catch up to me. I have 6 or 7 wbs jars that are about 80-90% colonized but stalled due to bacteria. Will using these in tubs have a negative impact on the sub? Invite mold contains? Would you use them outside for a patch? Luckily I will be cooking up a batch of agar tonight. I still love g2g though. It was like a 5th generation transfer so go figure.
  18. Have several fantastic jars of popcorn spawn. Too fantastic. All but 2 have pins and several have full mushies growing up in the jars. Do I harvest the pins and move them into the bin, or try for a brf style harvest?
  19. Hey there, I've tried inoc'n twice now, 3 jars each time. Both times I waited about 2 to 2.5 weeks, and no sign of life was shown, neither myc or contam, I'm using the no fail wbs tek. Load 3 qts pennington classic wbs in 5 gal bucket. Load with water, skim out the black seeds and any dirt,twigs, corn, (anything not grain). I flush this several times till all the crap is gone and the water comes out clean and clear. Dump through strainer, rinse, comb again for any unwanted material. Put back in 5 gallon bucket and cover in boiling water and let soak for 90 mins. Strain, rinse thoroughly, loa
  20. sandalphon

    brazil spawn

    From the album: happenings

  21. sublime

    Random multispore Cubie

    From the album: NOOB CUBE

    Lil baby dicks
  22. ...that when you are spawning to trays and you poke holes in the foil that covers them... YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PUT TAPE OVER THE HOLES. I spawned a couple of WBS jars to some CMC/Verm/Coir and I ran out of micropore tape. This resulted in me only covered about half of the holes. ^This was on 10/25 Today I checked on it and holy crap!! The smell!! It was green, but not the kind of green you're thinking of. This was a slimy, putrid, oily green. Apparently a fruit fly thought my sub smelled awesome and decided to make a home there. There were a ton of fruit flies popping out of there.
  23. Okay, so I got really bored and creative this weekend and decided to build this and wanted to share it with you all. This is definitely nothing new or ground breaking, but I think I just improved upon the original way a hair. The Problem: Wild bird seed is very dirty. There's no way around it. It's grown outdoors, harvested with machines and treated and processed in factories. There's no need in sanitizing it since it's meant for wild birds and not human consumption. The Resolution: Washing it. Plain and simple; if something is dirty and you want it clean, you wash it. There are plenty t
  24. WBS Prep: My WBS prep is pretty much the same as everyone else's, minus a few things that I do. I get the desired amount of WBS, I usually use the kind with cracked corn, and get a pot of BOILING water. Throw in WBS and stir that bitch or else it will stick to the bottom and smoke up you're house for about 5 minutes. Then turn off heat and let sit for 30, take of hot burner and place on the other cool one. Remember to stir about every five minutes to make sure they are evenly distributed. NEXT, begin rinsing them with COLD water until the water is clear. When that has been achived (cracked
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