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  1. I have to small monotubs setup and they seem to be going strong as far as colonization. However I opened them up today and noticed an off smell, somewhat like plastic. The mycelium seems to be quite strong. I also notice a little pooling of brownish liquid on the tops, which I've read could be mycelial metabolites. This is my first monotub test, so I dont know what to expect. I am attaching a photo of each tub. Only one has the brownish water. Below is a description of my methods. Any advice on the smell or pooling of brown liquid would be appreciated. -Wheat be
  2. Could someone tell me if this is mycellium growing ? It looks to have dark rings in it, im guessing it is contam or how else would I have gotten such a clen strain from print (used sterile innoculation loop to gather spores from print) PE #6 on Potato Dextrose Agar
  3. Dez

    Please help!

    Can you please help me identify if this is mold and contaminated? This is my first time growing and i am still in the trials and errors stage. I started growing B+, Amazon, Brazil and Mazapatec. Harvested about 350g Brazil(wet), 700g B+(wet) and 300g Amazon(wet) so far. In the last couple of days, the color in the bins started changing and i am worried about my babies. No funny smells coming from the bins yet.
  4. So this is my first grow and everything was gong well up until a day or so ago. I started to notice this little brown flake as well as this very white stuff I think might be trich. Any ideas? And if so anything I can do to save the boxes? I have been following bod's shoebox tek as well as bod's substrate tek. The spawn and substrate were mixed about 6 days ago. Right now I have them in fruiting conditions with a plastic bag with holes poked through it over top the boxes. The sides are very wet because I just sprayed them but the moisture has already mostly dissipated.
  5. First time grow here, I am running two trays in my fruiting chamber only on this specific one. One tray looks amazing and the other looks like this. It never showed mycelium on the top like the other tray. Yesterday i saw this white spot and today it got much bigger. Is it mold? thank you for any help
  6. I have 4 jars of wbs that I let sit for a few days. Ive been too busy and haven't had much time recently but I planned on doing g2g today of penis envy uncut and noticed this brownish/red color on the micropore tape filters. Is this a red flag? I’ve had success and failure in the past but Ive noticed this on my contaminated jars in the past. Is micropore tape an ineffective filter or is there a problem with my tek/cleanliness
  7. Gonnadoit

    Mycelium and Green Mold Competition

    This is my first attempt at growing mycelium. I used soaked, boiled and dried rye berries w/ gypsum in mason jars with 1/4" hole in lid, stuffed with cotton. Cooked at high pressure in insta pot duo for 2 hours. I used purchased oyster wood plugs, that I have had for a month. Used sterile gloves to drop the mycelium plugs in the jars as quickly as possible. Here's the part I don't understand. After a few days, there was definitely green forming, at about the same pace as the mycelium. Now the mycelium is completely dominant and there is very little green. Is it safe? Can th
  8. I inoculated 11 jars on May 15th, I have four left because all but these four had distinct spots of green among the healthy rope like growth so I tossed them in the trash. Out of the four jars I have left, I don’t have any distinct green spots but I feel like two of the four jars look different than the really healthy ones I have. The two really healthy ones I have are almost fully white and have rope like strands. One of the two strange jars has a slight yellow tint to part of the jar and is growing much slower than the very healthy two jars. The other one has started growing little mushrooms
  9. Hi, I'm using the PF tek for the Golden Teacher and I happened to get this on one of my cakes. (see pictures) I've isolated it because at that point, the color was kinda subtle and I wasn't even sure if there was a definite color. The plan was to isolate it and see the evolution. But I forgot to take care of it (no water or anything)... and in spite of this, the purple-ish color became definitely purple. Even though it is beautiful, am I looking at the infamous purple mold that can trigger meningitis? Is someone able to tell me what is it exactly please?
  10. Hey guys, can anyone tell me wether this is contamination or psylocibin? The cake was totally white while birthing and i boiled the water (let it cool ofc) before birthing. Thanks everyone!
  11. Rykan1408


    Hello Everyone, I hope this post is in the correct section of the forums, but given this is my first post I'm not %100 sure. If not I'll happily create a new thread in the correct area if someone would kindly direct me to said area. With that out of the way I come to you seeking aid. This is my first attempt at cultivating mushrooms, and I have one jar that's developed a dark discoloration at the very top of the cake. It appeared about a week ago and has slowly claimed the upper 1/5th of the cake. I can't tell if it's contamination, dead mycelium, or natural discoloration of the mycelium
  12. basidium_equilibrium

    My Goliath Golden Teacher

    Okay, so heres some quick back story on my Goliath GT that was 137 gram wet mushroom with a 7inch cap. I've been growing for about a year and posting photos and stories on another platform. This past August I had a flush of golden teacher that produced only a handful of mushrooms on its first flush one of which was 137 g. I watched this mushroom grow over the course of a few days very carefully. I immediately realized that the pin of this mushroom was absolutely huge. I let them mushroom Grow and fully mature. The day I harvested it, I quickly noticed a small patch of contamination on the
  13. bigplantsgrow

    Spider web? Contamination

    I've got a small patch of what might be spider web fungus. Can anyone confirm from the photo? Is hydrogen peroxide effective at getting rid of it?
  14. PsillyHenryD8th

    Contaminated? Or edible sacrament?

