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Found 79 results

  1. I have been waiting for this batch of mushrooms to colonize for over a month now and still nothing! This happened on my last batch too, but I assumed that because I ordered them while it was 110 degrees out that the heat killed the spores... Would anyone be able to tell my what I could have done to keep my jars from colonizing? Also, would anyone be able to ID this contam? It's light green, and wanted to make sure on the type of contam so I know how to dispose of it...
  2. Penis Envy contam

    Growing a Mono tub of Penis envy and unsure if this is contaminated, as most of these yellow clusters which are few but still evident are troubling me. Also have a very small spot of fuzz which is possibly from humidity.
  3. Before I start trying the tek I was reading I have 2 questions: How can i tell if my spores/mushrooms are contaminated? And If I don't have a pressure cooker what would be a good alternative to use? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. Hi, I inoculated 21 jars and four different types. 5 jars have contamination after about five days. All the same strain. Just curious if anybody has had a similar experience of multispores coming contaminated as all the other jars appear fine? Not blaming the supplier just looking for comfort, hahaha. thanks, Bo obviously doesn’t know everything 😂
  5. Is this tammed?

    Does this look contaminated to you? I left it in innoculation a bit longer than normal and some parts look like it could be cobweb? Do i throw it out? Tia!
  6. Pics

    I made the mistake of buying a spore syringe from another vendor. Not only was it extremely slow to ship but I think it was full of mold spores. It was Golden Teacher in case anyone has experience with that variety. I'm looking at these Jars and they all look like cobweb or something else. I Had PCed the empty jars, again once I added the BRF mix. The mycelium doesn't look right and is speeding oddly, jumping around the jar not branching and expanding. Im thinking cobweb. I could be wrong. I'm pretty new. Still working on the first set of jars I started a few weeks before these.
  7. Is this contamination?

    Both jars are about 75% populated. For whatever reason a couple of the injection sites never got going so the mycelium had to work it's way around. The area in question is in between the areas of good-looking mycelium. It looks like cobweb or something potentially but I just wanted to check if I need to get rid of these two now.
  8. Help! Contamination 1st Grow

    I started my first grow about 11 days ago. I had four different varieties and used two different substrate types to see which I like best. Some in grain and some in vermiculite and brown rice flour. I had pressure cooked all of them prior to inoculation for an hour at 15 psi. I have a closet room in the basement that was five by five. I previously had painted it white and used it for herbal growing. Before I got started I sprayed everything down with bleach water. I was really bummed when I started seeing a decent amount of contamination. I've had green (trich), black, and cobweb contamination. All of them have been disposed of outside and then I pressure cook the empty jars. As soon as I noticed the contamination they were removed. At any rate I searched around my basement and found some black mold behind the baseboard trim. Whoever drywalled the basement put the drywall all the way down to the floor which wycked up any moisture. I moved my tub tub upstairs in hopes that I could save some of what was left. The coat closet it's currently in it's not ideal long-term. Basically what I need to know is a good way to seal that closet space off to help prevent any further contamination in the basement. I cut out the affected drywall and removed it. Unfortunately I probably disturbed the spores doing this and have potential billions in my basement now. What I need to know is, is there good way to make sure things are cleaned up without risking further growing? I was considering setting a petri dish out the room to see if anything naturally begins to grow. I plan to buy some concrobium to address any visible mold I find. I plan to spray solid surfaces down in bleach water. I also considered using the reflective mylar I have to basically tent off the room, sealing the corners with duct tape and even potentially leaving some hanging flaps in the doorway to make it more difficult when the door is open for contaminants to come in. Any recommendations?
  9. Growth on mushroom cap

    Three of my mushrooms have strange growths on their caps. Is this contamination or just disfigurement caused by somethijg else? The last picture is a mushroom that didnt grow upright and is turning a different color. Should i take that mushroom out?
  10. Cob web or myc?

    This is my first tub. I have four holes in the top lid and many little ones at sub levels. I put casing of verm on top of myc once it start3d pinning and taped the top lide to the bottom two days ago. There are white patches growing and since its my first time ibdont kniw if its normal or if its cob web and i need to spray with hydrogen peroxide. What does the white growths look like to you? Good? Bad?
  11. What the crap

    What's this orange crap? And that white fuzz wasn't there before. I found shrooms growing from these 2 cakes like this. Will the shrooms be ok?
  12. Is everything ok?

    3rd day into fruiting and my second bin looks like this. Is this cobweb mold or am I ok? No smells except good ole mycelium.
  13. Will you just look at these?

