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Found 37 results

  1. [*This is a X-Post, as I mistakenly posted this in the wrong forum the 1st time around because I'm a dummy. Thanks for always being patient with noobz like me!*] Hello My Wonderful Community of Mush-Buddies! It is I, Yukon Cornelius, back w/ another inquiry for the coolest, most knowledgeable group of mushroom enthusiasts on the web (that’s you folks)... Here’s the situation I’m curious about (there are pics attached illustrating the issue that’s occurring). This post is rather wordy, so if you’d rather not read everything... [TL;DR = PF Tek set up w/ freq fanning + misting (5-10xs/day) resulting in slow growth/caps opening early/small fruits. Has this happened to you? What do you believe is the culprit/how can this be fixed?] For those with enough time and energy to read my novel-length spiel... The Set Up/Background Info: -PF Tek (with some tweaks) -Brf Cakes (1:1:2 ratio of brf, verm, & H2O, respectively) -Lipa Yai, Quezon, & Brazil spores (inoculated via spore syringe) Birthed approx 1 wk after 100% colonization (followed by) ~24hr dunk in cold tap H2O & subsequently cased (top & bottom) with field capacity verm; fanned & misted ~5 - 8 times per day, often misting the cakes directly when they appear or feel less than completely saturated). -*Fruiting chamber has ~ 3” of wet coir at the bottom with 1/4” holes ~every 2inches, with about twenty (+/-), 1” holes as well (6 on each long side, 4 on each small side, & 0 on the bottom & lid... [6+6+4+4 = 20]). *Side note: this fruiting chamber has proven successful for past attempts which utilized this very same method (most recent attempt resulted in ~60g of “cracker dry” fruits off of, like 16-18 brf cakes... With that said, the current situation is proving much less “fruitful,” literally and metaphorically speaking. The fruits are growing between 1/4 - 1/2 the size they were previously, with the cap opening up very early (sometimes opening while still a “pin”). They are short fruits with tiny caps and big booties* (ie: short, wide stems). I’ve attched some pics which exemplify the issue I’m inquiring about. (*Typically I prefer a big booty, but not when it comes to boomers). The fruiting chamber is being misted and fanned an average of ~ 5-8 times per day (pretty much fanning whenever the FC gets noticed through the day, so some days it gets fanned 10+ times) with RH between 99% on the high end (about 75% of the time), and 82% on the low end (about 25% of the time, typically right after being fanned). I’m confident that there is an adequate amount of FAE going on, and given the fact the cakes are misted during every instance of fanning (much of the time getting misted directly), My Hypothesis: The potential cause of this stunted growth is likely being caused by a casing layer that is overly saturated as a result of the frequent/direct misting going on. The Inquiry: Has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so, was it due (entirely or in part) to an overly saturated casing layer/cake? It would appear that water is being evaporated since pinning is induced by evaporation, and RH stays relatively high however their growth stops soon after pinning which has me leaning towards wet casing as the culprit (as opposed to a lack of FAE or low RH). Also, the lid to the chamber was left off once for ~24hrs without any misting or fanning and the following day there were more pins than you could shake a stick at, supporting my wet casing layer hypothesis. Whether or not my hypothesis is correct, I’d still love to hear about your experiences with slow growth/small fruits/caps opening early, as well as your thoughts and opinions regarding the rather wordy situation I’ve laid out in this post. Thanks everyone. As always, I truly appreciate your expertise and insight and find the knowledge I acquire from my Shroomology family to be priceless. I would never have been given the opportunity to explore the many facets of this hobby. So if you currently or in the past have contributed in anyway to the info here on Shroomology, you can go to sleep tonight knowing that you have helped someone (me) have a more fulfilling, more meaningful existence. By providing me with all this knowledge, I have been reminded of the healing power of Mother Nature and given me the tools to reconnect with Her, which helps me maintain/strengthen my mental and spiritual health. Anywho, enough rambling. I look forward to your replies! Thanks again everyone! -Yukon X. Cornelius ”Bumbles BOUNCE!”
  2. Im a first time grower so I am working off of the limited research i've done and the posts on the online forums,. Ended up getting the inoculation and incubation down pat after a few attempts but now that i'm in the fruiting phase I feel as if i'm doing a few things wrong. I've have had theses babies in the fruiting chamber for about a week now and the caps on one cake are developing wayy more than the body of the shrooms. And now I'm a bit worried because there are little to no pins on the other cakes and the ones that have developed seemed to have stalled or are growing abnormally. I mist above the cakes, far enough so that they only get misted and not drops of water on them, a couple times a day and fan about 4-5 times a day. The first three images are of the one cake with good development at the start. This is what they looked like at day 4. This is how they've developed after one week (present)
  3. Does this look contaminated? I think so but want to hear your thoughts. Im pretty new to all this sonkinda experimenting to see differnt things. So I had a extra brf cake that I decided to grade up the cake into a coir substrate mix. Then I covered with foil and pit it in the incubator for 10 days. I removed the foil today. It seems there is some excess water on top of the sub. Also the white stuff in your corner is fuzzy. Anyways here are the pics you tell me.
  4. Hey so this is my first time. It's been 22 days since inoculation. I have 7 jars, 5 of them are colonizing. 1 jar is almost done but seems the others are far behind. Please give me any feedback, excited to learn new things. Here are pics of the jars. How do they look?
  5. Yhe lonh wait is finally here. I decided today to pick my first flush from 1 cake of z strain. Started pinning about 7 days sgo in sgfc. It weighs out at 80g. Some grew kinda weird. How do these look? Kinda wanting some feedback for future references.
  6. SchruteFarms


