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Found 23 results

  1. Hello fellow shroomology members! This is a grow log for my first attempt at cultivation. I will be following the "MZ" Monotub Tek as well as his NO FAIL WBS tek. My strain of choice is PC Ecuador, as i have read that it is one of the more reccomended strains to start with, as well as a personal preference as the first grower I met also started with PC Ecuador. Pictured below is my DIY Incubation/fruiting chamber that will serve as my climate control ecosystem. Spore Syringes arrive in 3 days and I have all of the exact equipment and much of the knowledge necessary to make this a success! (Much thanks to all of the members of shroomology & shroomery) But I am definitely going to need some second opinions from the experienced community that has blossomed here! Anyways, here is my chamber and I will be sure to post every step along the way to contribute to the peer review practices that keep this engine running! (for those wondering what this chamber is constructed of, I created a PVC chassis made to fit into my metal rack lmao this and everything else will be wiped down with iso before any actual use, and this chassis is contained in a double layered 59 gallon clear yard bag, which will be made air tight, as well as a sterile access port for anything hands on (or gloves on lol) all the way from opening the pressure cooker inside, then innoculation, through colonization all the way up to transferring the jars to the tub of substrate, to pinning, fruiting then harvesting!!!!) equipped on this chamber is 2 CPU fan/HEPA filter vents made from cardboard and lined with foil and there will be an air tight seal on all of this once it comes time to store my jars. Let me know what you think so far!!!
  2. Greetings. I have been wanting to grow magic mushrooms for years, but I have only been actually planning to do so for a few months. After waiting for what now seems like an eternity I have finally taken the first step towards my first grow. Today I made my first two spore syringes. I have inherited a total of 9 cubensis spore prints from a deceased relative, all of them were labeled except for one. The unlabeled one is what I used to make the syringes. Therefore this grow will be especially exciting for me, since I have no idea what strain it actually is that I am growing. I plan to prepare my first batch of grains tomorrow and PC it, then inoculate on sunday. My second batch will be prepared monday evening and inoculated on tuesday. I don't live in USA so I don't have actual mason jars in my country, so I use another type of canning jars. I can only fit 5 of those in my 16 qt Presto. So my first growing attempt will be a total of 10 jars. It was a bit disappointing when I first noticed it, but 5 jars each PC-cycle will suffice for now. I decided to skip the PF-tek and go straight to grains my first grow, since grains is what I will be using in the future anyway. I was first planning on using rye berries, but for some reason that is weirdly expensive where I live. So instead I will use wheat berries. Right now I don't have any pictures to upload. After all, all I have now are two syringes that are pretty much just water with a couple of dark spots in them. I will update with pictures as I progress and things start to get interesting.
  3. About to inoculate some rye bags with penis envy... what's to be expected? Or is a cube, a cube?
  4. keebles124

    Thoughts? Still good?

    Hey all, straight to the point.... Got Burma fruiting. Pins started off brownish and now are tinted blue. I believe the substrate did dry out a little bit when pins started to appear, but i added a little water on the sides of the tray just so it would wick some water up into it, which it did, then i poured off the excess, being gentle as i did so. Humidity(old humidifier) wasn't consistent after casing, now it's stable at 90% Temp stable. (68-72) Growth consistent daily No ugly contams anywhere. My potential fuck ups: -Forgot plastic lining in tray - casing too thick maybe (50/50 peat/verm only) maybe 1/4in thick, will go thinner next time - over misted to add moisture during early humidity issues. (Slowed down misting after humidity fixed) Questions: -Are they still good? -Is it bruising from errors or the potency stuff that is talked about? -do i even need casing next time, since they grew from the uncased sides of the tray? -oh yea, most importantly, are they still good? Thanks in advance.
  5. chaosfactor906