    Do these look okay, or are any contaminations present? Second flush, been in fruiting conditions for exactly 4 weeks. Got a decent first flush, a few mushies grew like this in different spots, so I flipped the whole cake/substrate and got these guys hence the divide in the middle, safe to dry/eat?
  15. The shroom Todd

    Contamination or not ? help ...

    Hey Guys, First post here even if I have been active here for 5 months. I learned everything from this forum and thanks for that. I started by doing cakes and switched to the "Rez effect reloaded" by Mush Zombie and I was doing great until now... I face a problem I can't fix up... so I would need your advices please. I don't know if it s contaminated, or it s just bruise-y because to much fan .... what do you think ? Of course we can't say it s an healthy tub. I have changed 2 things : - the location from my living room with high ceiling, natural light to a "closed room" wh
  16. Hi, I've inoculated Penis envy (PE) in november. First time grower. Cakes were ordered from a popular website (I will do mine next time, but for the sake of giving you the most accurate information) Spores were ordered from a liable source. Light : I gave them light, didn't go for the total darkness for weeks. Something around 12/12, or maybe 10 light, 14 darkness. Temperature : 20 Celsius only for the main part. (68-70 F) Didn't want to put a heating mat under it for different reasons. Took them about 8 weeks to fully colonize and then I
  17. Hi, I've inoculated Penis envy (PE) in november. First time grower. Cakes were ordered from a popular website (I will do mine next time, but for the sake of giving you the most accurate information) Spores were ordered from a liable source. Light : I gave them light, didn't go for the total darkness for weeks. Something around 12/12, or maybe 10 light, 14 darkness. Temperature : 20 Celsius only for the main part. (68-70 F) Didn't want to put a heating mat under it for different reasons. Took them about 8 weeks to fully colonize and then I
  18. Tryptafanatic

    Possible contam?

    Hello all, first time poster, long time lurker. I am relatively new to the world of mycology and mycological cultivation. Ive run a few batches of basic brf pf cakes that went fairly decently and have been trying to branch into bulk sub, and was just trying to get some advice and further insight from the community. the rye bag has was colonizing fine but then after a few weeks pale greenish grey myc started coming in and i was wondering if anyone could identify it or has had something similar Also this green spot showed up on the bottom a few days ago. I know this bag is very lik
  19. Toadfungus

    Is this contain or just from the rye

    Hey guys, first legit grow, got this about a day or two ago, 2-3 weeks into colonization. Wondering if this is contam and if so can it be saved.
  20. darkvoyager


    whats up, im pretty pissed because this first tub has contaminated on me AGAIN with trich in the corner and apparently I have uneven evaporation because I have a shit ton of side pins on pins on the bottom few one top. theres been plenty of FAE and humidity has constantly been over 80% AT LEAST in the cased sub. Tub 2 is on its 7th day and I all I see is rhino, humidity here is kept at 90%+ always because the holes up top are a little smaller. As long as humidity has been around those levels I've left the top holes more or less wide open. is Co2 levels affecting me? I'm starting to feel
  21. Aya

    Orange liquid in PF tek

    Hi all, I have two jars that have this orange liquid. I only saw it today. Yesterday all was good 1) fully colonized on 23-12-2018. On the 25th it was still fine. 2) fully colonized on 24-12-2-18. On the 25th it was still fine. I found two different comments on other forums when I was googling about contamination: A: Throw out the jar. Do not open is. Do not sterilize it. Some others say you can sterilize it B: Birth them now and wash away the orange liquid and it's good to go. Can anyone say if I can birth them. Also what are the risks if any at all? Love to h
  22. Apex APE

    Penis Envy contam

    Growing a Mono tub of Penis envy and unsure if this is contaminated, as most of these yellow clusters which are few but still evident are troubling me. Also have a very small spot of fuzz which is possibly from humidity.
  23. Hello! I began fruiting 3 strains from wild bird seed cakes in a large glass aquarium about a week ago. The cakes are healthy, but the substrate in the bottom of the aquarium I used (wild bird seed with vermiculite casing) became contaminated with green mold three days ago. I suspect this happened due to improper sterilization of the substrate on my end. My question is, should I pull the cakes out and replace the substrate in the middle of the fruiting process? The cakes are not pinning yet, but were 100% colonized before going in. Temps are around 75, RH 75-70%, and a small fan circulates the
  24. Aya

    Not sure if contaminated

    Hi, I am wondering what you think. It seems like I was just too late in harvesting? This morning they looked fine. Color was not off. When I got home I saw this black stuff. Was I just too late or is there something wrong? Thank you for helping out. Kind regards, Aya
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