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Found 15 results

  1. This is a first time grain spawn using a spore syringe. Can anyone please identify if this is more likely like a cobweb mold or mycelium?
  2. Sketched

    Wondering if this is cobweb mold

    Doesn’t look like a big blotch of cobweb like I’m used to seeing, instead its in small patches. Pic related.
  3. Sonshyn

    Cobwebs mold or nah ?

    This tub is my first dub, it’s a couple weeks old, never flushed. I’ve tried to cap the fae, and I’ve got the moisture up now, still fanning. But things look weird . Your thoughts and advice are appreciated !
  4. DimensionalTraveler


    I made the mistake of buying a spore syringe from another vendor. Not only was it extremely slow to ship but I think it was full of mold spores. It was Golden Teacher in case anyone has experience with that variety. I'm looking at these Jars and they all look like cobweb or something else. I Had PCed the empty jars, again once I added the BRF mix. The mycelium doesn't look right and is speeding oddly, jumping around the jar not branching and expanding. Im thinking cobweb. I could be wrong. I'm pretty new. Still working on the first set of jars I started a few weeks before these.
  5. Izneb Worg

    myc or mold?

    After successfully fruitng my first 6 grow bags, i decided to spawn a small,colonized cake to a 50/50 coir/spawn mix in pyrex dish. everything pc'd. waited 6 days and all was white. as soon as i removed thefoil i had a feeling the myc looks different. rhizo growth in some areas and hair llike growth in others. does this appear as a cobweb contam? should i try to peroxide it or get it out of my grow room? thank you.
  6. DimensionalTraveler

    Is this contamination?

    Both jars are about 75% populated. For whatever reason a couple of the injection sites never got going so the mycelium had to work it's way around. The area in question is in between the areas of good-looking mycelium. It looks like cobweb or something potentially but I just wanted to check if I need to get rid of these two now.
  7. DimensionalTraveler

    Help! Contamination 1st Grow

    I started my first grow about 11 days ago. I had four different varieties and used two different substrate types to see which I like best. Some in grain and some in vermiculite and brown rice flour. I had pressure cooked all of them prior to inoculation for an hour at 15 psi. I have a closet room in the basement that was five by five. I previously had painted it white and used it for herbal growing. Before I got started I sprayed everything down with bleach water. I was really bummed when I started seeing a decent amount of contamination. I've had green (trich), black, and cobweb contamination. All of them have been disposed of outside and then I pressure cook the empty jars. As soon as I noticed the contamination they were removed. At any rate I searched around my basement and found some black mold behind the baseboard trim. Whoever drywalled the basement put the drywall all the way down to the floor which wycked up any moisture. I moved my tub tub upstairs in hopes that I could save some of what was left. The coat closet it's currently in it's not ideal long-term. Basically what I need to know is a good way to seal that closet space off to help prevent any further contamination in the basement. I cut out the affected drywall and removed it. Unfortunately I probably disturbed the spores doing this and have potential billions in my basement now. What I need to know is, is there good way to make sure things are cleaned up without risking further growing? I was considering setting a petri dish out the room to see if anything naturally begins to grow. I plan to buy some concrobium to address any visible mold I find. I plan to spray solid surfaces down in bleach water. I also considered using the reflective mylar I have to basically tent off the room, sealing the corners with duct tape and even potentially leaving some hanging flaps in the doorway to make it more difficult when the door is open for contaminants to come in. Any recommendations?
  8. oomiedoobie

    Is everything ok?

    3rd day into fruiting and my second bin looks like this. Is this cobweb mold or am I ok? No smells except good ole mycelium.
  9. thadragonmaster

    Cobweb growth on cakes?

    hey guys I think I got a cobweb problem with cakes. I heard that you can spray hydrogen peroxide on it anyone know if thats true?? if so how often? I hope you guys can see in the pics. all the cakes look like they have dark gray gowth on them one has some big gray strand on it . need any more info let me know thanks!
  10. Raymoney512

    Is this cobweb

    This is after 4th dunk. I messed up and put it in a jar to wait for others to dunk at same time and went camping. Came back and realize it needed air and it gave off a sour smell. Well the smell went away but now i think it has cobweb what should i do.
  11. Baby Trip

    Damn Cobweb!

    Hey everyone! So every single one of our tubs have gotten contaminated with what looks like cobweb. Is that normal? @Dr. Trip is convinced he has "hands of failure" We've taken every precautionary and followed guides 100%, maybe it's just the environment we live in. We've eaten the shrooms and they've been fine (no sickness, or negative body effect), but I'm concerned that it's causing our grow to not be at it's full potential. I have my first tubs in the incubation stage right now, and I just want to make sure I'm doing everything well. Y'all are awesome. Thank you in advance. <3
  12. Dr. Trip

    Is this cobweb?

