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Found 6 results

  1. TheMushroom

    8 days into wbs and chill

    So I innoculated with micro spores 8 days ago and I WANT SOME MYCELIUM! I know it can take awhile for it to start up but I just wanted to show some pictures and make sure everything looks good to the people who know what they're doing. I just took these today and I noticed a little something in both of my wettest jars. So how do I tell if it's contaminated or bad?? And also a tiny sprout in another jar pictured below. Thanks for all the input! Also how harmful is it to be moving the jars in this stage?? I haven't been shaking them but I have been taking a few out of the box to check on them and have moved the box from my closet to the cabinet on top of the fridge and back
  2. IGuy

    My Beginning

    I would Love if people could learn from my experience and so I will try to be thorough. Also as you will find, I like numbers (especially time, and price) If anyone can correct me for wrong doing I would appreciate it as I would like to become part of the community. I WILL MARK ANY MAJOR MISTAKE I MADE THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS WITH A STAR ** STARTING- It took me around 3 days to do the research that I needed to get started and decided to make the leap and order my spores online. I am guessing that the vendor is a sponsor being that MUSH ZOMBIE referenced them in his tutorial, if not I apologize but they are great. I ended up with a 4 for $40 deal from http://www.lilshopofspores.com. They even threw in an additional syringe for free. The pack included Texas, Brazil, Mazatapec, Malabar, and Fiji for free but the deal always changes. I would suggest getting a deal where ever you order yours from because as a beginner you get to try more than one type for cheaper. Price is big for me because you cant just go breaking the bank for fun. They equipment you need cost me around $80 to get me started not including the spores but that's because I went all out. If you go with REZ-EFFECT and follow in my footsteps you will need the Following equipment to get you started.- -(1) 12 pack of 1qt canning Jars -$10 tops **-(1) tube RTV High temp silicone. (Gasket Maker) can be found in the automotive section at wallmart - no more than $10 probably more like $7** I got red.. dont. get clear.** -(1-2) big bags Wild Bird Seed (WBS) preferably with as little sunflower seeds as possible. -$7 -(1) small jug Karo Corn syrup for liquid culture because why not start some. -$5 -(1) bug O bag of vermiculite. -$10-15. -(1-4) tivek envelopes or just a roll o tivek. PREPARATION- I am not going to go into too much detail because you can follow the specifics from the link above. What really got be was the pressure cooking guys. I had some hard time figuring out. I bought one on ebay for $30 with no pressure gauge but luckily I found someone who owned one with the gauge. I would suggest going the extra dollar for a gauged lid cooker though I found that you dont need the gauge once you know what to expect but learning was difficult without one. My cooker holds 7 Jars which works just fine if you are planning to PC (Pressure cook) 12 wbs jars and a LC (Liquid Culture) or 2 So it takes me 2 runs to get all of them in. So far I have gone through this whole process a few times in the last month or so. But I have learned that simply putting your largest burner at just less than medium heat and walking away for 90 minutes is the way to go. should sit around 15 PSI after about 10 min build up. **Also I made the mistake of not using enough water the first time and opened the bad boy up to find that the wbs had cooked a bit and my tivek filters melted.