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Found 16 results

  1. I will start by saying this is my first grow, and first monotub. I spend tons of time researching and lurking so this is my first post on any forum. I can't really seem to find the specific info that I am looking for. For Background info, I used 12 BRF cakes nocc'd with B+ MS syringes. Seemed like pretty slow colonization in the jars but everything seemed contam free (except for one, Blue Mold). Once my jars colonized I did Damien's Bucket tek. I think that my first issue was that I did not have nearly enough spawn... (12 4oz jars) but I broke them up and mixed them at about a 1:2 ratio. I put my mix in a standard mono set up, 2 holes at sub level on the long side and 1 on the narrow side high up. Now this is where i think i really messed up. When I was spawning to the monotub, I did not really understand the casing layer so I added the case over the sub mix then taped my holes and put the bag around it. It colonized in a normal time frame (8-10 days). The top layer was not 100% but i was worried about co2 buildup so I put it into fruiting conditions. When I put it into fruiting conditions there was no odd smell and no sign of contam. There were some small yellow spots here and there but apparently thats myc piss? Anyways the tub has been in fruiting conditions for about 3 days. I did not notice any smell when I put it into FC. However yesterday, I noticed a STRONG sweet smell. I was prescribed liquid penicillin when I was younger and it smells EXACTLY like that. When I put the tub into FC there were a few yellow spots, nothing crazy, but now it has spread pretty fast. I'm still seeing new pins and have a couple shrooms growing nice and fat, but I am very concerned. ALSO, I did notice fuzzy feet pretty early on so I increased airflow in the tub, loosened poly on the bottom holes and removed it on the tops. opened the tub to fan a few times daily. I know there are a couple vectors here, I think over misting caused the fuzzy feet? I was worried about the thickness of the sub, and moisture retention. I know there is not much that can be done but give good FAE and let the mushies battle it out... My main questions are, Is this a bacterial contam? Why did mold not grow instead? If Fruits are produced, are they safe? and could the penicillin smell and the yellow blotches be the mycelium fighting against a contam that has not yet appeared? Any new info and tips would be greatly appreciated.😥
  2. Hello my friends My one tub (which i fucked up in the beginning) is growing some fluffy hair, its white af & its growing up the sides of my tub . Its growing rapid af. It first started 2 days ago and im shocked at how quick its grown. I dont know what it is . Anyone have any ideas ? Is it tam ?
  3. jammingshroom

    5 time trying 2 time success

    hey guys I'm back again with my 5 try but second success at growing I have a few pictures to show and a few questions as well, but before I get into that I'll give the basic setup info I'm doing a 6 qt dub tub mist and fan Tek tut by mushzom I have 4 tubs two of which I used the ztub tek making holes and putting polyfill into them one of those two I used microspore tape (it didn't work) of the 4 tubs I got going right now 2 have started to pin and showing tiny mushrooms (one of which I used the ztub tek - the other old school mist and fan), one is still coming along the myc haven't gotten past the casing yet (this one I modified the ztub tek and used microspore tape "big no no") and the other well I'm not sure... the myc has gotten past the casing an it's making weird formations (I think this one is one I used cyan spore instead of regular cube spores but I'm not sure because I messed the labeling up and if I'm not mistaken I think the strain I'm using is either Burma or treasure coast an that last tub might be a cyan not sure though... you'll see in the pictures this is tub 1 (mist and fan Tek) + pins this is tub 1 again (closeup) + pins this is tub 2 (ztub tek with polyfill) + pins this is tub 2 closeup + pins this is tub 3 (the one I think it's a cyan spore + had weird myc formations) this is tub 3 again closeup of those formations I'm talking about this is tub 4 this is all four in a greenhouse with a humidifier at the bottom when I was using dubtub tek on all four I couldn't tell the humidity but my room was around 50 give or take and the temp was around 70 average in the greenhouse I've got it up to 90 percent humidity and the temp is still around 70 highest 76 since I took the tubs out from the spawn run and began to fruit it's been 2 weeks and the pins first started to show around the 15th day ok so here are my concerns/questions 1. how do they look 1 - 4 2. is it ok to move them from the dubtub tek to the mini greenhouse? 3. since I moved them to the mini greenhouse do I still mist and fan, fan only, or since I have the humidifier don't fan or mist at all? 4. the lil darkness on tub 2 at the bottom and 3 on the weird myc growth...is that contam or bruising? 5. since tubs 1 and 2 are pinning do I stop misting and just fan, especially since I have the humidifier on?
  4. Does anyone ever get their jars of wbs out of the PC after sitting over night and they look as if they've already been injected with Lc? I pced a couple jars last night let them sit and when I took them out this morning, I did the little shake with them and i noticed a couple of small clumps in both jars that appear to be mycelium, like when you shoot Lc into a jar it sometimes has the stringy wads of mycelium..... is it possible my jars contaminated while sitting in the PC overnight ,or is this just a normal thing that I just didnt notice before? Maybe I didnt clean the seed good enouph? Or it got to hot? I'm thinking maybe some seeds just got too hot and exploded open? Anyway here's pics if anyone can help I'd really appreciate , I've scoured the site and not found anything on this....
  5. Iamchefmo

