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Found 21 results

  1. Sonshyn

    Mono grow

    Just cased a few monos thatve been incubating since the 10-12th . Shouvlde snapped a pic before but alas . I’ve been messing around with a lot of popcorn and wbs lately to where I had quite a lot of spawn that accumulating while I dialed things in . Enough for a few monos! Havent tried one in awhile so figured I’d log these ones and learn . I didn’t use micropore tape on the last monos but that was in the summer when it was humid . I wasn’t sure if I got the right stuff but it appears to be less humid around the holes so it looks like it’s evaporating or at least getting through like micropore tape should . Tops are weather stripped . went and got a 7/8 in saw bit for the last tub . I had a few cracks making the top holes with a utility knife . They had 1 and 1/8 inch saw bit but not just a regular 1 inch . So I got slightly smaller . Tried not to pack the poly up top . 70 degrees rn in the room with an oscillating fan blowing away from the tubs but moving air around the room . I temped a sub at 74 on the inside with my infrared thermometer . Wish me luck! Any and all advice is much appreciated .
  2. I’ve let this sit for far too Long in my IC. I’ve actually got a couple of these . I was going to case them but I’m not sure now . Any thoughts ?
  3. OpenBar

    Half the users penis on tray

    From the album: APE

    No balls
  4. OpenBar

    APE starting. No caseing 2

    From the album: APE

    2weeks in fruiting
  5. OpenBar

    APE starting. No casesing

    From the album: APE

  6. OpenBar

    Agar awesome1

    From the album: Agar Play

    after a long time off... (a few months) i went to the agar well and trying to sort out what ones are ready to grow!!! APE,CAMBO,ALT
  7. OpenBar

    Ready to work

    From the album: Agar Play

    Just getting ready to Rock
  8. Mushinist

    A.P.E grow

    I have never grown ape to start, so wasn't sure what to expect, I know they take a little more time to pin and mature and wasn't expecting all the mutants, but they're there, lol. This culture was gifted by my friend @phishphan, so far its hardy strain, I say this because during the spawn run my inkbird sensor went out and caused the heater to stay on. When I finally noticed this the temp was 91°F in the tent, and not sure how long it was like this. The pan cambos I had going didn't like this and tammed with trich shortly after. The ape and pe survived the high temperature so I'm liking them already! I plan on, and look forward to working more with the ape, and can't wait to do a study of them. As I do I'll just keep this thread alive.
  9. OpenBar

    Bunch of lil Dicks for lil dicks

    From the album: APE

    Albino Penis Envy
  10. OpenBar

    Ape gills 9.24.17

    From the album: APE

  11. Back again. Ive missed this place. Pretty busy at work, which is great. Been busy with some projects as always. Here's some tub and jar porn. Hopefully soon to be pin and shroomie porn. I hope to put 4 in a monotub and make 6 qt tubs with the 3 that might be goners. (See below) Did agar to wbs bc i wanted more jars. I have 6 6 qt tubs going. 2 have garbage bags, but i got frustrated and said fukkit for the other four. These were made 14 days ago. Leftover agar ive let sit too long to be any real use. I used wbs to agar. Used too many seeds in most of them, poured too deep as well. First time working with it. Can't wait to go towards an isolate with the 4 in the fridge. This third liquid culture is dank as fuck. The mycelium are fast approaching the top of the liquid. It's a tsp vanilla karo and tbsp malt extract syrup. (Too much malt extract I thought, but its only been growing). This stuff was made about a month ago prlly. I don't know what to do with so much liquid culture lol. Am i right to think that these super white expressions of mycelium are trich? I think at least these 3 jars are infected if it is trich. They've been colonized for probably a week now. Thanks for viewing. Time for me to pass out.
  12. OpenBar

    bunch of white dicks 2

    From the album: APE

  13. OpenBar

    bunch of white dicks

    From the album: APE

  14. OpenBar


    From the album: APE

  15. MushFlush

    My PrEcious!!

    YESSSSSSS!!! Please sir, can I have some more? This is from a friend. A pin on agar, then cloned and isolated. Simply the best PE culture, as far as myc running, i've worked with. We'll see how it plays out. Im thinking happy thoughts!
  16. ok so now that i have a GB i should start producing alot more DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i got some APE goin 3 tubs and 1 bag.... 2 of the tubs i did a 1:2 ratio of coir/cpoo/verm cause i ran out of sub to do a 1:3 plus those 2 tubs are 5 qrt so it worked out pretty good, the other tub is a 6 qrt and i used 1:3 on that....the bag is a 1:2i cased the tubs and put into fruiting on 4/14i have a question about the tubs i was wondering if you thnk i have the polly fill to loose cause i have a fan running most of the day for fae and it looks like the water is evaporating too much heres a close up
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