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Found 6 results

  1. TheMushroom

    8 days into wbs and chill

    So I innoculated with micro spores 8 days ago and I WANT SOME MYCELIUM! I know it can take awhile for it to start up but I just wanted to show some pictures and make sure everything looks good to the people who know what they're doing. I just took these today and I noticed a little something in both of my wettest jars. So how do I tell if it's contaminated or bad?? And also a tiny sprout in another jar pictured below. Thanks for all the input! Also how harmful is it to be moving the jars in this stage?? I haven't been shaking them but I have been taking a few out of the box to check on them an
  2. IGuy

    My Beginning

    I would Love if people could learn from my experience and so I will try to be thorough. Also as you will find, I like numbers (especially time, and price) If anyone can correct me for wrong doing I would appreciate it as I would like to become part of the community. I WILL MARK ANY MAJOR MISTAKE I MADE THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS WITH A STAR ** STARTING- It took me around 3 days to do the research that I needed to get started and decided to make the leap and order my spores online. I am guessing that the vendor is a sponsor being that MUSH ZOMBIE referenced them in his tutorial, if not I
  3. zzuurrcc


    From the album: Random Pictures 2017

    WBS random picture. What is your guys favorite thing to use?
  4. vapedad420

    Are my WBS Jars Contaminated?

    Hey guys! This will be my second attempt at a monotub. My first attempt was very successful resulting in 3 flushes with almost a pound dry in total! This time around I nocked 9 single quart jars of wild bird seed/verm with Cambodian spores (the same as last time) I was very sterile using gloves and plenty of iso and I pressure cooked my jars before nocking them. After innoculation I let them sit for a week before lookin at them. They appeared to have a bit more moisture a in the jars than I remembered from the first go around. I let them sit for another week and Then I ended up moving 210
  5. I have a bird feed supply store that carries all kinds of seeds. I can pick and choose whatever quantity and ratio for my mix that I want. I want to know what the best mix I can get is? Best answers I could find for myself were pretty much go heavy on unhulled millet, and milo (lots of red and white sorghum). Should I maybe also purchase rye grass seed? No sunflower seed, no cracked corn. What else should I include if I can? I'm not sure what they offer there, but it seemed they had quite a variety of seeds. Should I throw in some winter rye if they have it? I might have to hydrate e
  6. Okay, so I got really bored and creative this weekend and decided to build this and wanted to share it with you all. This is definitely nothing new or ground breaking, but I think I just improved upon the original way a hair. The Problem: Wild bird seed is very dirty. There's no way around it. It's grown outdoors, harvested with machines and treated and processed in factories. There's no need in sanitizing it since it's meant for wild birds and not human consumption. The Resolution: Washing it. Plain and simple; if something is dirty and you want it clean, you wash it. There are plenty t
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