    Contamination? Or unhealthy conditions

    Please tell me what you know. If you need more pics I can take more. I spawned on the 19th of April. Should have more than 2 pins
  6. So these b+ sat a little long...prob had 2-3 weeks after 100%noc before birthing.. in vitro was “about to start/had started internally?” This harder solid white ‘coating’ covered probably 20-25% of the cake, went thru the dunk and roll with verm, coco coir n pickling lime.. no weird smell I could notice..possibly turning a light yellowish shade but still looks like mycelium.. has anyone experienced anything similar?
  7. Can Myc grow through the top verm layer in pktek jar or do you think this is mold. Pics are all of the same jar
  8. Dunked a tub yesterday, 60qt,HCVG sub, 50/50+ casing, tap water dunk. I have dunked several tubs exactly like this, same faucet etc.. Dunked one right before this one, which is fine. Any idea about this Pinkish- peach growth? It's localized, on some old stumps. Became visible about 24 hours after dunk. That's polyfil, not cobweb. Went in the tub to get her set for 3rd flush, and found this. Color is pretty accurate in photo. Is this unusual?
  9. Hey all. Here's another question from the spaz noob: These black caps are what? Spores? Evil shit? Clearly, it is time to dry. I have a dehydrator that I plan on using. Any helpful advice or suggestions/hints? Is there a consensus method for best drying for maintaining potency? Thanks again. -MD
  10. Hey, y'all. I've been lurking around here for awhile but I think need some specific advice. This is my first time growing. It looks like there is contamination just under a few of the shotgun holes in my tub. Is there any way to tell if this is Trich, or asper, etc...? Also, does the whiter mycelium around the edges look suspect, given how the mycelium in the middle looks? Thanks for your help! If you need any other pictures I'd be happy to take them.
  11. Hey everyone ! This is my first time doing a grow! Things have gone without any issues til this point! I've been following the 6 quart tub tek. So I'm to the misting and fanning stage. I've been keeping the environment at 97% humidity most of the day for the past two weeks since adding the peat moss top layer. I just have a couple of questions so for clarification I'm growing two strains. 1 tub of Lovely Golden Teachers (first 3 images) , and 1 tub of A+ Albinos (last few images). So on to the first question . in the last pic of the albinos I noticed a little orange spot. I don't know what pins look like , as it's been about two weeks now of misting and fanning twice a day. I was hoping some one could tell me if it's something I should try cutting out of my cake or leaving ? Mu second question is how much longer do you think they have til they start pinning . I've been doing a lot of reading but keep hearing different estimates. It's been just over two weeks since misting and fanning has started. From my understanding the pinning is something once it's started is pretty quick right ? All I've seen so far is just the mysilum growing more and more. Last question : is there something I need to Change with the golden teachers ? They have seemed to be growing as quite a bit of a slower pace than the a+ strain. They just haven't gotten as thick on the top layer as the a+ have. Are they a slower growing strain and I was unaware ? For any and all who answer I appreciate all help and feedback, thanks !!
  12. Pooker

    Help. First grow, stalled in FC

    Hey I have below attach a couple pics of my grows, I'm pretty sure the second, started at a later period is showing hypnal knots already, the first has been in the FC for 6 days, does it look okay? mist and fan 3x a day, 12hr light and it is the 6qt dub tub method, followed every step. The first two pics are the same tub
  13. Hey guys so I just got back from my vacation that I mentioned in a previous post. 5 days without fanning and misting for these poor guys. I really feel bad but there was no other option. What do u guys think? One looks terrible and brownish and one is looking alright with a pin coming out the top.
  14. PsychedelicTarantulas

    Oops! Contam Example...

    Do you guys think this one looks ok??? HeHe seriously though this was my worst contam ever. It was forgotten about and when I found it, Whoa...
  15. DallasShawn

    Green Mold or bruising?

    I was looking at one of my tubs while lifting it off the ground and I noticed this. What would you do? (I have already quarantined it downstairs)
  16. Dozzer


    Here is a jar I did about a month ago, I was going to toss it out but noticed we didnt have much in the Tam section...and I assume that's because we all know what we are doing here...but here is the 4 sides of a jar of rainbow ~ ~ ~ ~ This is caused by a dirty syringe, as well as many other aspects of sterility NOTE : THIS JAR WAS TOSSED IMMEDIATELY AFTER PICS WERE TAKEN, DID NOT SALVAGE THE JAR...TOO RISKY TO OPEN IT !!!!! Peace **D**
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