    Hey gents. I have my monotub going and this shit starts popping up. It looks like cobweb to me, but I'm also a noob so what do I know? What are your thoughts? And if it is cobweb, I think I remember seeing something about misting with hydrogen peroxide might kill it off is that a thing? If so what is the process for that?
  13. Mush Zombie

    This is Cobweb Mold

    A common sight in mushroom cultivation is cobweb mold aka Dactylium Mildew or 'Mucor'. It is a very fast growing mildew that thrives in environments with still air, very little oxygen, and high humidity. Generally it is easy to spot. Cobweb has a grayish color too it, and is stringy/puffy. Next to the bright white of mycelium it's kind of hard not to notice. If caught soon enough, before a full on outbreak, cobweb mold can be treated with straight hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and increased fresh air exchange. If not treated soon enough it will destroy your project. In the case of grain spawn jars that have been contaminated with cobweb, just throw them away. You cannot save those. So again, if you see cobweb on a cake, or tray, etc: [*]Spray with straight hydrogen peroxide [*]Increase fresh air exchange Description Colonies of this fungal genus are typically white to beige or grey and fast-growing. Colonies on culture medium may grow to several centimeters in height. Older colonies become grey to brown in colour due to the development of spores. Mucor spores or sporangiospores can be simple or branched and form apical, globular sporangia that are supported and elevated by a column-shaped columella. Mucor species can be differentiated from molds of the genera Absidia, Rhizomucor, and Rhizopus by the shape and insertion of the columella, and the lack of rhizoids. Some Mucor species produce chlamydospores. Reproduction During asexual reproduction, erect hyphal sporangiophores are formed. The tip of the sporangiophore swells to form a globose sporangium that contains uninucleate, haploid sporangiospores. An extension of the sporangiophore called the columella protrudes into the sporangium. The sporangium walls are easily ruptured to release the spores, which germinate readily to form a new mycelium on appropriate substrates. During sexual reproduction, compatible strains form short, specialized hyphae called gametangia. At the point where two complementary gametangia fuse, a thick-walled, spherical zygosporangium develops. The zygosporangium typically contains a single zygospore. Nuclear karyogamy and meiosis (sexual recombination) occur within the zygospores, which are thought to be long-lived and resistant to adverse conditions. They may germinate to form hyphae or a sporangium. Mucor includes both homothallic (self-compatible) and heterothallic species. Clinical significance Most species of Mucor are unable to infect humans and endothermic animals due to their inability to grow in warm environments close to 37 degrees Celsius. Thermotolerant species such as Mucor indicus sometimes cause opportunistic, and often rapidly spreading, necrotizing infections known as zygomycosis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mucor
  14. BleepBlorp123

    Help with cobweb in mono tub

    So 8 days ago I brought my mono tub into fruiting conditions. I followed mush zombies mono tub tek and everything was PERFECT up until the 3rd day when I started noticing this weird white blotch in the center of my casing. It was small maybe the size of a quarter and near it was a faint outline of mold starting near the cobweb. It was a very light green and was the start of trichoderma in assuming. Well I scooped both spots out and starting using 3% h202 and was self fanning from then on. Also I wanna note that I used a box fan on setting 1 and had it aimed toward the monotub for its FAE. A few days after that I noticed trich forming in the center but was still small, no other spot had green so I scooped it out again and kept using hydrogen peroxide. So yesterday I decided to put a little salt on the top of the casing and use half hydrogen peroxide and water for misting. I still have the box fan pointing toward the mono tub but I have the box lid slightly pryed open to get more air exchange. It's been a few days and I don't smell anything anymore. Can anybody guide me from here? Im really trying my best not to lose this monotub... I don't have any signs of contamination right now and also should I keep the lid open and manually fan or can I shut it and still have the fan point towards it?
  15. Hello. So long time lurker here. I'm finally in a place where I can get started with growing. I used wbs and I'm pretty sure I left it far too wet when putting it in the jars, pressure cooking, waiting, and noccing. Being that I live at 6k above sea level, my 15 psi cooker doesn't even hit high enough temps for proper sterilization, does it? Can I compensate by increasing the amount of time? Anyways, these got 2 hours. It seems my b+ might be running the course in one jar, and the second jar looks maybe contaminated, but hard to tell at this stage, 2 weeks in. I'm incubating at about 70, but above my fridge, so likely it is a tad hotter. My crappy digital thermometer/ hygrometer is at my mums and I'll have to pick it up soon, I know. Planning on a 6 quart dub tub if all goes well. Also, my jars fell over and the fine vermiculite layer on the bottom spilled a bit everywhere. Honestly, I thought this spore syringe was likely contaminated long ago. I've had it nigh on a year.
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