** Fill the PC up until the jars almost start to float but still stay still. **Also make sure to put the wobble thing or throttle on the PC** if you don't it spouts steam and never builds pressure. It took my jars around 8 hours to cool on their own but about 4 or 5 with a fan. KNOCKING- ** I forgot to shake one of my syringes. DONT** The spore clump was wasted on one jar and all that was left was barely enough to inoculate a liquid culture. BTW I put 2 hols in my LC. one for the self healing port and the second for gas exchange, other than that it was just one qt distilled water and one tablespoon karo. check that.. though if you ever do forget to shake it, dont throw it away or waste the rest on a spawn jar, trust me they take forever to grow, just knock up a LC and use that to inoculate a bunch of jars. When it comes to the healing port though, I find that clear works best but I also had some fall off. no good. I used a tooth pick to spread out any seals that looked too perfect so that they stick to the filter a little better. I used 1cc from my syringes per jar and made sure to save the last cc for a LC. TIME- My first day I inoculated 15 spawn jars (3 of which came from the unshaken syringe) which was just over half a bag of WBS and put them in a box with an electronic temp gauge poked through the side and a tiny space heater on the lowest setting pointed at the box (moving it farther or closer to get the right temp. I managed to keep it at a perfect 80 degrees. A few days later I knocked up another 12 jars and 2 LCs. By the time I put in the additional 12, I was seeing signs of growth from the first ones, hardly any growth from the 3 mess ups but plenty from the 12 good inoculations. Knowing that you are supposed to shake them after around 10 days** I shook one that was doing very well after about 8 days just see if it would help or hurt.** HURT** wait at least 10 days or until you see solid growth on all 4 sides of the jar, maybe even a little more for ones that are taking their time. 10 days go by, I shake my 1st batch and wait 3 days to shake the 2nd batch. It has been a week since I mixed my first and 3 since my second and oddly enough they are all around the same level of growth. Goes to show that different spores show different results. CONTINUING- I didn't want to wait, I started another batch with the last of the second bag and one of my jars broke broke in the pressure cooker. BUT I also started 3 new LCs with what was left of all my syringes. The only difference is that instead of using spore syringes, I used my liquid culture to inoculate. It was difficult for me to find anything about LC so here is what I have got so far 1 to 2 CCs from a spore syringe to inoculate a jar of liquid culture. can be incubated at the same temp as spawn jars so anywhere from 75 to 81 degrees. It only takes around 3 days to see substantial growth of live mycelium forming a cloud inside the jar. I would suggest figuring out a magnetic stir stick to break up cloud periodically as shaking too vigorously can damage the mycelium. You can reuse your syringes for your LCs and here is how. 3 cups. one with bleach, 2 with water. start by pulling up and filling the syringe with water from water cup 1, then dump. Pull up and fill with bleach or isopropyl alcohol, dump. Lastly clean out by pulling up water from water cup 2 and dumping. Now swirl LC to break up cloud and turn jar on side or upside down with needle inside (Flame that sucker first) and pull up a good amount of mycelium and water. Now knock your jars with around 2cc s for shorter incubation times. MOVING UP- I got tired of the box. I also have too many jars to fit and no place to safely fruit. I built a shelf -the main reason I want to show off- and got myself a temperature controller so to get the exact temp for incubation. Here is the shelf For some reason many of my images failed to upload. I may try later. I just hope people see this. BTW the holes in the shelf are to allow airflow to keep the whole box the same temp. I used 2x4s for legs, 1x2s for supports, plywood for shelves and cardboard for sides and doors, seemed better than hinges and all. It was also easier to keep everything tight. Thhe top are older and going very well. Soon going to put in fruiting conditions.
  3. zzuurrcc


