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Found 154 results

  1. Spawned grain jars using spore syringe, mixed with purchased bulk substrate, and then use a monotub, utilizing a tray for easier soaking between flushes. Cubensis SA Ive been successful in the past with other strains, but my current tray hasn't seen any growth in over a week. Some of the caps have lightened in color, which I assumed was maturation, but the mushrooms havent done anything in a while and appear to be rotting? Or am I just being impatient? Based on my limited experience I want to pull them, soak, and go for flush two. Maybe too much moisture/ too little? The only thing ive done differently is I went on a 3-day ski trip early on before 1st pin so no FAE, but I dont see how that would have affected this now.
  2. So I want to do a Monotub-grow and use horse manure as substrate. The problem is that i can't find simple dehydrated manure. I can only get HPoo pellets. The pellets are 100% HPoo and have 1.9% nitrogen and 1% phosphorus. Can I use those pellets for a bulk substrate? Help would be appreciated
  3. I have been waiting for this batch of mushrooms to colonize for over a month now and still nothing! This happened on my last batch too, but I assumed that because I ordered them while it was 110 degrees out that the heat killed the spores... Would anyone be able to tell my what I could have done to keep my jars from colonizing? Also, would anyone be able to ID this contam? It's light green, and wanted to make sure on the type of contam so I know how to dispose of it...
  4. Hey guys seems like I can't get a reply here. Gonna give it one last try them I'm closing my account. Are these ready to harvest and steps I need for flush should I use 3% peroxide in my flush water thanks.
  5. Hey guys seems like I can't get a reply here. Gonna give it one last try them I'm closing my account. Are these ready to harvest and steps I need for flush should I use 3% peroxide in my flush water thanks.
  6. Can ya guess what my dumbass did? I thot the extra white stuff grow in on myc and shrooms was tam and I saw a little greenish discoloration so I put just a tiny bit of iso on a qtip and tap it on the worse spot. Well ok I found out the white stuff just more myc and the green stuff a little bruising. Now I've bruised the shit outta my babies. What's the verdict this try just done for or do is have a chance?
  7. I was wondering if my cake looked like there was more pins on its way? cause I have only had the two since ive birthed it which was 2 am on the 20th. The pins started in the jar so I birthed it but they haven't grown a lot since then, why are they growing so slow, should they be bigger after two days?
  8. Hey everyone !! Hope I am in the right place ...couldn't figure out with the life of me how to post on here but .... I think I am doing it now lol soo... correct me if I am wrong . Just did some rye grains and then worked PERFECT and I wanted to share my tek for bulk growing with rye and horse manure
  9. Yesterday, I made another BRF Flatcake. My last one fruited great. I use a glass Pyrex square dish, broke up 3 colonized CAMBODIAN cakes in a plastic bag. Then dumped it into the Pyrex dish. I compacted the broken up cakes really well, then covered with a thin layer of damp, fine vermiculite. I then put saran wrap over top, and poked 5 small pinholes in it, covered by micropore tape. I put it back in my incubation shelf. It takes about 7 days to recolonize into one big flatcake that has more surface area than a regular cake does, which means more shrooms. I will birth the cake in about a week by taking a spatula and flipping the cake out of the Pyrex and the bottom on top. Then I dunk it for 24hrs, and add a top layer of damp verm. Then it goes Into my medium size SGFC on a metal rack just above the perlite, which is 5" inches deep. I tried this last month and I got mad pins that turned into nice size mushrooms. It flushed twice then got green mold so I dumped it. But it worked great, I only expected to get 2 flushes anyway, I rarely get a third with BRF Cakes ever... The Flatcake is about 3/4ths of an inch thick, and 8" by 5" in width/length. I definitly recommend trying the tek out for yourself. It's a great way to increase yeild. Just make sure your cakes are the same strain and that it recolonizes again into one solid mass before taking it out of the Pyrex. I used cambos, as they colonize quickly and worked well on my first attempt last month. I only use CAMBODIAN variety nowadays. Busting the BRF Cakes up and casing in verm works without having to add bulk substrate because brown rice flower cakes are so nutritious already, and the vermiculite holds plenty of water for them too. Try it out and see how it works! Thanks!
  10. I innoculated the jars on the 20th of sept within alacabenzi lc it is now the 9th day, I innoculated straight downwards into the Substrate because I didi not know you were supposed to inject it to drip down the glass, there is healthy mycelium growing on one part but at the bottom there is some yellow orange, Is this bacteria or is it just early mycelium metabolites?
  11. I innoculated some jars with some Alacabenzi Liquid culture syringes and one jar that has some healthy Mycelium growing at the innulation point downwards but when you look at the bottom it has some yellow/Orange color on the bottom of the jar in the middle that is the size of a quarter It is just plain substrate though, is this early Mycelium Metobolites fighting a contaminent or is it a contaminent?
  12. I innoculated this jar on the 20th of Sept with Alacabenzis, Is this healthy looking mycelium?
  13. Contam ?

    So I’m about 80% sure this is just bruising. It’s only my second grow so I’m still learning. My first grow got Trich so I’ve seen it before and it doesn’t look like Trich. It’s a small tub so I’ve easily kept the entire surface misted the same. Everything has went perfect this is day 14 in fruiting. Then yesterday when I checked them there is this round blueish patch, which I also noticed has 0 pins, it hasn’t got bigger but it came for no reason, I’m wondering if something underneath is causing the damage? has anyone ever had random bruising end up being a contam underneath it ? Pics below.
  14. Are these hyphal knots?

