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Found 97 results

  1. I have some Liberty cats that should be starting to pin anytime this seems to be the point in the cultivation that I experienced the most problems with, if any of you could give me a tip just by looking at the pictures I would appreciate that if it need more detail I can give you all the information in the about the set up I'm running, I have a full time job so I had to buy this automated system. on the right are some Amazon's that have been producing just fine, on the left are growing Liberty caps that for some reason smell and look a little off for some reason.
  2. Very thin layer of a manure based substrate casing. Really excited to see how these come up (B+). So.....should I mist and fan or just leave it alone?... (Thanks MushMouth!)
  3. I had 2x nicely colonized BRF jars so before I left on vacation and I crumbled them into some field moist sterilized substrate made of cpoo, verm & hardwood mulch. I used a 6QT tub lined with a thick black plastic bag. Here are the results after about 12 days. This is an experiment and I'm a noob so please keep that in mind.... My whole point in doing this was to see if I could make a bigger "cake" (its now a 4" x 13" x 9" brick) out of the 2x much smaller BRF cakes.... It looks like its working... is this fully colonized or should I give it some more time? let it pin? advice? any temperature/humidity advice? When its done, should I dunk it to re hydrate the brick and then case it with a 1/4" layer of verm? put it back in the black liner then case the top about 1/4"? My camera sucks.
  4. I was wondering if my cake looked like there was more pins on its way? cause I have only had the two since ive birthed it which was 2 am on the 20th. The pins started in the jar so I birthed it but they haven't grown a lot since then, why are they growing so slow, should they be bigger after two days?
  5. In a rush I used old sauce jars where the neck narrows up to the lid slightly, so the myc cakes cannot slide out freely, does anyone have any experience or advice for this (besides get new jars for next time) ? Im thinking if they wont come out to just follow the old McKenna Brothers method and just put pasturized soil on top and see what pops out, as long as i can get one good cap to make a spore print with I'll be happy (i started with old, dried caps from my gf and worked like a MF'er to get some mycs going, took a while but its going now). Also, new to the site in general but look forwrd to learning something new, thanks! K.K.
  6. I have a jar that has completely colonized on the outside just the other day and I want to know how long until I can dunk it and birth it? it is a 125ml 1/2 pint jar
  7. Hello gang! I am wondering if there is a 'use-by' on spore prints once you receive them? how soon after they arrive should I be inocculating? is it an issue to leave them a few days or is there some storage technique I should know about? Thank you in advance anyone who takes time to answer !
  8. I innoculated the jars on the 20th of sept within alacabenzi lc it is now the 9th day, I innoculated straight downwards into the Substrate because I didi not know you were supposed to inject it to drip down the glass, there is healthy mycelium growing on one part but at the bottom there is some yellow orange, Is this bacteria or is it just early mycelium metabolites?
  9. I innoculated some jars with some Alacabenzi Liquid culture syringes and one jar that has some healthy Mycelium growing at the innulation point downwards but when you look at the bottom it has some yellow/Orange color on the bottom of the jar in the middle that is the size of a quarter It is just plain substrate though, is this early Mycelium Metobolites fighting a contaminent or is it a contaminent?
  10. I innoculated this jar on the 20th of Sept with Alacabenzis, Is this healthy looking mycelium?
  11. Since im a noob and want to grow i figured to buy a book and read (i didnt know about this website). I bought the Mushroom Bible. As it directed me, Ive made some cakes and bought some LC to start. Few issues that i ran into and still running into. Ive made about 10 jars. 5 JMF and 5 GT. All JMF didnt start anything and 3 of the GT didnt as well. i ended up with 2 GT cakes that were done in 2 different patches. So I had one trying to fruit while i made the 2 patch. anyways, the 1st cake that i had i believe i had less rice flour that what i needed. i waited about a month for it to fruit and only had 1 pin from the bottom and when it was full grown it was about an inch long. i misted but didnt fan as much as i was told i needed too. so i decided when the 2nd GT cake was ready (and the mixture was done right this time), Ill dunk both of them and try again. And thats where im at now. the original cake starting to look blueish (according to the book thats normal from handling).. I find out recently that the source i got the LC was a shady piece of mold person.. The LC was clear and thin.. didnt have much floating stuff in them especially in the JMF.. not sure maybe he sold me water.. He then said he would make it up by sending me 2 new syringes and another 2 "on the house" and i thought that was good of him. then the ignoring began no matter how much i try to contact him.. ANNNYYYYWAYYYSSSS, i learned from that mistake and bought from a better source that is definitely more legit than that douche.. Now the cakes look like this.. I almost have no hope but im still trying with them.. Im fanning and misting 3 times a day and hoping for the best.. Tell me what to do from this point.. I attached few photos.. one on the right is the original cake that gave me a single shroom one on the left is the newer one..
  12. Is this Alacabenzi Mycelium or is this Cobweb Mold? It is white but fuzzy and appeared a couple days after innoculation but it did not spread the entire jar, there are still bare spots of Verm and brf. The reason I am not sure if it is cobweb mold is because it did not take over the whole jar in a 2 day period which I read that it does. I innoculated the jar on the 20th of sept it is going on the 7th day tomorrow. This is my first time doing this so I don't know what mycelium looks like when it starts to appear? is it supposed to start out fuzzy white and then develops into a stronger white and develop strands?
  13. Ok, this is my first time and I used the 6 quart and grain spawn tek. I have put the casing on and have been proving indirect sunlight for a couple hours a day and kept the temperature around 72 f. I have been misting and fanning several times a day and seem to be following the tek. Yesterday I noticed several white spots as if the (cultivation), hope this is the correct term, has begun on the casing. I read another tek from another web site and they state that after applying the casing I should place in a warm, dark place for 3 to 7 days to allow the cultivation to occur on the casing and then move to fruiting conditions. However, this tek does not mention that step and shows no white on the casing when pins begin to set. Am I still good to continue and what do you recommend?
  14. Out of the 10 jars I have, most look all white from the outside. 2 or 3 still have a corner left (shown)... Besides being all white, is there another visual queue for when they are ready to birth, dunk, roll?
  15. Seems like I dried out my cakes and all my fruits started drying out. I torn the babies off and redunked my three healthy cakes. Hopefully with a little help for you guys I can get a good second flush. Are there any mods I just make to my fruiting chamber?
  16. Can someone help me figure out what his nasty looking stuff is on my cake?? I’ve searched all over and can’t seem to find anything on it
  17. So just for conversations sake something has been burning me up. If I'm doing a cake and at the beginning notice a small amount of dark green Tam and then it gets covered over by lovely myc. Did the myc beat it out? Is it still viable to fruit this cake? I'm sure the answer is somewhere but I've yet to see it in all of my reading. Thanks guys. You've been a world of help.
  18. Well the lids have polyfill in the FAE hole and 12 jars are filled with substrate and down for 1.5 hours of pasteurization. Tomorrow I inoculate. Side note: I found the perfect fruiting chamber. 60 quart Ziplock. The lid comes weather sealed with 6 lid clamps. Spacing is perfect for 12 half pint jars. When I set up the chamber shouldn't the holes just above the perlite be larger than the holes at the mid and upper layers to promote CO2 escape? That's about a month away but any tips on the fruiting chamber set up would be welcome. Thanks.
  19. Hello! New guy here.

