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Found 6 results

  1. Here is my personal list of highly attractive and potent cubensis strains. IME., in my experience ... Here is my list of top ten strains of Psilocybes cubensis #1 -Koh Sumoi supers #2-Penis Envy #2.5,or albino penis envy aka APE #3-Ban Phang Ka #4-GOLDEN TEACHERS #5-PF Strain #6-Escondido #7-Jedi Mind Fuck #8-Ban Hua Thannon #9-Treasure Coast #10-Mexi-Cube Bonus strain ........ #11 - Palanque
  2. Ok, so, I’ve literally been at this for months and I really don’t know what I’ve got right now. I did three jars of Albino Penis Envy and two of them became contaminated. I’ve got some interesting growth going with this last one, but I don’t wanna get my hopes up because of what happened with the other two cakes. Thoughts? Suggestions? Insight? I just honestly don’t know if this is as good as it gets with APE, if I’ve got any that are ready to go, or if they need more time.
  3. Mushinist

    A.P.E grow

    I have never grown ape to start, so wasn't sure what to expect, I know they take a little more time to pin and mature and wasn't expecting all the mutants, but they're there, lol. This culture was gifted by my friend @phishphan, so far its hardy strain, I say this because during the spawn run my inkbird sensor went out and caused the heater to stay on. When I finally noticed this the temp was 91°F in the tent, and not sure how long it was like this. The pan cambos I had going didn't like this and tammed with trich shortly after. The ape and pe survived the high temperature so I'm liking them already! I plan on, and look forward to working more with the ape, and can't wait to do a study of them. As I do I'll just keep this thread alive.
  4. OpenBar

    Bunch of lil Dicks for lil dicks

    From the album: APE

    Albino Penis Envy
  5. magicman

    APE Grow Log

    I started with APE LC inoculated into a bag of oats. The bag was shaken at about 20-25% colonized, then spawned to CMC/Verm/Worm Castings/gypsom with a little lime. I ran out of coir and didn't have much CMC, so I improvised with what I had. I usually use CMC/Coir/Verm/gypsom/lime. It was incubated for 10 days at 77-78*, then cased with pasteurized 50/50 Jiffy Mix/Verm and placed in the GH. It will be a couple weeks before pins appear.
  6. ok so now that i have a GB i should start producing alot more DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i got some APE goin 3 tubs and 1 bag.... 2 of the tubs i did a 1:2 ratio of coir/cpoo/verm cause i ran out of sub to do a 1:3 plus those 2 tubs are 5 qrt so it worked out pretty good, the other tub is a 6 qrt and i used 1:3 on that....the bag is a 1:2i cased the tubs and put into fruiting on 4/14i have a question about the tubs i was wondering if you thnk i have the polly fill to loose cause i have a fan running most of the day for fae and it looks like the water is evaporating too much heres a close up
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