    Greetings all ✌ I'm new to ology and mycology. I started my first grow about a month ago. I'm starting with a simple, cheap grow to get me started, following the pf tek. So far I've had a great start, 10/10 of my jars fully colonized with no hassles. They are now in a simple sgfc, going on 8 days and barely beginning to pin. After reading sooo much before starting, I got confused on fc temps, letting it set at 65-68°f for about five days with no signs of life. Then I raised the temp to 71-73°, 3 days ago and they are taking off. Still slow though. One cake refused to pin so she's in a dunk tank currently. I've learned a great deal here over the last month and all the knowledge I've gained is much appreciated. I'm hoping for success in this new, magnificent hobby and learning even more with you folks! I'll attach some photos and feel free to point out anything that might not be correct or just, jabonky. I am slightly concerned about how the pins are so bunched together. Is that "normal"? They are B+ cubensis. I also just noced 10 GT jars last night! Hoping to be able to make my own syringes soon.
  7. What's up everyone! Let me start off real quick to inform everyone this is my first post, so bare with me please. Been studying, studying, and studying some more. Just want to clarify on a few steps while I'm doing it. No point to not ask for help if there is some out there right?! I'm doing these methods because I want to see what works for a single fruiting chamber and I didn't want to risk contaminating all my cakes. So I went and bought some 2 liters, tubaware containers, and a few others. There is so many do's and dont's on cultivation and it's confusing the hell out of me. I only have 4 cakes, but from some looking I've read that it's better to use individual containers instead of a full FC tub if you don't have enough cakes to fill it up. 1st question. Does my cakes look fully colonized? It's been about 3-4 weeks above my fridge in a tote with cardboard with holes over it. Just making sure, that's why I only have 2 right now just in case you guys think I should give it any longer 2nd question. Do I need to fan and mist my 2L ? Some post I see they have the cap off, some have it on, some have polyfil. I don't have polyfil just as of right now I have the cap on, with perlite in the bottom, the cake is on a piece of foil, and there are no holes in the bottle. I have been fanning with a book and misting the bottle 3 times a day. I also have another container, (got this from MLBjammer) holes poked in the bottom of lid, no fanning no misting. The cake in the 2L , I birthed under water very well and did not dunk to simply try out the difference between not dunking vs dunking. Since this is my first experience I want to find out as much as I can! The cake in the twist cap was dunked for 23 hours. 3rd/4th question. Should I use the Hawaiian Punch jug? Do it like I did the 2L? Should I use verm or perlite at the bottom? And should I poke holes in it? Or just open it to fan and mist then put the lid back on with cap on? I hope I can get at least one of my cakes to fruit. Once I figure out what I should do with the other 2 cakes, should I just go ahead and birth them and dunk or no? Should I just turn one of my cakes in the jar still over (once I scrap off the verm layer inside) flip it over and leave it in there with no maintenance? See if that works? Invitro I believe? **Thai Lipa Yai strain** I am definitely wanting to go bulk after this, but I just wanted to to experience cakes. Thank you to all that do read my post and try to help!
  8. Is it possible to switch from pf tek to the bulk dub tub method with already colonized bro cakes? is it recommended?
  9. Tryptafanatic

    Possible contam?

