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Found 4 results

  1. Alacabenzi! the source of my power REWOP RE RE POWER UP ! lol tall N skinny ginger headed Alacabenzi! P.S just 4 fun : hala Fuck, oh I wanna. Yea! fulcrum! i dooo /ˈfo͝olkrəm,ˈfəlkrəm / the point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots. 95873664 Ala. I Am. As “We” are “Them” and “They” are “Me”. There is no need for 2 nor 3, where 1 mind believes. Nellaf Thgirpu Eht Gnitsalreve Won I ma a nam. On, m’i na Lamina! Uoy, Boy IssI an dlo Sonos Haha ha hahaha ha. Because quarks are real communication on a subatomic level is naturally occurring all around us. It
  2. HIGH QUALITY GLOVEBOX TEK CREATED BY Str0be ABOUT I recently needed to make a glovebox, but did not like any of the designs I saw, so I created my own. I did not photograph the construction all that well because I was not orignally going to make a tek out of it. But someone suggested that I should, and I figured that it could help the community. If you want / need / or are told you need a glovebox, and you want a high quality one, then follow this Tek. TOOLS REQUIRED Sharpie Ruler / Tape Measure Sharp Scissors, Dremel or any suitable tool to PRECISELY cu
  3. Hey all, I have been using the same GB for the past few years with relative success - But after reading MZ's bulk for beginners, I realized that my old glovebox just wasn't cutting it anymore! I got the dremmel and hot glue and got to work.===========================================================================I cut two rings of PVC we had laying around and glued them into the arm holes.I then bought a new pair of rubber dish gloves and glued those to the PVC.I now have an air-tight Glove box, I used to have an awesome plexiglass top for my GB, but it got broken during storage, so now I ju
  4. ViciouS

    SB 2.0

    Supplies: 1/2"x3/8"x30' foam weather stripping 2 4" PVC couplings Velcro Medium size plastic container (get one with straight sides) Black zip ties (I used the small ones, but recommend getting the bigger ones) 1 tube white caulk or silicone 8 tiny screws Drill bit a little smaller than the screws Dremel tool Tyvek jumpsuit 2 latex gloves 105 qt clear plastic bin Sharpie Duct tape Version 1 First, measure the distance across your shoulders. Add a 4 inches to this measurement. This is the distance between the centers of the holes you're about to cut. L
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