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Found 19 results

  1. trubio

    GT #2

    I had 2 left over quarts of colonized wbs that wasn't ready when I did my last tub. So i have them going now spawn to coir ruffly 1:2 ratio with some gypsum. I spawned roughly 14 days ago dont really remember but seems about right. Day 1 and day 2 pics are actually day 15 and 16. But I'm counting from when knots appeared. Day 1 Day 2 Pins start to appear
  2. Ok fellow mycologists I just might be onto something big here!!!This is round one of experiment #1 regarding this new pondered method but I have nothing but the highest expectations that this will increase yield (For sure for those of you that struggle getting your middle to pin!!) So here I sat thinking about how else could I improve the climate my mushies are sitting in and I started thinking about side pinning and how that’s almost always the first pinning to take place and came up with brilliant solution why not introduce more sides into my shoebox!!!!!More sides equal more side pinning wa
  3. trubio


    New run, this is my 3rd attempt, started on pf tek, then duntub now 32qt setup. Anyways gotta love this hobby. This time I decided to just use wbs and coir. Just picked part of the first flush. How do these babies look? Before and after photos. 230g later. Still so much left to harvest tomorrow.
  4. So I had some leftover spawn that honestly is contaminated but not fully annnndd just finished this mtn dew so I said screw it why not make me a lil contraption thingymajiggy! So what we have here is pretty simplistic but I’ll give it a general rundown. Supplies: 2liter container, Wax paper,plastic lid,perlite, coir, spawn, large ziplock baggy, an some really hot boiling water. Instruction: Cut your 2 liter in half or somewhat close to it. Strain am properly soak your perlite before putting it into the sterilized an clean 2liter. I did approx 2 fingers worth just enough to cover them
  5. I will start by saying this is my first grow, and first monotub. I spend tons of time researching and lurking so this is my first post on any forum. I can't really seem to find the specific info that I am looking for. For Background info, I used 12 BRF cakes nocc'd with B+ MS syringes. Seemed like pretty slow colonization in the jars but everything seemed contam free (except for one, Blue Mold). Once my jars colonized I did Damien's Bucket tek. I think that my first issue was that I did not have nearly enough spawn... (12 4oz jars) but I broke them up and mixed them at about a 1:2
  6. Does this look contaminated? I think so but want to hear your thoughts. Im pretty new to all this sonkinda experimenting to see differnt things. So I had a extra brf cake that I decided to grade up the cake into a coir substrate mix. Then I covered with foil and pit it in the incubator for 10 days. I removed the foil today. It seems there is some excess water on top of the sub. Also the white stuff in your corner is fuzzy. Anyways here are the pics you tell me.
  7. Ok so I'm prepping for my next grow. I now have penis envy, albino a+, Nepal chitwan and more GT spores. I'm debating on which two to start next. I grew my first grow ever with rye berries and hpoo compost. I'm thinking about going with coir this time, since its supposed to be easier and cheaper but I've gotten mixed feelings on it. It's not as nutritious as hpoo but is safer as far as contams go. I have 6lbs of grain separated into 1lb bags ready for inoculation. I was wondering if I could go half and half hpoo and coir? Would that be alright? And help me pick my next two strains guys!! Also
  8. Hey guys, most of you know I spend more time in o'l Wally's world, and just to let y'all know, pallets are being set for a Organic Expert Gardener pallet of.... 8lb compressed blocks of Coco coir, Organic, and roughly $7.87/$8 a block. I think I pay approx a buck a pound normally from Home depot, and a good thing about this is I smelled a block and no musty odor, seems like good stuff. So if you want coir for a buck a pound, (unhydrated) this is a great buy.
  9. Hi, Psilocybin Spirit here. Since two months I've been getting into mycology. Recently I got all my supplies which cost me around $650 I'll be updating this post with my progress. (note: I live in a country where there are no american pc's, or at least only one sold for $300, also it's hard to get your hands on other supplies that are easy to get in America.) Supplies I gathered: - Presto 23qrt pressure cooker - A dehydrator with 8 trays, metal with temp control and a timer. - 2 bags of vermiculite - 2 bags of perlite - A little humidifier -
  10. I know not to copy and paste teks form another site. But basically bucket tek with 50% coir and 50 % sand that then spawned stone producers and fruited like crazy. What do you guys think? Also please Fungi2b test it out your so close to have that kinda of spawn form your other thread
  11. Shop around I've done some math for you. Spend 75 and get 25 free plus free which you order 25 3 brick packs to get for 75 dallors plus tax makes a buck per brick. Feel free to abuse this loop hole.
  12. Experment 1. Hydrated a brick of coir. Set oven to 500 degrees f. Cook 6 hours until it is black and burn 100% dry dust. Let cool in sterile environment. Spawn coir to 1 quart dry to one qt spawn sterile. Then misted heavy with sterile water 1/2 cup each. It still very dry and not field capacity. Control. 3 trays of pc spawn coir at perfect field capacity . both set of trays will be dunked once 100% colonized. Measures colonized times with no co2 control. And pinning rate. Wet weight. Dry weight.
  13. Any one know any other way to raise the ph cheaply. Besides hydrated lime which to buy online and ship here is extremely costly as in twice the cost of each grow costly . I know household bleach is a ph of 11 ish.dish soap same way and with straw I'm ok with this chemicals pasturation method. But coir, shits, wood subs not so much.
  14. 16 tsp of soda ash. 2 coir bricks plus 9 qts of water
  15. Here is a bucket of coir old about a week left over from experiment. Lookie blue molds grow in it. For two years on other sites and probably on this one too your blamed on spawn not being clean for your failure 100 % of time if the sub is coir because its so contam resistance which compared to others it is. Well bam it happened again to me when left over coir contames out less then ten days. In case you missed it I never bucket tek it anymore I oven pasturation everything for a long time until this batch. For this reason so I know my fault. Making the impossible possible .
  16. ok this is my first grow log, wish me luck... this grow actually started a month ago and i dont have pics of every step ive taken but i will try to fill in all the gaps as i go. i started with a ms pe syringe i used to noc 10 jars of wbs, once they colonized i used one of the jars for g2g transfers to 8 more jars and the rest were spawned to a mix of coir, verm, gypsum and a bit of lime. these are pics of the first flush...it started with a bunch of blobs and i thought i had verticillium but they cleared up and finished quite nice.
  17. Hello everyone. I have a question about how much is a "standard brick of Coir"? Is there a measurement? I am using the 6quart method, and the video shows a brick of Coir, and mine looks a hell of a lot bigger than his. My brick is 10 3/4" X 10 3/4" and 2' thick. Is this the correct sizes or standard size?
  18. ive never used coir before would somebody give me an idea of how muck should i break off of a ten pound brick so i can get about 8 qt and how would i prepare that to add into cmc? any advise would be great thank you
  19. As many of you already Know I had to take some time off and take some time to help out another Family...but back in the swing now...this is my first full lenght Log here at the Ology...I will be going a minimum of 2 flushes for sure. I innoculated my WBS on the 5th of Aug with a dark syringes I made myself, so all these jars are MS, so from the 5th to the 19th and 90% of them are ready to spawn...giggity...as long as all goes well I will reveal everything I did in a complete Tek that you all like to see...and for the new comers, I have a very different way of prepping My Teks, so watch ou
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