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Found 1 result

  1. WBS Prep: My WBS prep is pretty much the same as everyone else's, minus a few things that I do. I get the desired amount of WBS, I usually use the kind with cracked corn, and get a pot of BOILING water. Throw in WBS and stir that bitch or else it will stick to the bottom and smoke up you're house for about 5 minutes. Then turn off heat and let sit for 30, take of hot burner and place on the other cool one. Remember to stir about every five minutes to make sure they are evenly distributed. NEXT, begin rinsing them with COLD water until the water is clear. When that has been achived (cracked corn will make it really foggy and kinda soupish, don't worry because it will go clear eventually) put in a colinder and strain for 5 minutes. Kinda lift it up and hold it in you're hands and let it fall and stop it kinda fast and extra water will come out. There is no need for the way I do it for it not to clump or stick to stuck you put in it. That reason is because - next you add 1/3 part of DRY verm and mix it up well. You want it to be moist, but not so moist that when in a bowl you are mixing all this up there is water on the bottom. If that happens add SMALL amounts of verm until there is no standing water or pooling in the bottom. After you add the verm it might look moist but after this next part you will see what happens. Before that though load WBS/verm mix into empty jars as is and then do the whole Tyvek/rtv thing. Lids are up to you. Now, they are ready to be steamed. WBS Jar Steaming: Ok, this is no hard at all, if you can boil an egg you can do this. LOL Really, everyone has always said you need a PC to do grains and steam sterilizing wasn't possible. I disagree. For 2 years now I have maintained a 90%-95% success rate. I have lost one jar to bac in the last three months. And the 10 pints I will picture I had 100% success with. I even gave them SEVEN days before I nocced them to give myself extra fail potential. They were also done by my WBS prep method described above. Alright, here it is, and it is simply. First, you need a large pot with a lid, without the lid it will probably fail. I have super sealed it with 8 layers of tin foil before though and it works better because it keeps more of the heat/steam in. How to put you're jars in can be done a couple ways, but they CAN NOT touch the bottom of the pot. I used a canning pot that has a rack about an inch up from the bottom. Before I got that I used just a regular pot and then space jar rings place in the bottom of the pan as if they were on a jar. Fill up pot with warm water until it is 1/3 up the jars, there should be a fair amount of water in the pot. Turn heat to medium-high for first 15 minutes then crank that bitch up to high. Let this go for 2 and half hours but 3 is recommended. You will need to check on the water and make sre you refill it back to 1/3 the way up the jar after halfway through, maybe before if you got a nice stove. At the end of the time simply turn off heat. Let them set in the pot for 12-16 hours. Why do I do this? Remember up at the prep I didn't soak? Eh, eh? Well you don't need to soak. instead of soaking you go straight to heat, then the 12-16 hours acts as the soak in between but all you have to do is turn off the heat then turn it back on. Anyway, after this 12-16 hours repeat heating for 2.5 to 3 hours. Let set until room temp. If you want to be careful then you can wait a week before noccing, contam should show up by then so you don't waste spores.
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