    Look I know there are millions of people showing contamination pics but I just can't find satisfying evidence that I have that problem. So can someone tell me if it's bad or not? If I can fix it with peroxide or not? Also are those shrooms on 6 gonna be ok??
  14. Ok, so, I’ve literally been at this for months and I really don’t know what I’ve got right now. I did three jars of Albino Penis Envy and two of them became contaminated. I’ve got some interesting growth going with this last one, but I don’t wanna get my hopes up because of what happened with the other two cakes. Thoughts? Suggestions? Insight? I just honestly don’t know if this is as good as it gets with APE, if I’ve got any that are ready to go, or if they need more time.
  15. So I've grown using the dub tub Tek a few times now. The issue I always seem to run into is the problem of dunking the sub, and returning to fruiting conditions. I typically run into two problems: Sometimes the brick won't fruit again. Most recently I tried dunking then fanning and nothing happened. I wound up amputating part of the mass where I saw mold, then tried heavily spraying (since I saw this recommended over dunking somewhere) before fanning, and got a light second fruit. This brings me to the second problem because after the second fruit, I tried spraying the brick to fruit it a third time, but this time I got mold again so I pitched it. It seems no matter what I do, I get green/gray mold after dunking or spraying. Can anyone give me tips and maybe a detailed run down of what you do after you fruit tubs the first time? I don't know what I'm doing wrong, how often I should mist, do I need to just fan after saturating the tub with water till it dries out a bit, etc?
  16. Hello members of shroomology. 8 days ago i put my first 6qt tubs into fruiting conditions prior to that they were in spawn run for 7 days. 1/4in of 50/50+ casing was added (coarse verm was not used, i have it now but didnt then) temp was dropped from 80f to 70f, a light has been added, and im misting and fanning 3x a day. however no sign of pins 8 days in now. Though the tek does say 7-14 days so im probably being too ancy. however this spec of brown showed up two days ago on one of my tubs gonna keep a close eye. On these tubs i do not have a trash bag liner i thought the liner was to block light so i taped the outside with duct tape. Though now i realize my substrate is going to shrink from the sides of the wall leading to evaporation/side pins and that was the entire point of the trash bag. I am going to be putting some jars into 6 qts for spawn run later today and i will make sure to line those tubs. Instead of just taping the outside. here is what ive done so far this grow. I thought more people would be able to see/ hopefully answer my questions here though. 1. Does anyone have any suggestions on my fruiting setup am i doing something wrong? not enough holes in lid? 2. what kind of lid do i need? the pics using mushzombies 6qt tek vary greatly from no holes with poly fill, to a million holes. this is the pic from the tek in other forums i see a hole in each corner of the top and bottom lid filled with poly fill 3. Do i need to move my light closer? when growing plants you had to have the light close so the lumens would actually reach the plant. with a 2 bulbs of the CFL 6500k daylight type 18in or so away from the lids im reading <100 lumens at the TOP of the lids. so arent the mushrooms thinking they are in the dark all the time anyways? Here are some pics of my first 3 tubs i put into fruiting conditions 8 days ago. Two pics of the outside conditions maybe you guys can see if im doing something wrong. And here is whats going on inside... Absolutely nothing lol besides that spec of brown in one tub.
  17. I keep getting Tric

    I am doing everything meticulously right, but keep getting trich in my jars over and over again even before they are mixed with kuar in the bins. I also have beautiful jars and move onto the next step, but then get trich on my cakes after kuar has been added. I have spent countless hours trying to rectify this. Help! I wash my jars and lids thoroughly. My rye has been soaked in boiling water and then rinsed well, then partially air dried. I first add 1/3 cup verm, and I fill 32 ounce jar over 3/4 of the way with rye. I place foil over the lids (mine are prefab lids with molded injection ports and synthetic filer discs) to keep water out. Then in PC for 90 minutes at 15 psi. After it cools, I inject them with alcohol-sprayed needle- and I've sprayed each lid and injection port with alcohol prior to injecting. I use about 5ccs of LC per jar. What here is not right? Can trich be present in the rye and survive the PC for 90 minutes? -- Or -- Is the trih making its way during the injection process. Could trich be in my LC?
  18. Do I have contamination ?

    So noticed this, not as white myc(atleast I hope it is) in this jar. So is this jar contaminated?
  19. Looks like water content is the least of my issues. I had five tubs 14 days into the mist & fan stage. Other than taking so long to pin everything was great. I was super careful, gloves all the time, alcohol on everything - including wiping down the fan. Then I changed my routine. I needed to spend less time tending to things so I set up an oscillating fan so I didn’t have to stand there holding a fan for 8 minutes. Trouble is I left the fan blowing for two hours (hey, I’m a busy guy!). The very next day every tub had green mold on the edges where the mycelium meets the black plastic at the top. I cut out massive hunks like trying to stop gangreen by cutting off my leg. Don’t know if these dudes will do anything other than grow more mold, but I have about two weeks before I have another batch in that stage. I need a better setup so I do less handling and have a more consistent process.
  20. Hey, y'all. I've been lurking around here for awhile but I think need some specific advice. This is my first time growing. It looks like there is contamination just under a few of the shotgun holes in my tub. Is there any way to tell if this is Trich, or asper, etc...? Also, does the whiter mycelium around the edges look suspect, given how the mycelium in the middle looks? Thanks for your help! If you need any other pictures I'd be happy to take them.
  21. Is this contamination?

    I let my tubs run a week longer than intended because I was out of town. When I opened them up to case them they looked like this with lots of water pooled on top. Is this contamination? Does the excess water imply I had too much water in the spawn run to begin with?
  22. The jar on the right is healthy. the jar on the left is clearly contaminated. Does anyone know what this is?
  23. Hello all! So heres the story. I chose to do the pf tek and mistakingly didnt add any substrate, like brown rice flour, with the vermiculite. I had inoculated the jars and the temp was around 67. after i realized i messed up i emptied the jars and mixed new vermiculite and added the flour. i then reinoculated the jars and after a weekend i found this. It looks like mycelium and the whole jar is covered like this but im not sure so any help would be awesome! Ps. the temp is now at 72 average and i have made no changes to my house temp.
  24. grain jar, contaminated?

    first grain inoculation, someone can tell me what is this amber mucosi stuff in the grain? I guess I shouldn't expand this one, right?
  25. Hello guys. About 4 days ago I've put cakes to my FC. I noticed a strange spot on my cake... A bit worried about contamination. Can you help me to identify this spot... Thank you!