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Found 15 results

  1. I definitely don't want to freak out till I know something is wrong. This is my first attempt at a monotub and up until now things have been looking good. I just returned home from being gone this weekend and this is how my tub looks. Freaking huge white patch growing and I have no idea why... The tub has been in fruiting conditions for 7 days now. My question is: what the hell is it? what can I do? do I leave it alone? Please and thank you my fellow fungi family.
  2. So this is my first time growing and everything is going great so far. I'm on day 11 of fruiting and I am starting to see pinning. With that being said I just found some mold in one of my tubs and I'm positive I know what caused it. This got the ball rolling for me asking the questions I've been accruing since I began. I'm trying not to get too bogged down with perfection but I'm curious what other people do. Questions Is the black trash bag used during the spawn runs only purpose to block out light so the mushrooms know grow up? I believe I've seen people use black duct tape on the outside of the bins? -The reason I ask is because when I just checked my tub and moved back a crease I found mold where the trash bag bunched up. Is the tub I found mold in toast? Could it contaminate my other tubs? How much misting and fanning should I be doing? How long should I leave my fan running on my tubs at a time? Should I mist then fan? -I've read a lot of different things from different people. 3x times a day, 5x times a day, more fanning then misting, How important is sterilization during the fruiting stage? -I typically wash my hands and put on gloves before I touch my tubs to mist and fan but that's about it. Is the risk of eating contaminated mushrooms? -This questions just popped in my head. Is a gap between my 2 tubs a worry? Should I use tubs that lay together better? -I noticed a gap when I put my top tub back on after I did a mist and fan. It's because the tubs I'm using are kinda thin and shitty. How important is the light I use in my fruiting room? -I realized I never changed the light in my fruiting room. P.s. I was freaking out that nothing was going to grow then BAM!!! I start to see some pinning!!! Super excited for the coming days and to perfect this technique.
  3. So I have a 54qt tub with a few cakes, not too overcrowded, have been getting dull purple coloring around perlite some not near cakes just one or two, even looks like some of the larger pieces of perlite are almost straight up purple, researched about the really bad purple tam, doesn’t feel like that.. jw if anyone knows what that might be...? could it be from peroxide ? Is there any tans from peroxide anyone’s aware of? sidenote - on checking tonight there was a tiny spot with some stringy ‘greenish’ looking cobweb on the perlite too, just some noob questions any info would be awesome 👍🏼 Can get some pics if necessary It’s not all over the tub either just spotty, taking precaution before I try h2o2 spray. if it helps to know it’s in a mostly sterile gh Martha and there’s a purifier, humidifier cleaned once a week or so
  4. Salutations everyone, noob here. Can someone give some advice and rate my cakes? Well somewhat cakes, using pf tek method and golden teacher strain. One fat quart jar survived out of the 4 during incubation and it had a lip on the jar so I just had to rip apart my cake to get it out and this is what it ended up being in the chamber. Been about a week since I've plopped these in the fc, but I can't tell if this is some type of infection or just bruising and piss. Started misting and fanning a good 4-5 times a day when first placed in fc, but I've been working alot recently and moved down to 2 mists a day and 3-4 times fanning. Temp stays at 71-75F outside of the fc. Any advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated y'all, mush love.
  5. Before I start trying the tek I was reading I have 2 questions: How can i tell if my spores/mushrooms are contaminated? And If I don't have a pressure cooker what would be a good alternative to use? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. MushyMark84


    Hello all. I am new to 'ology and ironically got confirmation on my first order today. I started this journey because of mushrooms in general from wild edibles, medicinal, and magical. So far I've just been book learning but now wish to invest some time into horticulture as a whole. Any guidance or tips along the way will be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. (again,..sorry for the poor pics. I need a macro lens) Look at them grow! I have 4 different strains in here: Hawaiian, Ecuador, B+ and Golden Teachers. I lost track of my labeling system so I'm not sure which is which. Most of them are popping up from the bottom of the cakes (gravity/moisture), but there are some popping right off the tops of the cakes. I was kinda bummed that some looked like they weren't fruiting, but then I looked really close and there are little pins all over them, they are just too small to see with the naked eye and my shitty camera... Given this is my first time, I am super stoked I made it this far....Next time I am going to stick to one strain. I was a bit ambitious for a first timer! I keep seeing conflicting info about misting and fanning (condensation induces pinning),... some say stop misting and fanning when you see pins because water can kill the pins (rot, etc) and others say keep on misting and fanning until you are ready to pick them. I am misting about 3-4 ft (3-4 sprays + fanning for about 2 mins = 3x per day) above the FC to avoid bruising.... any advice?
  8. Stooriemidoorie


