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Found 13 results

  1. This is my first agar Clone from a nice PE cluster. Transfered this over a month ago . The blue piece is the tissue. Is it supposed to look like that ?
  2. New to growing here. I want to start getting in to agar work but don't have my petri dishes....or agar...or flow hood setup. One of my golden teacher multispore grows is huge and i want to clone the sucker and it has to be tomorrow. However, since i dont have the agar I was wondering if i could clone to LC first. Let it grow and do its thing, then grab a sample and put it back on agar to check for, and separate from possible contams. I"m thinking this way i can store my LC in the fridge until I have my flowhood set up and agar in hands. So the idea here is to grab a clone of this fruit (w
  3. Hi all my name is MoTo im new here but anyway, I want to clone a oyster mushroom I found. Anyone with experience with oysters I'd like to chat.
  4. About 7 days ago I decided to clone a couple pins. I had one Ecuador pin that was much faster and bigger than all the other pins in the tub, so I knew I wanted to clone that one. Since I was at it, I decided to clone a GT pin as well. I was down to only a few unused jars of agar. They were poured too thin and had sat around long enough that they have dried out a little, but it was all I had at the time. Two days ago I made up another batch of agar jars. Yesterday I cut out about a rice-sized piece of mycelium from a couple spots in each jar. I didn't get any pictures, but I took
  5. I was wondering if from a self made ms syringe by the time the myc are at the fruiting stage are there still multiple colonies in that tray? If so some don't produce fruit right? So by cloning choice fruit to agar and doing a2g trans am I producing more myc that will fruit thereby increasing pin set potential? I'm still in the research stage of this and think l have a lot of questions about the materials.
  6. Meet "Audry'" my fly trap (must for fungus gnats) she sits with my mother plant. now my prob is that I'd love to clone more of her she's a fine specimen but iv tried powders, gels,water crystals and softly humming but nothing works I'm thinking since the leaves are designed to fall off and rot away to provide nutes to the plant and that she's acid loving that my cuttings are breaking down b4 roots can form now I can clone other plants (of the medical and recreational sorts) without a prob but I'm at a loss on this one . Any ideas?
  7. Hello! So after reading the easy agar dish tek, then the how to clone tek, im left with only one question....Where do I store the agar dishes after I noc 'em up? In my incubation chamber? Same temp conditions as colonizing brf cakes and wbs? Please and thank you to all that can help me out!!!
  8. Here are some pics of some pretty AA+ myc. The genetics were from a friend
  9. Those Who Were

    Shiitake clone 3:26:14

    From the album: Experiments

    Shiitake tissue sample i took on 3/16/14. Mycelium is very fine and a bright white. Looks similar to Dactylium Mildew (aka cobweb mold) but there is a difference in color. Cobweb is somewhat light grey, and dullish. As you can see the mycelium is very aggressive, growing up the sides of the jar, just after 10 days of incubation time. I believe the U shape is the separation of different sub strain, Don't quote me on that though, cuz i just taking an edjumicated giss
  10. Those Who Were

    Shiitake LC

    From the album: Edibles

    My first growth from any of the lc's i tried to make. This was my 3rd attempt for the shiitake, 3rd times a charm. Still a no go on the oyster lc's, although i do have clean samples growing in dishes.
  11. Those Who Were

    Shiitake and Grey Oyster clone to lc

    From the album: Edibles

    Shiitake and Grey Oyster clone to LC day 1.
  12. Is it acceptable to clone from the second, or even 3rd, flush? As far as I know, it is ideal to clone from the 1st flush because... Well IDK why, because that is how I have seen it done and followed suit proceeding into assuming.
  13. Hi all, its great to be a member of this fine site! If you you've ever frequented the shroomery, you may recognize my username. I decided to join shroomology after a google search led me to a very informative post regarding what I've been researching lately. I found info here that none of the other mushroom sites had all too much on. This thread by Mush Zombie in particular drew me in as I'm doing essentially the same thing he is. Sub-strain isolation of a clone. http://www.shroomolo...rain-isolation/ I did a little reading here as far as rules and gathered that I'm in a prob
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