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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! First grow here and using the PF tek, noob yada yada I am 5 nights into the fruiting stage. Been keeping the temp around 72-73, humidity 95-99, 10 hours light/14 hours dark, and a more or less constant supply of fresh air. ~half of my cakes were noc'd with golden teachers, and the other half with tha lipa yai. I have many questions but will keep them concise, and hoping someone with experience can help a brother out since there is an incredible amount of contradicting information on the web about every step of the process. Questions: 1 - Does anything in these pics look like aborts? 2 - Any signs of contamination, or cause for concern? I am noticing tiny spots on many of the lil shroom heads (#1). One shroom head looks hollowed out (#2) and one looks a bit dilapidated (#3) 3 - Any recommendations for speeding up the fruiting of the TLY cakes? Does my FC in pic #5 sound any alarms to anyone? ....7 GT cakes on the left, 9 TLY cakes on the right and bottom center, and then 1 cake top center that I noc'd with both GT and TLY just because I was curious what would happen. (The humidity is down because I had the top off for a bit. ) In general, it looks like the TLY cakes are lagging. In fact. 4 out of the 9 TLY cakes don't have any pins, but it appears the mycelium is taking over the verm from my dunk/roll. I see nothing other than white in the cakes and in the perite. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. While this is my first time, I'm really trying not to fuck it up. many thanks!
  2. (again,..sorry for the poor pics. I need a macro lens) Look at them grow! I have 4 different strains in here: Hawaiian, Ecuador, B+ and Golden Teachers. I lost track of my labeling system so I'm not sure which is which. Most of them are popping up from the bottom of the cakes (gravity/moisture), but there are some popping right off the tops of the cakes. I was kinda bummed that some looked like they weren't fruiting, but then I looked really close and there are little pins all over them, they are just too small to see with the naked eye and my shitty camera... Given this is my first time, I am super stoked I made it this far....Next time I am going to stick to one strain. I was a bit ambitious for a first timer! I keep seeing conflicting info about misting and fanning (condensation induces pinning),... some say stop misting and fanning when you see pins because water can kill the pins (rot, etc) and others say keep on misting and fanning until you are ready to pick them. I am misting about 3-4 ft (3-4 sprays + fanning for about 2 mins = 3x per day) above the FC to avoid bruising.... any advice?
  3. Here are some photos of my FC. [day 2. after putting the spawn to bed.] Nothing really seems out of place, but there are some small details i want to check. See this dry area? It was larger than the 12" lamp i had center top of my FC. the other thing i noticed was that the center of my FC was getting dry'ish. (-coir turned light brown instead of being dark) i really want fruits growing in the center mass of my substrate bed. That's a measure of success /increases yield? So i did this to my 76 degree F room: Removed the one lamp I had center top. The new lights are much farther away. There are 2 to keep brightness high and the heat transferred to the FC is now much lower. Other than the above mentioned, how is my general condensation?
  4. my accomplishments thus far. i figure about 10 more days until i lay the colonized GS to substrate in a FC. that'll bring it to 30 days of colonizing in the jar. enough?
  5. Found this container on Rubbermaid.com and thought it would be a good purchase for a fruiting chamber as I'm going to start my first mushroom grow soon. Any reason why not to use it or is it a green light? I do see a possible problem of not being able to fill the bottom with a deep layer of perlite.
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