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Found 7 results

  1. I am staring this tread to discuss any thing that is COTG related. the discussion is open, it can be about. How we think it works, New teks that we could use, links to known teks and related Items. I will start by linking the teks here. BeEnvious's No Joke COTG Crystals of the Gods Crystal of the Gods 50/50 extraction hope this turns into a good thread
  2. Recently i tried my first San pedro extraction. Though a similar process to extracting dmt it is much lengthier, though you dont have to do pulls over a few weeks. Dont rush like my dumbass did at the last step. Ive done a few extractions in my day so i wasnt as careful thinking "hey its like dmt you got this", or "hey youve done this a million times." BIG FAIL. On the last step after two 10hr+ days of this project i left my product in a heat bath too long and scorched half my extraction. All of this could of been avoided by either not using a heat bath if im not going to stand over
  3. RiK

    CoTG continued..

    Hi y'all! I wanted to show off my progress with psilo extraction experiments here's some pics.. Here is the finished product of my labor.. and yes, they were solid and crunchy lol plz leave comments to let me know what you think, thank you.
  4. I had a pretty long break since I did my STB extractions of MHRB, but I got a chance to start up again! After I read through @Mushinist‘s ACRB extraction the first time, I knew I wanted to try it. So this is my attempt to learn from the master. Here’s the thread I’m referencing: yesterday I started soaking the ACRB in a couple jars. I just added naphtha a few minutes ago, but I won’t have time to do the first pulls until later tonight, I hope!
  5. Starting my first attempt at an extraction using MHRB. I plan to follow this tek I hope you all can forgive me for asking some dumbass questions. I am a virgin to doing extractions and I want to make sure I understand every step. First off, do I need to grind up my MHRB into a powder, or is that just to speed up the process? And when I add the rb to the water with sodium hydroxide, is there any limit to how long I leave it before getting to the step of adding naptha? Is it ok to leave it mixed for several days?
  6. Ok, I have extracted dmt from MHRB a plenty, from ACRB only twice and it was more experimental than anything. My goal here is to extract deemers crystals from acrb, I plan to mix an ayuhuasca recipe with an Extraction method to achieve this. I have done it before but the crystals were yellow. This time, we want white crystals... so here goes. First securing the ACRB, I got a kilo of fresh ACRB straight from Hawaii, used a well reputed vendor I have past experience with. When I get home will start grinding it to make powder, big party at my place tonight so tomorrow will get the other ingr
  7. RiK


    Okay, I have here 99.99% anhydrous ISO and distilled water mixed at 70% ISO and 30% distilled water in a double walled 8 oz tumbler cup with a removeable outer bottom so I add warm tap water to speed things up a bit. I cut and crushed some cubie stipes up that I dried well.. uh 6 grams.. put into tumbler dry and added water first to help breakdown the stipes cell walls to release the alks in a timely fashion, let it sit for 15 minutes and swished the cup around a couple of times before I added the ISO, shook the shit out of it for ten minutes and let it sit to settle for two hours, then s
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