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Found 21 results

  1. Does this look contaminated? I think so but want to hear your thoughts. Im pretty new to all this sonkinda experimenting to see differnt things. So I had a extra brf cake that I decided to grade up the cake into a coir substrate mix. Then I covered with foil and pit it in the incubator for 10 days. I removed the foil today. It seems there is some excess water on top of the sub. Also the white stuff in your corner is fuzzy. Anyways here are the pics you tell me.
  2. jammingshroom

    5 time trying 2 time success

    hey guys I'm back again with my 5 try but second success at growing I have a few pictures to show and a few questions as well, but before I get into that I'll give the basic setup info I'm doing a 6 qt dub tub mist and fan Tek tut by mushzom I have 4 tubs two of which I used the ztub tek making holes and putting polyfill into them one of those two I used microspore tape (it didn't work) of the 4 tubs I got going right now 2 have started to pin and showing tiny mushrooms (one of which I used the ztub tek - the other old school mist and fan), one is still coming along the myc haven't gotten past the casing yet (this one I modified the ztub tek and used microspore tape "big no no") and the other well I'm not sure... the myc has gotten past the casing an it's making weird formations (I think this one is one I used cyan spore instead of regular cube spores but I'm not sure because I messed the labeling up and if I'm not mistaken I think the strain I'm using is either Burma or treasure coast an that last tub might be a cyan not sure though... you'll see in the pictures this is tub 1 (mist and fan Tek) + pins this is tub 1 again (closeup) + pins this is tub 2 (ztub tek with polyfill) + pins this is tub 2 closeup + pins this is tub 3 (the one I think it's a cyan spore + had weird myc formations) this is tub 3 again closeup of those formations I'm talking about this is tub 4 this is all four in a greenhouse with a humidifier at the bottom when I was using dubtub tek on all four I couldn't tell the humidity but my room was around 50 give or take and the temp was around 70 average in the greenhouse I've got it up to 90 percent humidity and the temp is still around 70 highest 76 since I took the tubs out from the spawn run and began to fruit it's been 2 weeks and the pins first started to show around the 15th day ok so here are my concerns/questions 1. how do they look 1 - 4 2. is it ok to move them from the dubtub tek to the mini greenhouse? 3. since I moved them to the mini greenhouse do I still mist and fan, fan only, or since I have the humidifier don't fan or mist at all? 4. the lil darkness on tub 2 at the bottom and 3 on the weird myc growth...is that contam or bruising? 5. since tubs 1 and 2 are pinning do I stop misting and just fan, especially since I have the humidifier on?
  3. Sonshyn

    Sonshyn does a grow log

    Ok so atm I have a 128 oz bag of large yellow popcorn in the pc. Last night I also rinsed and picked through a 10# bag of wbs . It does have some cracked corn in it but all the sunflower seeds are out . Reading through some teks last night in one of MZ’s he says gypsum is required but I didn’t see where he added it . I assume just before the final of (only) pc? pics to come shortly @aqudoc
  4. So my second flush has been collected, this time I think I made a mistake during the induction to the next flush and misted too much as sidepins appeared. I think because of low evaporation in the middle of the substrate. Stil, good champis have developed and its time for the third flush.
  5. I am attempting my first grow and have 3 half-pint BRF jars (Mazatapec) at 100% and another 3 that are almost there. I want to do a dub tub and have two questions: 1. Should I mist and fan or do a zombie tub? Do you decide just on how much time you want to spend or are there other things to consider? 2. Since Mush Zombie's dub tub tek calls for 1 quart of grain spawn, but grain spawn jars are only about 2/3 full, can I use 3 half-pint BRF cakes in place of the 1 quart of grain spawn, or should I use more? Thanks!
  6. Hi, everybody, new here. I’ll add a photo soon, can’t seem to do it from my phone. I have 5 tubs that are in the “mist and fan” stage of the DubTub Tek. They seem to be doing alright about 12 days in with no pins yet, but mycelium is creeping out around the edges so it seems healthy. My question is about the amount of water used in misting. Every spray bottle will be different and I thought mine was spraying so fine that I needed to get 10-15 pumps on each tub surface. I think I’m overdoing it, so I started weighing a few of the tubs. They are all about 3 1/2 to 4 pounds. I found that in two days they would all gain about an ounce. I think that is not a good thing, so I started drying them by fanning 3-4 times a day with very little to no misting. They are all losing a little weight (about an ounce in 4 days), still incubating at 100% humidity and the surface is still wet so my question (finally) is this: Has anyone tracked the weight of their tubs and does it seem like a good, non intrusive way to monitor health of the grow?
  7. sneakymortar