    So I only have 1 grow to my name and it was a slightly successful Monotub, pulled 1 oz and then got Trich and tossed it, personally was very pleased. Anyway I wasn’t home when that tub pinned and fruited, was gone for 4 days and came back to pins, so I’m curious are all these little white dots hyphal knots? Cause they appeared 3 days ago after 4 days in fruiting, (7 total today) and there’s alottt, I can’t imagine those are all gunna be pins ? I’ve seen pics of RR’s knots and they look identical. What’s your thoughts?
  15. This is my first time growing here are 3 pictures of the same jar, growing has slowed noticeably all of a sudden, i suspect that i did not circulate the air well enough, i saw smiley blackish tops and here are i am, i only tried 1 jar my first time figured this type of thing would happen any advise and help would be great.
  16. I have a small 3x3 patch I made by burying some old tubs. how would I go about feeding and expanding the patch?
  17. First grow. 6qt B+ GT WBS

    Hello members of shroomology. Ive used this site for research for awhile and finally decided to dive into this and figured I would journal my first grow here. I will be using Mush Zombie 6qt dub tub method, found here with some minor changes. Adding gypsum to the WBS and coir and taking oyster shells out of some casing to see the effects. I also need to do some more research on the use of the fan, however that is many weeks away. Day 0 made my glovebox, tops, got rid of sunflower seeds, cooked my WBS, and then PC'd it for 90min @ 15lbs I used this vid on the youtubes for a guide on my glovebox. Day 1 After allowing the jars to cool overnight I inoculated them with approx. 1cc of either B+ or GT Jars 1-6 i felt contained alot of moisture after PC'd so i used less for jars 7-12. This was my first time PC'ing so just followed the manual the first go around. Jars 1-6 had no gypsum added to the WBS soak. Jars 7-12 had 1 flat tablespoon added to the water. Jars 1-3, 6-9 were inoculated with GT Jars 4-6, 10-12 were inoculated with B+ All the jars are put away in the dark at 76 F. Hoping i dont grow a bunch of mold or atleast ONE jar makes it. I shall be back to update everyone in a few days of this rookies progress. p.s. I found this screen at wally world was super useful in cleaning the WBS after the soak. was $3
  18. Dunked the monotub to trigger the 4th flush, quite deep substrate around 6-7 inches. Pulled a good amount from the flush so far, this is probably the biggest shroom out of the lot. Didn't know where to post this topic, not sure if showing off fits into the general questions forum..
  19. My roommate and myself have started to show an interest in cubensis, so we decided we wanted to try our hand at growing some. We went on SOS, ordered a syringe of a random cubensis, sent the money in and waited. After over a month of waiting, the spores finally came in, after we had almost completely forgotten about them , and they're Golden Teachers!! We are now storing the syringe in our fridge while we wait for funds to go purchase the rest of the growing materials. I will update this post as progress is made
  20. So I got a microscope for Xmas n I know nothing about it and seek help. I don’t know what I’m looking for let alone looking at but I am super interested!!! My scope is an AM scope 40-1000x. In the pic I believe are spores on one of the lowest setting? Can I see if my spores are cantaminated or if a syringe has bacteria if already before I use it? What cool things can I get into with this machine if any?
  21. Hey guys...second flush of these cakes. Yes there is noticeable bruising on the cakes I am aware. I noticed some of the pins have already opened their caps while immature. Also noticed one cake has larger fruits but they have brown streaks on them. I am thinking that these cakes are suffering from verticillium or some other cotam. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Also to note: the first flush was good for both of these cakes with healthy fruits. Thanks.
  22. Hey, all. So, I am doing WBS in quart size jars. When I first made them I put verm on the bottom and didn't do any particular field test for moisture, just kind of eye-balled it and compared it to videos I have seen. The moisture seemed good. For the first half of the incubation period I was holding a relatively constant temperature of 78F. The last half I fluctuated quite a bit. For a couple days I had temps into the low 90s then others days I had temps as low as 69F. Out of 22 jars only 7 were fully colonized by the month mark. The rest ranging from about 60-90% colonized. I left them in for another week to give them some more time but growth seems to have halted. I attribute it to the high temps and not as accurate moisture content of the WBS, but I see a lot of people not being super specific as well as a lot that are insanely specific on what to do when preparing their grain. Now my question; I went ahead and spawned 4 of those 7 fully colonized jars to bulk, they still had some visible moisture in the jar but they just looked a little dry. Is there a temperature and moisture content that the jars could get to that would kill the myc. or are they pretty resilient. Since I added them into my hydrated coco coir substrate will they just use that moisture and start growing again? How does that process take place? I understand the importance of changing temps when going to fruiting but I want to know if I fucked myself by having these varied temps during incubation. Thanks.
  23. Alacabenzi Log

    Hello Everyone, It has been a while since Iv had a log. I got a syringe years ago from who knows where. but it says alacabenzi on it. I did Noc two jars of grain. I will get into how i prep grains and such later in this log. One contam and other was so/so. nothing i wanted to risky to grow out. So I took Grain to agar. After three Transfers, Now the agar looks ready for use. I did make a slurry mix and put to LC. hope to test that in about a week. Here are some pics. Agar mix: malt, agar + little bit of yeast (food coloring to make black (red+blue) The White hand shows where i took my sample to put to another agar dish. The black hand shows a fight that i want to stay away from Noc a small jar to keep in my fridge for long term storage and other uses (sorry pic sucks) LC mix is also the Malt+karo mix That will do it for now. As soon as i see good growth i will be putting to Red milo grain.
  24. Hey guys I'm growing PES Amazonian shrooms, they're going great for my first time I just wanna know when do you guys think I should start harvesting them? They've been growing 5-6 days and some of their veils are breaking (little less than half ) the thing that I was thinking about though is that they look smaller than the pics I've seen of them matured? It's just confusing me because the veils are breaking. A bit of help would be appreciated, thanks
  25. Cobweb or myeclium?

    I have searched for what cobweb looks like and I am still unsure. This is my first time working with spawn.