    First ever grow, penis envy's

    hey guys i got some penis envy's i inoculated on christmas day. just wanted to show some progress and have someone take a look at this little deformed guy i got.
  6. Hello, This is my first post here and it's been a long time coming. I've been working on this grow for about 2 1/2 - 3 months now and I think that my first flush is nearly ready to be picked! The strain is B+ Cubensis and the grow was relatively easy and low maintenance. About 3 weeks ago I transferred colonized spawn bags into my bulk grow kit and my first pins started appearing 6 days prior to this post. My only question at this point is are my mushrooms ready to be picked and dried? Also, I heard that you're not supposed to pick any big mushrooms if there are small ones growing next to it. Is this true? Here's the pic:
  7. Thanks for having me any advice would be appreciated. First grow i love this hobby already obsessed.Yesterday Nov 3Today Nov 4
  8. okay guys, new here, glad to be a part of shroomology. this is my first time, and I have inoculated 9 brf jars, 14 days ago (9-22) and 8 of the 9 are looking beautiful, but 1 jar has literally no growth, wondering if i should toss it, or wait more? also have FC questions if people don't mind me rambling. thanks, shroomsy forgot to mention it was from spore syringe.
  9. Hello bois, im new to this forum and growing for my first time. I watched some vids on how to get started. I found a video, that showed, that its enough, when u put your cake in water for only 1 hr. The Problem i got right know is the humidity of the cake. It looks kinda dry to me, but i got no experience at all. Its been 6 days, and i still see no pins. (im using a growkit - golden teacher) My Question is now: Does it hurt the mycel, when i put the cake in water for 24hrs again? Im gonna post a Picture of it down below.
  10. Hello members of shroomology. 8 days ago i put my first 6qt tubs into fruiting conditions prior to that they were in spawn run for 7 days. 1/4in of 50/50+ casing was added (coarse verm was not used, i have it now but didnt then) temp was dropped from 80f to 70f, a light has been added, and im misting and fanning 3x a day. however no sign of pins 8 days in now. Though the tek does say 7-14 days so im probably being too ancy. however this spec of brown showed up two days ago on one of my tubs gonna keep a close eye. On these tubs i do not have a trash bag liner i thought the liner was to block light so i taped the outside with duct tape. Though now i realize my substrate is going to shrink from the sides of the wall leading to evaporation/side pins and that was the entire point of the trash bag. I am going to be putting some jars into 6 qts for spawn run later today and i will make sure to line those tubs. Instead of just taping the outside. here is what ive done so far this grow. I thought more people would be able to see/ hopefully answer my questions here though. 1. Does anyone have any suggestions on my fruiting setup am i doing something wrong? not enough holes in lid? 2. what kind of lid do i need? the pics using mushzombies 6qt tek vary greatly from no holes with poly fill, to a million holes. this is the pic from the tek in other forums i see a hole in each corner of the top and bottom lid filled with poly fill 3. Do i need to move my light closer? when growing plants you had to have the light close so the lumens would actually reach the plant. with a 2 bulbs of the CFL 6500k daylight type 18in or so away from the lids im reading <100 lumens at the TOP of the lids. so arent the mushrooms thinking they are in the dark all the time anyways? Here are some pics of my first 3 tubs i put into fruiting conditions 8 days ago. Two pics of the outside conditions maybe you guys can see if im doing something wrong. And here is whats going on inside... Absolutely nothing lol besides that spec of brown in one tub.
  11. DubTub is holding steady at 74 degrees / 98% Humidity. I pulled a couple jars to see where they are. All the jars appear to be growing roughly equally. Here are some pics of one of the GT & B+ BRF jars that were inoculated about 2.5 weeks ago.
  12. I heard about an amazing super cool woman who was wrapping up her first spore run, in a 6qt "dub tub" style. She had cased several pans and was hoping to see pins soon. 1 Tub had some side pins but nothing major. She also had WBS jars going, AGAR plates, and a tub of BRF. It was all doing amazing until spring sprung up to 87* and the air conditioner died. Her 4th floor apartment got crazy hot she had to get her family out and was not able to move all her precious projects. She is clueless as to how hot it really got in the apartment but she thinks it was mid 90's- 100 The next day everything was fixed and she ran home to check on her babies. The tubs with little side pins popping out had 5-8in mushroom clusters and spores were everywhere. Her cakes had a similar reaction. This is her first time growing like most people beginning in mycology she researches A LOT but still knows nothing. So she is hoping that someone could explain to her what she should do. Are the mushrooms that fruited any good ? Are there any signs she could look for to see if the heat killed anything? She is unsure if the house ever heated up to 106 it probably didn't but she's a nervous first timer. She is really concerned that the prolonged heat totally annihilated 6 weeks of hard work. Like most women she is hoping someone will swoop down from the world wide web to rescue her and tell her everything is going to be fine. I included some before the heat and after the heat pics of the fruits that came. Any advice would be greatly appriciated
  13. SkillyBop

    HELP :( contamination? Trich?

