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Found 6 results

  1. Just noc'd my first jars of WBS yesterday, time will tell if there's contamination. Also noc'd a jar of LC to keep things going if it works out. Started by cleaning the sunflower seeds out of the WBS. Poured boiling water into 5 gallon bucket, covered 90 minutes with towel, poured into strainer and rinsed. Put 1/4 cup coarse vermiculite in bottom of quart jars and added the WBS. Pressure cooked for 90 minutes. Made the LC with karo and water, PC for 90 mins also. Thanks for the easy to follow videos @mushzombie . Sprayed a crap load of lysol everywhere, put gloves on, soaked a paper towel in rubbing alcohol and wiped off gloves and syringe and wiped the SHIP's on each jar before injecting, also heated syringe tip until orange before each one. Glove box was not tall enough to noc the jars without leaning them on side so I opted not to use it, hope it doesn't come back to bite me. The jars of WBS and the LC are now sitting in my closet, have a tower heater set at 78, it has gotten the wbs up to 81 degrees though when it's running so I didn't want to turn it higher. Will do everything in my power to not check on these daily. These will he going into a 58 qt monotub (couldn't find 60 qt anywhere) with 50/50+ casing. I also found 80qt container that came with multiple latches and weatherstripping already on it at Target, so of course I bought it. If the LC ends up working out I'll attempt to use it to noc more WBS jars for the 80qt monotub. If it doesn't work out I do have golden teacher spore print which I will be making agar for today with malt agar extract. Also will have more syringested in the mail whenever my beginner starter pack gets here, so I could wait, but I'd rather have multiple monotubs going to keep me a little busier with any free time I have to keep my mind from wandering and thinking about my wifes cancer. One question I do have is should I wait until the jars are colonized completely to mix and pressure cook my bulk substrate? Everything at home is about to be a mess, because of my wifes cancer her parents are coming to visit and guess where they're staying???? Dun dun dun at our house. My wife already agreed to get them out of the house for the day when I need to get the pressure cooker back in action for the substrate, not sure how exactly that's going to work out, maybe spray a bunch of air freshener and open the doors before they come home? Will edit and upload pictures later, bored at work and wanted to get a head start on this.
  2. Here is the 1st flush monsters of the LGT. I have some cambo bags going too, and just fruited some Blue Magnolia as well. I'll post pics of those when ready, but here are 3 bags of LGT.
  3. DamionDeamon

    Back to the lab again

    Well here we go again another round of jars made, pressure cooked and then inoced in my Ghetto Flow Hood. These jars are round one I have round 2 Pc tonight will inoc tomarrow. These jars are Cambo Mexican T2 and one Z strain. I just threw them in my new fancy incubator.....It's my new desk drawer. Now I will wait until tomarrow for the second round of inoc. Until then I will be cussing my jars and hopeing for the best. Btw at least 2 of these jars before I used them this time had contams in it lets see how this grows.
  4. DamionDeamon

    Back to the lab again

    Well here we go again another round of jars made, pressure cooked and then inoced in my Ghetto Flow Hood. These jars are round one I have round 2 Pc tonight will inoc tomarrow. These jars are Cambo Mexican
  5. Alacabensi


    From the album: Alas Album

  6. So I'm finally doing a log. Now that I've gotten a few LC's under my belt and a bunch of new strains thought I'd whip up a bunch of LC's. My main focus right now is expanding my LC collection. So here it is. Started 5 Penis Envy, 2 Texas, Equidor, 2 Great White Monster and 2 Treasure Coast today. The TC was from a print Also made about 4 MS syringes of the TC to use up the print. The rest of these were from LC syringes that I got. (Thanks to the fellas for the goods, you know who you are) Used the Malt/Karo tek, I like it because it's easy to know if you got contams or not. One thing I have noticed no matter what my jars always build up a vaccum, no matter how loose I keep the jar rings. Anyway to prevent this from happening? I've just been releasing it but I always feel like using a syringe to release the pressure is a very easy way to get a contam. GB All set up ready to go Todays LC's These are some I started on the 19th. Alacabenzi, B+ and Cambo. The B+ has so many spores in it it looks purple, I have plenty of B+ so I wasn't shy with the spores. Alacabenzi was the first to blossom after about 4 days doing real good now few more days be about time to throw it in the fridge. The B+ just started growing couple days ago The cambo's going slow, no signs of contams so hopefully it shows some life soon if I'll hit them again and see how it goes. Hope you all enjoy, this is my first time ever doing a log so bear with me. If anyone has any constructive criticism feel free to chime in! Stay posted in the coming days I'll be adding some KSSS, and Burma Peace BIL
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