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Found 16 results

  1. darkvoyager


    Started from the bottom now we here! Built this bad boy myself
  2. Hi y’all, it has been a while! I hope you peeps are good. Although I’ve been absent for a while, I’m here in spirit, and mushroom grow stuff is ongoing, I’ve had a few setbacks but believe and hope I’ve overcome the issues I had before with my FC, have my fingers crossed that I’ll be fruiting some shamanically revered and much cherished Mexican exotic Psilocybes soon! I thought I’d share this in case it is of interest to peeps…I’m privileged to be a study participant in cutting edge neuroscience research conducted by Imperial College London looking at the effects of the very powerful an
  3. jeffery.1943

    The time DMT left me behind

    I have around 5-10 dmt exp. with 4 pretty intense trips. Until yesterday all have been extremely similar, let me briefly describe them. The substance was off white yellow i have never taken more then two hits MAYBE .2, I always would travel somewhere and be with one person/thing, a female guardian that protected me almost leading me to the afterlife, which i was okay with, and there were not a lot of colors. I am wondering if this was infact 5 MEO. Its been about 4yrs since experiencing dmt. Yesterday i used Worked surprisingly well and was wayyyy more simple then my previ
  4. Starting my first attempt at an extraction using MHRB. I plan to follow this tek I hope you all can forgive me for asking some dumbass questions. I am a virgin to doing extractions and I want to make sure I understand every step. First off, do I need to grind up my MHRB into a powder, or is that just to speed up the process? And when I add the rb to the water with sodium hydroxide, is there any limit to how long I leave it before getting to the step of adding naptha? Is it ok to leave it mixed for several days?
  5. Hey all, I received 2kg of some inner root bark from Mimosa Hostilis, I did a STB extraction using @mushmouth's tek. I used 4 qt jars, 50g of shredded bark each. I let it sit in the lye water for 2-3 days before I got around to doing the 1st pull. I am warming the jars up in my old PC, and the naps are getting warmed in a small pot of hot water. I used old naps that were a little yellow for the 1st pull. First pull After the pull 24 hrs in the freezer set on high: Here is
  6. Ragnarok

    Snorting Dimitri

    Anyone ever snorted dmt? How is it?
  7. Ok, I have extracted dmt from MHRB a plenty, from ACRB only twice and it was more experimental than anything. My goal here is to extract deemers crystals from acrb, I plan to mix an ayuhuasca recipe with an Extraction method to achieve this. I have done it before but the crystals were yellow. This time, we want white crystals... so here goes. First securing the ACRB, I got a kilo of fresh ACRB straight from Hawaii, used a well reputed vendor I have past experience with. When I get home will start grinding it to make powder, big party at my place tonight so tomorrow will get the other ingr
  8. I was wondering if anyone ever smoked/vaped the deems on lucy and was it effective? just curious if it would be a waste of product, or does the tryptamine work alongside the lysergic acid??
  9. OpenBar

    My pipe

    From the album: ....

  10. RiK

    Jungle Spice

    From the album: DMT run

    Jizz to Spice lol
  11. I received my bark in the mail I opted for large pieces becuse,I've never used the vendor and though it would be harder to "cut" whole pieces hehe(pun intended) starting with 100g ... I need to get a few more things before I start so don't touch that dial the show will return after these brief messages.
  12. Those Who Were

    DMT Mason Jar Lid Deterioration

    Hello yall, I have been saving all of my old dmt jars and recently did 2 pulls on each on of them all in one go. There were about 7 jars and every last one of their lid linings were deteriorating and flaking off. The deterioration is also noticeable on my very recently made jars. This is especially concerning because i read on the nexus that those lids do contain BPA and im sure other things that may or may not be soluble in naphtha but nonetheless SHOULD NOT be contaminating your extractions. I believe i have a solution to the problem where mason jars can still be used but i h
  13. Hi peeps, Some news I thought some of you may also find interesting...a friend is helping fund an upcoming IV DMT brain imaging study being conducted by Imperial College London here in the UK. His friend is the PhD student spearheading it, under the supervision of Professor David Nutt and Dr Robin Carhart-Harris . The study will be investigating the effects of different dosages of DMT on the brain via EEG and fMRI. I'm signed up for the pilot study...two study days, a week apart, in November. On one day I will receive the placebo (IV saline), the other I will receive my allocated dose of
  14. Cool article written by friend's on Reality Sandwich that may be of interest to peeps. http://realitysandwich.com/318885/dmt-research-from-1956-to-the-edge-of-time/
  15. A scientific study proposal on DMT on science crowdfunding platform Walacea, 20 days to go and less than £200 shy of funding goal. Study will build on recent research suggesting that DMT is a potent antioxidant, and may preserve life in hypoxic episodes. I've been in touch with the guy behind this, Dr Ede Frecska, for a while, he's a great guy who really know his stuff. His ongoing research on DMT is easily the most important since Dr Rick Strassman's initial studies and is worthy of support, I've contributed towards this. https://walacea.com/campaigns/dmt/ How could DMT be of use to Medicin
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