    So today I found some growth in a cake I was about to dunk that does not look like right. Thoughts? Thinking of rinsing it, trying to get all that off and placing it in a different fruiting chamber.
  14. Hey guys. So I’m going to be leaving for the weekend (leave late Friday night come home early Monday morning/Sunday middle of the night) and I’m worried about my cakes. I have four cakes in my SGFC right now. One cake finishing its first flush (will be picked by tomorrow or Friday morning most likely), one cake on its second flush which has just starting showing a few pins, and two cakes on their first flush that have not begun pinning yet. I’ve been misting and fanning several times a day, keeping up moisture and humidity levels while giving lots of fae. I’m worried about leaving them for so long unattended and am hoping there might be some setup I can do to give them the proper environment for the weekend. Cheers
  15. Hey guys so it’s my first grow and I’m getting ready to try and print some guys but the tops of my caps are a blackish purple color on some and I want to make sure these guys are safe. They also started to droop a bit the last day or two.
  16. I would like to dunk some cakes I'll be birthing tonight with a cake I just finished the first flush on. Could this be bad for tam rates? Should I keep them separated?
  17. Hey guys so things are coming along okay I guess??? 😂 On my first grow. So I was told by mushmouth I believe that m cakes looked too dry and my fruits might not mature fully. So anyways I’ve been wetting th cakes more the last day or so and tonight I got home and I have quite a few broken veils. Caps are starting to flatten a bit but nothing major. These are still pretty small fruits the largest MAYBE being two inches in length. Will these be okay? Thoughts? Really hoping to make some prints as I have no more spores and was hoping to not have to order more yet. If this be the case though I’ll move forward with that! Throwing some new cakes in the chamber tonight
  18. Hey wanted some opinions on if my new pins are ok? It's my first grow so I'm equally excited and paranoid.
  19. Hi everyone, first time grower here. It looks like the mycelium is growing slowly around the sides of the casing. This is 7 days in, and I feel like things should be going faster. I'm using the WBS 6 quart tub tek. Colonization was slow as hell and wasn't 100%, more like 70% because it had been more than a month and I had shaken it multiple times to spread the mycelium and I figured that it was the best I was going to get. Spawn run lasted about 12 days, the surface wasn't 100% white but mostly covered and looked hairy. I've put on the peat moss/vermiculite layer and am misting/fanning 3x a day, with perhaps too much misting but maybe not? Anyway, I figured maybe my casing layer is contaminated or maybe this psilocybe cubensis just grows slow as hell, but in any case please lend me your wisdom, thank you.
  20. So I'm trying to buy the correct wild bird seed but I do not know which kind is the best to use. I know to stay away from WBS with cracked corn, but I still have a lot of options and I don't know what to buy. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  21. PLEASE HELP This is my first time growing mushrooms, i didn't have access to a lot of resources so i made do with what i could, About 10 Days ago i birthed 2 cakes (Dunked them for 24 hours) and placed them in a terrarium. It was about 20-30c for the first week after the cakes were birthef where i live and it has kept the humidity looking reasonably good. I was getting a little impatient and read that because of the lack of holes in the terrarium my mushrooms might not pin. So i added about Two dozen more holes with a Stanley knife ( No drill ) in the terrarium and began airing it out once in a while. Just like that 1 mushroom pins on each cake the next day. 2 days have passed and these mushrooms are about an inch tall and very slowly growing but i see no more pins. The Temperature has dropped now and its set to stay between 12-20c for the foreseeable future (i don't have a heater at the moment so i cant manually control the temperature) also i have been spraying often and the terrarium cant seem to hold moisture. I have read thousands of different forums and they all recommend different things. These are b+ mycellium cakes inoculated with a syringe about a month ago. Ultimately i just want to know how to optimize these cakes fruiting conditions and get a good couple flushes out of them, and if anyone has anymore questions to find out If/How I've gone wrong im more than happy to answer,
  22. I'm preparing my first grow and was considering using organic rye berries. I've heard a lot about WBS, but not that much about rye berries. Does anyone have experience with both?
  23. Hey guys, been researching and lurking for awhile now. I've pretty much memorized every single step and have most of the supplies. I guess i'm just asking for any tips that you could give me that i may overlook or that isn't mentioned in teks. i'll be preparing multiple zombie tubs using rice flour and verm as substrate. i've made my own makeshift box to work within and understand that sterilization is HUGE. What problems have you guys come across on your first few grows?
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