    From the album: Random Pictures 2017

    WBS random picture. What is your guys favorite thing to use?
  4. vapedad420

    Are my WBS Jars Contaminated?

    Hey guys! This will be my second attempt at a monotub. My first attempt was very successful resulting in 3 flushes with almost a pound dry in total! This time around I nocked 9 single quart jars of wild bird seed/verm with Cambodian spores (the same as last time) I was very sterile using gloves and plenty of iso and I pressure cooked my jars before nocking them. After innoculation I let them sit for a week before lookin at them. They appeared to have a bit more moisture a in the jars than I remembered from the first go around. I let them sit for another week and Then I ended up moving 2100 miles away and drove across country. As a result the jars were subject to a varrying degree of temperatures. They're looking a little funky and I'd appreciate any input as to how they look. I also have a liquid culture subjected to the exact same conditions as the previously mentioned WBS jars. Once again any advice is much appreciated!!!
  5. I have a bird feed supply store that carries all kinds of seeds. I can pick and choose whatever quantity and ratio for my mix that I want. I want to know what the best mix I can get is? Best answers I could find for myself were pretty much go heavy on unhulled millet, and milo (lots of red and white sorghum). Should I maybe also purchase rye grass seed? No sunflower seed, no cracked corn. What else should I include if I can? I'm not sure what they offer there, but it seemed they had quite a variety of seeds. Should I throw in some winter rye if they have it? I might have to hydrate everything separately. Tips on that would be helpful too. Anything else I should include? Does gypsum help with wbs? No rye berries at this place. I'm about to grab a 50 lb bag of mix for probably about 20 bucks, they quoted (depending on mix). EDIT: I know no one takes kindly to this site here. But I also haven't seen any write-ups comparable to this one about the topic yet. https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=2&Number=19345519&fpart=1&PHPSESSID=#19532311 Does anyone have some experience using rye grass seed? How bad is the shake? Is it much harder than WBS to hydrate properly?
  6. Okay, so I got really bored and creative this weekend and decided to build this and wanted to share it with you all. This is definitely nothing new or ground breaking, but I think I just improved upon the original way a hair. The Problem: Wild bird seed is very dirty. There's no way around it. It's grown outdoors, harvested with machines and treated and processed in factories. There's no need in sanitizing it since it's meant for wild birds and not human consumption. The Resolution: Washing it. Plain and simple; if something is dirty and you want it clean, you wash it. There are plenty tek's out there for this purpose and they're all great. This is just my way of doing it. Estimated time: Labor = Ten minutes Waiting = Twenty four hours Required Tools: Drill 3/4" Drill bit Plastic mixing tool of some sort- I used a plastic spoon Something to mix on, I used a plastic jar lid Materials needed, (and the cost at which I purchased them for): 5-Gallon bucket, $2.60 3/4" X 2" PVC SCHDL 80 Nipple Riser, $0.47 Loctite Plastic Epoxy, $5.47 Zinc Hose Y w/shutoff, $4.97 12 pack Yuengling, $8.69 (Optional) The Construction: I start out by drilling out a 3/4" hole about 2 inches from the bottom of the bucket. You want to make sure there is just enough room for the Hose Y to spin on the inside without getting stopped by the bottom of the bucket. Then, screw in the nipple riser until you can no longer see the threads. Grab the Hose Y and screw it all the way onto the nipple riser inside of the bucket. Now it's time to start mixing that epoxy I recommend mixing it for about 60 seconds. This stuff sets up slower than traditional epoxy and if you try to apply it too quickly after mixing it, you'll have a runny mess like I did. After you feel it start thicken up a little, go ahead and slop it on the inside and out of the bucket around the nipple riser. BTW, as an after though, i decided to add some bathroom caulk around this area as well to plug up any spots I missed and prevent leaks. (Optional) Drink your Yuengling while cleaning up the mess you just made. Allow the epoxy to cure for 24 hours prior to use. How to use: I grabbed a window screen and propped it up on a couple of bins and placed the contraption we just built on top of the screen. You'll see why momentarily. Screw your water hose on the outside of the bucket and turn it on. Look inside to ensure both shut off valves are open. Slowly pour your WBS into the bucket after it fills up with water. This will make it much easier to get rid of all those pesky sun flower seeds as they'll just stay afloat and not sink back down to the bottom of the bucket. This is why the window screen comes in handy; it's a lot easier to clean up your mess afterwards. Took me about 3 minutes total to drop a 20 pound bag of seed into the bucket. See how dirty the water is? Allow the water to run for about 5 minutes, then reach your arm in there and give it a good stir. repeat a few times until.. ..you see the water nice and clear as such. Take the bucket off the screen and clean up your mess. Conclusion: Now, from here you can use a variety of other teks out there. You can let your seed to sit in this very same bucket and hydrate for 24 hours by just reaching your arm in the seed and closing the shut off valves. You can toss the floating trash from the screen, then use that very same screen to toss your WBS on to get it out of the water and start a simmer tek. It's really all up to you. I hope you found this guide useful. Feel free ask me anything if I didn't make it clear enough and as always, happy harvesting!
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