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Found 71 results

  1. Big Ol' Doink

    First pin that popped up about two weeks ago or so. It's a fatty.
  2. Second batch of z-strain cakes I started about three weeks ago or so, zero contams, already two cakes with pins, fully colonized. I feel good about this mycology/shroom stuff. Pretty stoked to see how these guys turn out.
  3. Well all three cakes started to pin and two of them have fruit already, but they're small and look already mature enough to pick, or look very very oddly shaped and kinda yellow-ish. What's going on with these? They're under a 12/12 light schedule at 6700k, usually between 80-90% rh, and about 70°F. I want to keep the humidity up, but I cannot, it won't get any higher no matter how much I spray. Using a SGFC and even plugged some holes with polyfil. Boomers https://imgur.com/gallery/MrZky
  4. So. Got three cakes in my SGFC. About three inches of Perlite and I mist and fan about 3-4 times a day. Only one cake is pinning and it's pinning very slowly. It's been about a week and a half now. Any idea why it's going so slowly and why the others aren't pinning? The pins are about half an inch tall at the tallest ones and there's about 18 total on the one cake.
  5. FIRST TIME DOING THIS Alright guys (or girls or whoever), I am an inexperienced mush grower, but have dabbled in microgreens and other plants and thought I should give it a go after trying shrooms the first time. Loved it. Anyway, I followed the PF Tek and used PE6 from (non-sponsor vendor), and it's been about four-five days and no sign of Mycelium yet. The temperature of the cabinet I have them in got to 104-105 once for less than an hour and also has been getting to mid 90's once or twice for a short time. I keep one cabinet door open and the heater inside on and it stays at 77.4F which seems just right. My roommates keep closing the door on accident and that's when it gets too hot. The cakes look kinda gray and clumpy towards the bottom of the jar, but as I said before.. no sign of myc. Do I wait it out for another week? Or do you guys think they experienced thermal death? Any tips also would be greatly appreciated, I'd like to get some boomers for myself and some friends.
  6. possible contamination? :((

    hey everyone! i bought the mushroom growkit the package comes ready to start, no 24 hour soaking or anything needed, just keeping it humid and warm and in light ( not direct sunlight ). im around 5 days into the process, but on the edges im starting to notice a web/hair like faded green substance growing, these were not there a few days ago, theres also the same substance growing but in white color, but maybe they turn green too soon? :/ here are pictures i took a few minutes ago.. maybe someone can help me out in identifying what this is and if theres a solution? i think youll notice the web like stuff im talking about on the edges of the growbox mostly.. thanks everyone
  7. Whatsup everyone, I recently bought a Grow Kit but after 5 days into the process today, it got contaminated with green mold and cobweb this is my very first time trying to grow my own shroomies, and its usually hard to go wrong with ready to go grow kits but seems like i blew it lol. im here to ask the people who have tried growkits, doesnt even require soaking it, they do say to mist it once a day, keep it in light ( not direct sunlight) and thats pretty much it. After reading around I noticed a lot of people are giving their shroomies fresh air, that is something i didnt really do, also i might've been not too strict on making the grow room sterile, or even my hands when opening the grow bag to mist it.. Im also using an infrared heating pad to put under the growbox since the temperatures are getting low in my area and this helps keep it above 23C Well i guess i need to keep on trying. will get a new one soon. maybe this time be strict on the hygiene, keep a fan running for it few times a day, and mist it less cause ive noticed that the bag was already pretty humid from the day before, so maybe it was too much specially with no FAE Am I missing any other crucial information? Any tips or suggestions would be great, cant wait to have my very first successful fllush! Im reading around the forums and find it really cool to have so much information about these absolutely amazing psychoactive fungi! Thanks for sharing you're experiences with me. peace PS: pictures are from my current growbox, but ive been advised to throw it out due to the green ?mold? and cobweb ( i read the cobweb could be fixed in early stages) but not the green machine.
  8. Hey guys, I've been looking, and perhaps I am simply missing it, but has anyone here ever tried the Pan-Cake or Hippie-Poo cake method for Pans? If you did, and had any success: (1) If you did dunk and roll as a part of it, what did you roll it in? (2) What kind of fruiting chamber works best? (3) And any other notes.... Thanks!
  9. KSSS PF Tek

    Day 10 After inoculation with MS solution, 12/12 lighting, Room Temp 75F.
  10. Is/Will this become contam?