    Hello all, first time poster, long time lurker. I am relatively new to the world of mycology and mycological cultivation. Ive run a few batches of basic brf pf cakes that went fairly decently and have been trying to branch into bulk sub, and was just trying to get some advice and further insight from the community. the rye bag has was colonizing fine but then after a few weeks pale greenish grey myc started coming in and i was wondering if anyone could identify it or has had something similar Also this green spot showed up on the bottom a few days ago. I know this bag is very likely a goner. I have dealt with the green stuff before (dont remember what its called). I was considering a g2g from the myc that was first to colonize because i know it is the myc i want and not a contaminant mold or fungus but i dont know if its worth it or if the contam has spread to it. Thoughts? Also pretty sure these jars are OK but wondering if anyone could tell me what is happening with them it would be appreciatedSorry for long post. Mush Love to all of you
  10. Hi, Psilocybin Spirit here. Since two months I've been getting into mycology. Recently I got all my supplies which cost me around $650 I'll be updating this post with my progress. (note: I live in a country where there are no american pc's, or at least only one sold for $300, also it's hard to get your hands on other supplies that are easy to get in America.) Supplies I gathered: - Presto 23qrt pressure cooker - A dehydrator with 8 trays, metal with temp control and a timer. - 2 bags of vermiculite - 2 bags of perlite - A little humidifier - A huge bag of coco coir - BRF spawn - A spore syringe: McKennaii - 3 63qt sterilite tubs with little wheels that elevate the tub for FAE (surface is flat) one will be used as a SGFC the other one as a mono and the third one as a SAB. - A mouthcap, scalpel, desinfectant spray, desinfectant wipes, gloves, antibacterial soap, bleach, alcohol - 2 dot its - A RH/temp meter - 20 half pint jars - a huge bin with a lid for substrate pasteurisation - 3 rolls of micropore tape - 2 boxes to use as trays in the SGFC (enough depth) - Gypsum - strainers, bowls, cutting boards etc.. the additional stuff Now I want to do a monotub first. Gonna fill 20 half pint jars with verm/brf mix and put a layer of verm on top. 5 holes in the lid for inoculation. Gonna pressure cook for 90mins and let it cool off for 24 hours. Gonna build a simple SAB with two big holes for my arms and use a damp towel with a bleach water mix and desinfect it with the spray. Wait 30 mins. Flame sterilise needle (which is already sterile but inbetween the inoculation of different jars) outside of the box just for safety as the desinfectant is flammable. Gonna use gloves, shower before, desinfect the area and clesn it and spray around with the desinfectant and let that linger for 30mins. Gonna clean the gloves with antibacterial soap and wear a mouthcap and a beanie (as I have long hair) After inoculation I'll put on micropore tape on the holes for safety. Not sure whether to put the jars in the complete dark or give them a natural cycle of light and dark. Seems to be different opinions on that. As the mycelium is colonised I'll prepare my substrate which will be Damian's 50/50 coir tek. I will also add a bit of gypsum, but how much? After getting the substrate ready per tek, I'll layer the monotub with a layer of substrate, then spawn, then substrate and so on. Or do you guys advice me to just crumble up the spawn and mix it without layering it? After that I'll store it in a huge cardboard box in the dark. At which temp should I keep my house? As soon as the substrate is colonised the fruiting process can begin. I will measure the temp and humidity with the meter. Mist and fan 3 times a day I guess? As a plan b if the humidity won't go up I have a little humidifier. Also, will I have to use the dot its if I keep the fc in a room where there will be natural light (I'll keep it at an indirect sunlight spot) Do you guys have any more suggestions, ideas, or sense a mistake in my plan? Please lmk!
  11. jhaul21