    Hello. FNG here. Trying BRF cakes. Hope to learn the best details.
  20. Time to go big

    Well I've gotten pretty comfortable with cakes and growing the shrooms, I've had a couple ounces now between the last couple batches. It's not quite as much as I expected and it's all been from MS as well. I'm looking to move forward and get into bulk growing with hgher quality spores. I also would like to get into using spore prints, but I have no idea how to use them or make liquid culture, none of that. All I know is the cake stuff. I was wondering what my next step should be. Which shrooms to buy? What materials? Which tek is the easiest for a novice like myself to start with? Some advice would be useful, I'd appreciate it.
  21. New Here

    Hello, I am new to both magic mushrooms and their growing, having done them a few times in the past, but never very many and never before growing them. My roommate and I found out that most spores are legal and decided that we are going to try it. Wish us luck!
  22. SWIM inoculated 16 BRF jars with koh samui super strain on dec 12. They took a while to colonize but SWIM birthed the first cake on January 2nd and the rest of them went into the fruiting chamber on January 8th. SWIM cased all but 3 in vermiculite as a test. There were some dry rock hard parts of substrate on some cakes that halted colonizing in the jars so those were cut off gently with a sterile knife before they were birthed. Since they’ve birthed, the cake swim birthed on the 2nd just started to pin. However, is has some blue discoloration underneath the mycelium. Swim thinks it may be bruising but just hoping it’s not a contam? Also, Swim made the mistake of not dunking these cakes before swim put them in the fruiting chamber and now swim fears they aren’t wet enough, despite the humidity of 99% in the fruiting chamber. Is it too late to dunk them? Or should I just leave them to pin slowly and keep misting? This is swims first grow and He loves these cakes they’re his children and is just worried about them! Clearer picture of swimsfirst pins
  23. Pf classics schmall fruit

    I gained a plunger of PF Classics.. Made some Brf /verm cakes. Inoculated and waited. When they were fully colonized I cold water soaked them over night and rolled a couple in vermiculite, a Couple I did not. I just sat them on tin foil and vermiculite on a bed of damp perilite, one a box with many holes and the other 1/2" Misting and fanning, misting and fanning..3-5 times a day.. Then I got smart and started to use a fan (OoooOooh) cuz my arms was tired. I got a few normal sized mushrooms but majority are tiny. Like I keep waiting for them to bulk up and nothing happens. I redunked one or three and rolled it in vermiculite and added a bit of buffaloam potting soil, as I heard ppl rave about it.(blue ones) One cake I got scurred I was getting a pink hue on it (it wasn't it was just the vermiculite powder from the near end of my bag). So I crumbled it up in a zip lock w vermiculite and dusted with the buffaloam . Super small fruit. I had one I tried in a pie plate that ended up not completely colonizing the pie plate so I washed off everything that was and ziplock bagged them as well, cutting a hole(or two) and taping over it. Plastic tape.. It was on hand. Couple bigens, but nothing to write home about. I don't feel I'm maximizing my full cake potential here. It could be just the strain, and I took prints from the bigens (big ones) lots and lots of prints...
  24. So I've recently fell in love with this mycology adventure a few months ago. I got my hands on spores, inoculated 4 jars immediately, all 4 succeeded- no contam, everything went the way it was suppose to. after a long time waiting I threw them into a ghetto FC once one jar started pinning. And it was a success! Didn't harvest ounces but it was enough for me... But this was while living with my gf...we no longer live together.... now that I moved in with my buddy I grabbed my ghetto FC and some more spores and idk wtf happened but I've been having the worst luck The first pic is from the first grow/ obv the second pic is this sad lonely cake and I'm hoping I can get a few lil mushies help me out!