    I know it's ok for the cakes to excrete some yellowish colors, but I just wanted to post on here to get other peoples opinions and find out the proper way to go about reducing temp/humidity in order to ensure this cakes success! Pic is attached Much love to all.
  11. Possible mold? Help a newbie

    Hey everyone! I recently started my own grow after doing some research and I'm curious about the progress of my BRF jars. I inoculated them about 2 weeks ago and I haven't really seen much growth until recently. I'm trying to figure out if what I have going on is some kind of tam and I should just toss it or if I should wait it out
  12. This is my fist grow. Ive followed the WBS bulk grow tek outlined here. Ive used ZTubs as my fruiting tek. And I really wish I'd started a grow log like it was suggested to me in the beginning! Next time I will. So a week or so ago this tub appeared to possibly be contaminated. I'll try to find pics that I posted of what looked like maybe cobweb. I decided to open up tub and treat with h2o2 and try to save it. I had another tub starting to fruit, so after spraying I set it aside and honestly kinda forgot about it. Then I saw that it was starting to pin so I began nursing it. Misting and fanning. This is what I've ended up with. They smell fine, and nothing visibly different with them. So what do yall think? Safe?This last pic is what the "contamination" looked like. I know its difficult to determine much from pics, just curious about opinions. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to the cultivation of mushrooms and i need a bit of help figuring out if this blue-ish green marks on my cake is contamination or just bruising. Any feedback would be appreciated and also let me know if the pictures aren't good to tell. Thanks for the support.
  14. So the first pins that let me know it was time to dunk and roll have gone and grew up on me! ... it was just yesterday that they were so small and cute.. haha Well as this is my first time growing... I have more questions! First off these guys are B+ which I've seen can get big. I have a couple pretty thick ones and wanted to know about drying them properly.. I plan to get a dehydrator and soon.. but for now I've put them on a paper towel in front of a fan.. the smaller ones were done and the big guys just don't feel quite ready.. they feel hollow but not easy to snap.. more floppy. They have been drying nearly 2 days. I currently put desiccant packets on top of them as well as the fan. How will I know for sure when the big guys are done? Potency... I hear the smaller ones are more potent? The big stem shows its like 7 grams.. (I'm sure I'll still loose some) how potent is that guy compared to the smaller one. I plan to grind them up and make them into chocolate so I'll just need mixing them up anyway. I just can't imagine the big stem being all that would need to be eaten... sorry I'm used to just buying them ready to go so some questions may seem silly. Oh!.. and when picking.. what's the easiest way to get all the verm off? After the first one I picked I didn't get it all off right away it seemed to get nearly absorbed by the mush. So I ended up waiting and scraped some off after I started drying them. Thanks guys!
  15. Hi! This is my first time growing and I decided to use cakes. I believe they are almost ready for the terrarium. Just wanted to see thoughts on where I currently am. So far it looks like a really nice stringy mycelium. Also I was just planning on using wet vermiculite and put a dry layer on top. Now I'm seeing people using soaked perlite for the bottom and puting the cakes on dry vermiculite then dunking and coating them. Now I feel I should look into doing that instead.
  16. Herb's 2nd Go

    Hey ya'll - so after a bit, I have started a couple new projects. My first cakes, while enjoyable, were light on returns. So I have started some WBS and new cakes nocced w/ LC of Amazonian. Feeling good - getting ready to prep my sub for a couple mini tubs of my own design. Of course I will keep the group posted of my progress! Check it: Obviously I'm not working with as much volume as a lot of you guys, I just prefer to see how much I can squeeze out of smaller batches.
  17. 57c651cca2e53-Rice02.png