    B+ Brf Cake Hyphal Knots

    Pretty sure these are Hyphal Knots, it is Cubensis B+ on a 1 pint jar Brf cake. It has been in the fruiting chamber for a week.
  12. Very thin layer of a manure based substrate casing. Really excited to see how these come up (B+). So.....should I mist and fan or just leave it alone?... (Thanks MushMouth!)
  13. I had 2x nicely colonized BRF jars so before I left on vacation and I crumbled them into some field moist sterilized substrate made of cpoo, verm & hardwood mulch. I used a 6QT tub lined with a thick black plastic bag. Here are the results after about 12 days. This is an experiment and I'm a noob so please keep that in mind.... My whole point in doing this was to see if I could make a bigger "cake" (its now a 4" x 13" x 9" brick) out of the 2x much smaller BRF cakes.... It looks like its working... is this fully colonized or should I give it some more time? let it pin? advice? any temperature/humidity advice? When its done, should I dunk it to re hydrate the brick and then case it with a 1/4" layer of verm? put it back in the black liner then case the top about 1/4"? My camera sucks.
  14. Sorry about the bad pics. My iPad 3 isn't that great.... I dunked them for 12hrs in distilled h2o after birthing, then rolled them in 50/50 peat moss/verm. 5 days after getting them in the FC, I'm getting pins and other white blobs which I assume are clusters of primordia. I'm misting & fanning 3x a day. The FC is near a window for light. I'm at 99% humidity and 73*. So far so good.👍🏾 I'll try and get some better pics
  15. Hey ya'll, So... I've been really patient and I've been taking the advice of the shroomologists here on the site and I've got some pins baby, yeah (Austin Powers)! I don't see any contamination in any of the 10 BRF jars,....they all look healthy and are starting to pin. I was told NOT to birth/dunk until this started...any other advice before I birth/dunk? any gotchas during the birth/dunk process I should keep in mind? I'l be using a peat moss, vermiculite, calcium carbonate blend for the cake substrate. (yeeeehaw!)
  16. Out of the 10 jars I have, most look all white from the outside. 2 or 3 still have a corner left (shown)... Besides being all white, is there another visual queue for when they are ready to birth, dunk, roll?
  17. Well the lids have polyfill in the FAE hole and 12 jars are filled with substrate and down for 1.5 hours of pasteurization. Tomorrow I inoculate. Side note: I found the perfect fruiting chamber. 60 quart Ziplock. The lid comes weather sealed with 6 lid clamps. Spacing is perfect for 12 half pint jars. When I set up the chamber shouldn't the holes just above the perlite be larger than the holes at the mid and upper layers to promote CO2 escape? That's about a month away but any tips on the fruiting chamber set up would be welcome. Thanks.
  18. Lebmartin

    The Doink Is Fat

    44-45g wet. Gonna make for a good time. Biggest one I've got so far, I know it's not nearly as big as others but for my second set of cakes ever, I'm proud of it.
  19. Lebmartin

    Big Ol' Doink

    First pin that popped up about two weeks ago or so. It's a fatty.
  20. Second batch of z-strain cakes I started about three weeks ago or so, zero contams, already two cakes with pins, fully colonized. I feel good about this mycology/shroom stuff. Pretty stoked to see how these guys turn out.
  21. Well all three cakes started to pin and two of them have fruit already, but they're small and look already mature enough to pick, or look very very oddly shaped and kinda yellow-ish. What's going on with these? They're under a 12/12 light schedule at 6700k, usually between 80-90% rh, and about 70°F. I want to keep the humidity up, but I cannot, it won't get any higher no matter how much I spray. Using a SGFC and even plugged some holes with polyfil. Boomers https://imgur.com/gallery/MrZky
  22. So. Got three cakes in my SGFC. About three inches of Perlite and I mist and fan about 3-4 times a day. Only one cake is pinning and it's pinning very slowly. It's been about a week and a half now. Any idea why it's going so slowly and why the others aren't pinning? The pins are about half an inch tall at the tallest ones and there's about 18 total on the one cake.
  23. So i made too many brf pint jars, i have a excess of about 12 jars they are dunking right now. I have tried slicing and layering them before, it worked but was no way optimal. I was thinking about trying to make slurry from them. Before i do that if you have a idea what would be a good experiment please suggest it
  24. Hey guys...cakes starting to pin. The mycelium is growing in small white dots on the surface of the cake especially towards the bottom. Reminds me of snow. Any ideas what is causing this? I am assuming it is fine just never seen it before. Thanks.
  25. El_Piraña

    First grow from agar

    I tried cloning the last two shrooms from my first PF Tek grow. One of them grew really well on agar so I transferred several small pieces. The new growth so far looks really nice, so I thought I'd like to follow it through in a grow log. I prepped six containers of grass seed and two BRF. The grass seed is just untreated rye grass seeds, not a mix. I used these plastic containers that are pp5 so they can go in the pressure cooker without any problem. Boiled the seeds for about 25 minutes, strained and added about 1 cup per container. I don't have any pictures pre-inoculation, if I make some more I will add it. Inoculated on 11/28/16. These pictures are from yesterday, 12/6/16. I made up these two tall half pint jars of BRF at the same time as the grass seed. Inoculated on 11/28/16. pictures taken 12/6/16. A day earlier, on 12/5/16, I made 4 more containers of grass seed. I also added some new labels to all the grass seed containers so I can try to keep track or note them individually, up to 10 separate containers so far.
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