    Second Grow

    First off, thanks for having me! I've spent hours pouring over the knowledge here. I've made some mistakes and learned some lessons. I've been focusing on documentation and adjusting as needed when I make any mistakes. I'm open to feedback on any and all of this. I did not take pictures of the WBS or Jars while colonizing so I apologize for that gap. I initially started going the way of a monotub but decided against it. I'd rather chuck 6 quarts of effort over a whole large tub. Maybe some day when I actually get things sorted and feel more confident. I used the following TeK's so thanks to those authors and everyone who commented on anything related while I was google-fu'ing Inoculated w/ MS Golden Teacher Syringe - Used 1ml per Jar / Tried and failed at my first LCs with the rest. str0bes No Fail WBS TeK-v2.0 - I learned after my first batch of Jars - 1.5 cups of wbs per quart jar as they seemed much more full once hydrated/cooked and rocked me to shake. They also were pretty slow colonizers. Out of 8 quarts of spawn I lost 2. I was probably over-cautious but I'd rather be safe then sorry. 6 Quart Dub Tub *mist And Fan* Bulk Tek - Used coir and spent coffee grounds for substrate. Mixed 3 quarts of substrate to 1 quart spawn 10 Days Incubated at 78F The first two tubs could have used more time and after popping the top I realized I didn't cut the bags down as well as I should have. It did cause problems with side pins later so I guess it's a lesson learned. If there was any fluid on the top I used paper towel to soak it up before casing it. Used 50/50 casing from this same TeK The rest turned out to be much nicer. More like this: Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan, Mist and Fan. Days of patience and then the side pins started! During this time I was doing further reading as only 2 tubs were showing much activity. Turns out I was over-misting. I began fanning a little extra on 4 not showing pinning. One tub was lost, probably again overcautious but I'd rather be safe than have any amount of green or odd color in my tubs. Didn't take pictures of it and didn't keep anything from it. Just tossed the whole thing in the garbage. On day 12 there was some visitors - I'll take what I can get right? Next Day: This is what the side pinners looked like as they came into their own Second Dub that was quick and on the side for the first flush: Focus was on keeping things habitable as possible and I only allowed indirect light for the tubs. My third tub was pretty active during this time. They kinda looked different. I did buy an MS syringe for this run so maybe there's some differences This guy was fairly thick but short. Perhaps I'm not misting correctly or something is off. They popped veils quickly. Last two tubs are flushing now and the pinsets are a little better: Quick totals First flush - Wet: 1227g Dry: TBD - In Progress Thoughts ? Pointers? I'll be building a flowhood next month - 24x24 I'm looking to grab an All American off of Ebay soon, been using a TFal Thanks for looking! TL;DR - I feel like I'm getting somewhere, heres some pictures and my experience!
  8. Back again with a question. First SR of 2x 6qt Tubs using WBS/CPoo sub I'm a little worried on the yellowish fluid. It smells very earthy and much like shrooms but I'd hate to case over and not be able to see if there's growth or anything awful under there. I was a bit weak on getting the bag nicely tucked on the edges, forgive me. I did trim down though after the pictures were taken. Thoughts? Case or toss? EDIT: Tags
  9. Lebmartin

    Time to go big

    Well I've gotten pretty comfortable with cakes and growing the shrooms, I've had a couple ounces now between the last couple batches. It's not quite as much as I expected and it's all been from MS as well. I'm looking to move forward and get into bulk growing with hgher quality spores. I also would like to get into using spore prints, but I have no idea how to use them or make liquid culture, none of that. All I know is the cake stuff. I was wondering what my next step should be. Which shrooms to buy? What materials? Which tek is the easiest for a novice like myself to start with? Some advice would be useful, I'd appreciate it.
  10. This is 6 days later but looks slightly dry and lots of aerial mycelium. I've always used the same recipe but let me know if any of you have experienced this and they turned out alright. I'm about to put a casing on it and hopefully that will rehydrate the substrate a little bit. They look fully colonized though and no odd smells?? No cobweb either? I did use a room heater this time to keep temps around 80f cause it's in the 60s at night in the house and that low temp would be terrible for spawn run and wouldve most likely have stunted growth altogether so I didn't have an option. Still though they look dry, idk...
  11. OpenBar

    Open Grow log

    Starting a Open grow log for all my random and funny grows. Here is a jar i was using for g2g that i was done with and just put into fruiting mode, I didnt take pics of first flush. This is a jar that was ready to spawn. i started to shake it up to pour into tub and i seen this little guy growing. This is a tub that I picked today... Something in missing.. can you tell what it is?
  12. MushMouth92

    GT pin porn

    Yesterday i saw a few hyphal knots turning to pins, today it's full blown pin city, hopefully two more days till I got a couple oz, these are just two of ten tubs I got going so right now, any feedback is appreciated
  13. zzuurrcc