    Hey guys, thanks for accepting me into this world, im a newbie at growing but would like to think im a fast learner. I started with the PF tek as recomended and to be honest i didnt do a great job, i contamenated and disgarded my first two cakes, after i inoculated the cakes i kinda wrote them off straight away, i was set up in a clean and sterile environment, (im 17 years in the trade of arboriculture) i work outdoors every day dealing with every aspect of tree work on grounds that change every day so i know that if anybody was going to have spores around that would contaminate then it would definetly be me so i didnt take anything for granted when it came to sterile procedures. I inoculated my half pint cakes but even after my whole sterile setup my nerves got the better of me, my syringe got blocked whilst trying to inoculate, bentva needle and kinda got the shakes with nerves a bit, and i know i spent way too much time inoculating that i didnt even expect a good result anyway. After i inoculated i searched further and got myself 2 x 2 rye grain bags with injection ports, one of the bags responded well, the other not so much, the one that didnt respond well (only in my own opinion) i have isolated away from the other untill im sure its contaminated then i will didregard straight away, i seen the tiniest green spot, and i mean tiny so i seperated the two bags and will just wait and see how the suspect one goes. Really im just looking for advice on what to do in this situation, i am a beginer so i will take all info with respect, thanks so much.
  9. Ok, so, I’ve literally been at this for months and I really don’t know what I’ve got right now. I did three jars of Albino Penis Envy and two of them became contaminated. I’ve got some interesting growth going with this last one, but I don’t wanna get my hopes up because of what happened with the other two cakes. Thoughts? Suggestions? Insight? I just honestly don’t know if this is as good as it gets with APE, if I’ve got any that are ready to go, or if they need more time.
  10. Those Who Were

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone! So I'm new to the site and just wanted to throw out an introduction. Me and my girl had our first trip about 3 weeks ago and had a wicked fun time and now we are going to try and grow our own. I've never really looked into how to grow until I found this site about 2 weeks ago, since then I have been reading all sorts of information from the forums, and man I love this site so much already. And I have learned so much already and I'm excited to get started and to get a few grows so I can start experimenting as well. So far from this site, as of a week ago, we set up and inoc our first spawn jars made from WBS. so we are patiently waiting for those to show some growth, and today I am setting up another set, in case we failed at those ones. And we are going to try the Monotub tek, I know it's not noob friendly but go big or go home right? So, naturally, I have a few starting questions. Should I get several grows in using the grain spawn method, or should I start attempting LC? or both in the beginning? My next question is in regards to pressure cooking. I'm just confused as to what we are doing with the pressure cooker, I'm assuming its a sterilization thing and if so are they supposed to be vacuum sealed (all except the SHIP)? the videos and tutorials don't go very in-depth about the pressure cooking part. And does anyone have any objection to using the normal clear silicon for the SHIP?
  11. hi guys new to the community in more than a few ways. what better way to introduce myself than show my newbie build/tek here these are my pf tek cakes waiting to fruit: First run here for me, still yet to get a first flush. Have a friend helping me, inoculation and in-jar cultivation/consolidation came out pretty solid. Maybe 2 or 3 pins on these babies thus far, feeling pretty good besides being inexperienced with what I assume is the mycelium that's growing in fuzzy white on the cakes. Do they look healthy? Is mycelium ok? If not ideal, how can I prevent it from cultivating my cakes? I've read less CO2, drill more holes closer to perlite. Less humidity? More fanning? Last questions is where I am keeping them. They are currently under my desk which I sit at quiet often. I mist them about 4-5 times a day and fan them with the fan on the left side for about 4-5 minutes, then put the lid on which has plenty holes drilled in it. I keep an AC on in my room that tries it's damn best to regulate 70 degrees Fahrenheit. TLDR: If it's not too early to tell, how am I doin? Thanks a million.
  12. MyFunnyBeard

    Hello everybody

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and have never done any psychedelics, unless you count weed, and am currently waiting for spores to come in the mail. I ordered the spores before I found out about this site and will probably go with the sponsor next time. I'm looking forward to growing and using mushrooms for the first time and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me. I'm going to have a close friend who has had plenty of experience with shrooms trip sit me and I'll probably be doing it at my house for the first time. I had heard that orange juice is suppose to make the experience better so I was also thinking about drinking some with the mushrooms. I've read plenty of teks off of this site and have also watched plenty of growing tutorials on YouTube. Anyways, just thought I would say hey to everyone and gather some suggestions for my first trip. Thanks, -MyFunnyBeard
  13. Hi, all! This is a continuation of my Hi! intro thread in which I was advised to open a general cultivation thread to collect advice along the way to my first grow. I mentioned in my intro thread that I was the happy recipient of magic mushroom gel caps for quite some time. That was many years ago. At this point I've looked through the subject tek and please allow me to thank you all in advance for your patience and knowledge. I have a few general questions to kick this off: - my wife will be new to psychedelics, can someone recommend a psylocibe strain or 2 that will not cause her to meet Jesus the first time? Something light, feel good? - can someone point me to drying techniques? I can't seem to find them - start to finish, approx. how much time will a grow take? I'm happy to be here and thanks for your help!
  14. EdgarAllenHoe

    New to Growing

    So my friend and I want to start growing shrooms are if any of you guys know how we get started message us?
  15. Hey there everyone! While I have been an avid reader of Shroomology for several years now, I have never actually made a post. Thus if I'm breaking any rules or am posting this is the wrong place, please feel free to let me know, as I plan to post on here much more often. Anyways, While I have never actually grown my own mushrooms, I have been around several grows before and am familiar the process. However I am about to start my very own grow for the first time and had a question. I have already created several quarts of WBS/Verm spawn jars and PC'd them accordingly. I plan on inoculating them in the next day or two; as soon as my spores arrive in the mail. How long after I inoculate them can I spawn them to my bulk substrate? I looked around before posting and couldn't find a concise answer. Some posts simply said 10 days, others said once the Mycelium has fully colonized or consolidated and some said 5 days after it has fully colonized/consolidated. Also, how can I tell for sure that the Mycelium has 100% colonized? Additionally, I'm currently planning on growing Cambodians.
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