    What do you see?
  18. Help Me Please I inoculated 11 jars of substrate with albino a+ and 1 with blue meanie. I let them fully colonize, then sit for about a week, before birthing the cakes. I didn't dunk them, but did roll them in left over vermiculite. Currently, I have them in a growing chamber with about 2 inches of damp perlite, sitting on top of paper towels. The blue meanies started pinning quickly and I've already harvested two fully grown mushrooms from that cake. It's now growing new pins, along with 2 aa+ cakes, but no others show mushroom growth. The temperature stays at roughly 75 degrees (24 c), 95% humidity, and 12 hours on/off of indirect sunlight and LEDs. I allow 30min of FAE about 3 times a day, and the growing chamber has an air filter. All 12 cakes also have a blueish tint, like they've been bruised, but I scarcely touch them, and am sure they're not contaminated. It's been two weeks since I birthed the cakes, so am I being impatient, or has something gone wrong? Thank you in advance for your advice.
  19. Herb's Log

    Hello sports fans - here's my first log entry for my first grow. Small scale of course to conserve resources until I gain confidence in what I'm doing etc. The jars pictured were nocce'd on 5/20/16 with PES Amazonian spores. They have been living on top of my fridge for the past two weeks essentially and they seem to be doing well as far as I can tell. Exhibiting decent consolidation and I'd estimate 100% colonization to be upon me within the next week. I will then leave them to solidify for 4-5 more days and birth them, dunk and roll, and add to SGFC (under construction).
  20. Hello all. I have been lurking shroom forums for some time now, and I have decided to get into the hobby. Actually, I started 3 weeks ago. I nod'd six BRF .5 pint jars with Alacabenzi. Five of the jars are fully colonized and ready for a dunk, but one of them has been dealing with a problem spot (contam). This particular section has shown some resistance to mycelium formation, but the mycelium was slowly taking over. However the last week has not looked good. The mycelium growth appears to be stagnant. Attached are two photos from about two weeks ago and one from today. My question is this, should I (1) toss this cake and accept 5/6 as a great first time, (2) attempt to remove the contam section from the cake and stack mini cake on top of a full cake in SGFC, or (3) wait and see what the mycelium will do. Thanks in advance for the help with this problem, and also thanks for all the great information y'all provide on this site.
  21. hey guys I got some questions about my cakes in the first pic there is a big blob it dont have a head on it is it good or not?? there are some on my other cakes as well. on the second pic on the bottom of the stem it is just mycellium right and its safe to eat right? on the third pic it looks like there ready to print or not? also do i pick them and wait to dunk and roll till the other cakes are ready? these are Cambodian first flush temps about 65 need any more info let me know thanks for the advice
  22. Here's a fun side project. A true poser cake. I had a jar of millet, inoculated with mss from a print labeled "China". It took for-fucking-ever to colonize. I think I shook it twice because it fell asleep. Rather than risk a full bulk grow, I did this. Rez effect.. 1:1 spawn:verm. I spawned to a clean gallon bag, then divided into two quart Ziploc containers. Had a little hole punched in the lid with MP tape. And here we are, day 5... Gonna plunk these out into a modified dub with perlite...gotta get some perlite though. .
  23. Hey guys - Starting a grow log using the BRF Tek - This one will have the Golden Teacher/ Kreeper cubes. Start - 3/10/16 Nocc- 3/11/16 Right now they are incubating - 6 Jars Pictures to come Appreicate help in advance because you are all awesome. Cheers
  24. So most of my jars colonized 100%. A few did not. I put those away for a few days to finish. I just checked on them and they have sprouted a few pins inside the jar but still have not colonized. Also it seems like some of it us turning grey. Is cobweb mold taking over? Can I birth them? Can I eat the sprouts? Should I throw them away?