    From the album: Random Pictures 2017

    Spawn Run with the strain Thai Koh Samui. Not sure if im putting too many holes in the tin foil? Let me know what yall think. I tried out oven bags for the first time in the pressure cooker. I wish i knew it was so easy before today. i think i got 4 dub tubs worth of substrate in the pressure cooker at one time. That is Double of what i was doing.
  14. Hi friends. Constructing a dubtub/ztub from 6 quart shoebox tubs? I have a little advice regarding proper tub selection. If you are planning to only use the Z-Tub tek, then you may have been advised to use duct tape to seal the top to the bottom with duct tape. While this certainly works, anytime you need to access the interior (harvesting, problem solving, climate adjustments) you will have to carefully remove the tape, then replace it when you are finished. Yes, this is doable, but IMHO a real PITA. Luckily I was in the chat room here at ology once upon a time since I had not yet constructed my Z-Tubs, and was asking a ton of questions...I was cautioned away from one dubtub modification (involving cutting and gluing lids) and those in the chat told me they use weather stripping and clips instead of duct tape. After my first ztub grow I understood why. That tape is a bitch man. So... line the rim of your upper tub with weather stripping, and clip it down with chip clips or binder clips, or such. Seems simple, but I ran into problems. I had some shoebox tubs which I purchased at Walmart (pics 1 and 2) You can see 3 important problems with this tub. The gaps are huge when inverting the top.... the corners are round, which would might be nice for a slower curve using the stripping, except for the third problem...the top rim is also curved, and the actual uppermost of the rim is only about 1/4 cm wide. The stripping has nowhere to adhere. The only way to easily use this type of tub is as a ztub, using duct tape, and all the agony that will bring, and if you use this tub you will probably have to use tape. I later read someone say they preferred the tubs at home depot. Pic 3. Squared corners, very small gap. Pic 4, The top rim is flat and wide. Easy to put the weather stripping on. So I started weather stripping these. One for each pair, the top tub. It needs to be the top tub so you can use the lid during incubation. I also had troubles making the stripping around the corners work. I tried to curve it around (nope) tried to notch the outside edge so it would curve better (nope) then I tried to miter the corners in. That worked (sort of), but required micropore tape or such to seal the corners. Pic 5 shows how I had to tape the mitered corners. (This works, but still I have to peel and replace tape when I open the tub.) And pic 6 shows my final solution, my recommendation, overlay the stripping at the corners... and put a clip on each end. These binder clips work great, real stiff and mashes the stripping down, creating a tight seal. I have found this exact tub at both Home Depot and Target. Lowe's has another brand that I haven't used, but should work. Summary... Get square cornered tubs with a flat upper lip. Line the upper lip with weather stripping, overlaying at the corners. And use strong clips to clamp the top down to the bottom. Now you can use your dubtubs as a manual tub, or as a zombie tub. I hope this helps somebody someday. Mush Love from the Captain.
  15. The Kraken Cub

    10 gallon z tub....Tek?

    kinda new so here i go, any help tips ideas constructive criticism would be appreciated So the title pretty much says it, im doing an experiment with a 2 10 gallon mono tubs. The bottom half has been fitted with, 4 1 1/2 inch holes that will be level with substrate/casing, the will be stuffed with poly-fill. i have made up the bottom lid so i can observe the colonization from bird-eye. (while this lid is on, it will be duck taped in place) this way i can view progress without disturbing my tub. this lid will be removed when upper half is installed. the upper half is fitted with 4 2 inch holes, which will be stuffed with poly fill, the bottom of the top half of the tub has been cut out, and made into a viewing window with cling wrap, this way i can view progress of grow and give proper lighting, light source will be placed above the top viewing port while in fruiting i will be using 4 qts of spawn to 4 qts substrate (1:1 ratio,) i want to try out the rez effect for a substrate choice so i will be using vermiculite as my sub and 50/50 coir/verm casing (opinions on this would be greatly appreciated) i will be using PE, from a decent LC i have done up with potato water and Karo pics are coming leave comments help me out Here is the bottom half with colonization viewing port 1# pic fruiting chamber (top tub) (Plastic not installed yet) substrate will be 2 inches thick here are the jars i am using, these are the same jars im using for @magicman's grow off these were LC nocd up with this lc on 12/16 That jar on the far right is really going, all jars have already been shaken, the one on the right got it 2 days early.... does this look right? thats it for now, ill keep the progress up with this, please let me know anything
  16. BleepBlorp123

    Advice on stalling 6qt dub tub pins?

    Do you think it's time for a second flush after I take out the mature shrooms? All other pins are stalling. Some are slightly blue and some seem normal. If I need a second flush can anyone advise me if I need to pull any of the pins before dunking? In one of the photos you can see some spores accidentally dropped but that's the only spot. It just sorta seems like it's dried out and I don't want to lose all the pins I have if they aren't already aborts... I've already collected an oz dry from these 3 tubs if that info helps, I just feel like I should be getting more from my first flush on 3 dub tubs p.s. when I try and start a topic im extremely limited to the categories I have to choose from. Like a lot are showing but are unavailable for me to click on, not sure if this is because I'm new here or something but I want to make sure I'm starting topics in the correct categories
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