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Found 6 results

  1. I was inoculating some cakes here recently and wanted to see what happened when I inoculated the Wood loving sapprohictic Reishi species into a simple BRF cake formula.I assumed nothing because of the lack of said wood that isn’t present but lo an behold I do have some mycelium growth after a week!!!It doesn’t seem to be the strongest by any means but my question was this....If I do by chance get the reishi mycelium to throughly colonize can I use to transfer to a bulk substrate consisting of wood and what not so as to bring about proper fruiting conditions or is this a experiment bogged down in irrelevancy???
  2. Im a first time grower so I am working off of the limited research i've done and the posts on the online forums,. Ended up getting the inoculation and incubation down pat after a few attempts but now that i'm in the fruiting phase I feel as if i'm doing a few things wrong. I've have had theses babies in the fruiting chamber for about a week now and the caps on one cake are developing wayy more than the body of the shrooms. And now I'm a bit worried because there are little to no pins on the other cakes and the ones that have developed seemed to have stalled or are growing abnormally. I mist above the cakes, far enough so that they only get misted and not drops of water on them, a couple times a day and fan about 4-5 times a day. The first three images are of the one cake with good development at the start. This is what they looked like at day 4. This is how they've developed after one week (present)
  3. McNasty

    Is my brf cake contaminated

    And also for some reason the bottom of the cake won’t colonize is that a problem?
  4. This was part of a batch that I have already fruited I thought it might be contaminated so I separated it can anyone let me know if it is or am I trippin no pun intended. And also for some reason the bottom does not want to colonize
  5. So recently Me and my Roomate have started our first grow with some Texas cubensis strain mushies. Colonization of our BRF cakes went well, no contamination we could see. Temperatures were lower than ideal (60-70F) for incubation but seemed to go well. (Incubation area has since been made warmer for the B+ jars still colonizing, which has seemed to speed up the colonization process). So I have two Tex BRF cakes in my SGFC. Just hit day 10 at midnight last night. I seem to be having trouble with keeping humidity up in the chamber. Also the room they are in is slightly below ground and it stays pretty cold down there. I plan to make the setup in a more contained area soon where I can control the temperature better. But since it is cold down there 55- 60F most of the time I have opted to use some heating pads underneath the SGFC. Which has seemed to do well with keeping my cakes in between 64-72F. With the perlite surface normally in between 72-80F with the middle of the perlite closer to 90F which I think is causing more water to evaporate than planned. Despite my conditions not being ideal (and me dropping my fan on one of the cakes, which has since started to get light bluish mycelium) 4 days ago I began to notice pins on one of my cakes. YAY!!! Over the last three days more pins keep coming and the some are beginning to look like real fruits!! Still have not noticed any pins on my other cake though. I would like to do some prints from this so I can continue to experiment without buying spores. Would you recommend printing off this first flush in case anything goes wrong? Basically just sharing and looking for and pointers anyone may have, tips, encouragement. Here are some pics from yesterday around 10am and the last couple pictures are from last night at about midnight! More pictures from today to follow. Will be putting my B+ strain in SGFC three days from now. Debating putting them in the same chamber as Tex or making a new chamber with less holes to keep up humidity levels.
  6. I've been thinking about it. I ran out of spore syringes till about next Friday or so. I have a full unopened a of brf. Do y'all think I could g2g a colonized jar of wbs to a cake? If I did I would pc the cakes without the verm layer but pc a couple jars of dry verm too. Once I g2g the cakes I would then cover them in the clean verm to cut down contams besides me opening the jars. It is just a thought and I was wondering if y'all think it would work I wanna do a couple cakes for the hell of it. Or should I just say fuck it and g2g normal grain jars and if I want to do cakes just noc them up the old fashioned way
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