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Found 12 results

  1. It's my first time venturing into the world of mycology, things seem to be going decent right now but I'd like some advice from the more knowledgeable. I started out with 10 cakes and only had one syringe thinking it would be enough. I had trouble with my needle during the injection phase and overloaded some of the cakes do to clogging which I only used 6 jars. Now 1 is potentially contaminated, 2 are growing great with about 30% colonization left, and 3 need 70% more colonization. My question is, how do I maximize the yield? I seen a method that evolves a cheese grater to break up the cakes and use them as substrate (might have the wrong term). Need help from the professionals.
  2. hey there everyone, I'll just start out with a little preface: - I'm a complete newb to mycology (even consuming) and am mainly interested in this as a hobby - my background is in technology; software, electrical design, custom circuit boards, robotics, mechanical designs and prototyping, etc A friend of mine asked if i could help him build a system to maximize/standardize growing for consistent and big yield results with a minimum of human intervention. There's definitely lots of ways I can accomplish that, but there's some parts of the puzzle I'm missing. I have done quite a lot of reading so far about bulk and shotgun methods of grow chambers, and that got me thinking about some of the things I'd like to build into an automated fruiting chamber. I'm hoping you, as an experienced community, can give me feedback on what parts of that concept can work, what's unnecessary, and what's dumb and should be avoided. planned automation features: NodeMCU (ESP32 or ESP8266) units for each chamber, featuring air temp/humidity sensor (DHT22), and soil/substrate temp/moisture sensors (D18S20 / ADC comparative circuit), as well as environmental control units. Environmental control will be effectuated with: Peltier TEP on the air intake. Applying voltage causes air to be either heated or chilled depending on the polarity Piezoelectric transducer for vaporizing water in the case that humidity drops PWM controlled LED lights for fruiting stage (not sure what wavelength to use yet) Intake/outlet fans controlled on the a schedule by host server over MQTT with activated charcoal sheeting to address any escaping odors MQTT Enabled host server (Raspberry Pi or other cheap SBC) for data acquisition and aggregation (this will be used to host a web interface displaying sensor data and allow for manual control over environmental devices) Theoretically one rPi server could handle any number of these units physical construction plans: 1x 105qt sterilite tub outer chamber with polyester batting insulation and RTV silicone gasket seals 6x 12.9qt iris storage bins (they all fit when stacked 2x3) HEPA intake and outlet filters using 86889 filters, 120mm fans, and a 3d printed mount for the 105qt bins 50x10mm fans plus carbon filter sheeting for air circulation fans on the 12.9qt bins Let me know what you guys think!
  3. Jdog5775

    1st time grower need advice.

    I am a first time grower and need to know what to look out for during my first flush. What are the signs that my shrooms are going to not be safe? Please help. I have down everything by the book so far and kept everything as sterile as possible. B+ strain in homemade fruiting camber. Please let me know what to look out for before I hurt myself.
  4. Hello all, first time grower here. I have been following the Rez Effect Reloaded Tek. I just wanted to see if this looked right to everyone as I havent seen much change. This is from 4 very full quarts of mycelium mixed with equal amounts field capacity course (all I could find local) vermiculite . Questions I have; Did I pull the foil off to soon? Am I fanning to much with the big electric fan? Does that casing (shell/web/coating?) in the picture look normal? Is any of that knots or is just growth on verm? Any more advice?
  5. Hello all. First time nervous noob here. I've been stalking for awhile soaking in all that I can. But now I'm like that worried first time parent to be that thinks every twinge is labor pains. I've searched every post I can find on best time to harvest & my take away is "just before the veil breaks"(unless collecting spores). But with this being my first time I've NO CLUE how to tell when the veil is about to break. Will my Hawaiian cube babies get bigger before the veil starts to break, is she ready, or does it depend on each mushie? One last question ...my lizard king cap is wrinkly. Is he ok or do I need to tweak something? Thanks in advance without y'all I wouldn't have made it this far!.
  6. Hey everyone ! This is my first time doing a grow! Things have gone without any issues til this point! I've been following the 6 quart tub tek. So I'm to the misting and fanning stage. I've been keeping the environment at 97% humidity most of the day for the past two weeks since adding the peat moss top layer. I just have a couple of questions so for clarification I'm growing two strains. 1 tub of Lovely Golden Teachers (first 3 images) , and 1 tub of A+ Albinos (last few images). So on to the first question . in the last pic of the albinos I noticed a little orange spot. I don't know what pins look like , as it's been about two weeks now of misting and fanning twice a day. I was hoping some one could tell me if it's something I should try cutting out of my cake or leaving ? Mu second question is how much longer do you think they have til they start pinning . I've been doing a lot of reading but keep hearing different estimates. It's been just over two weeks since misting and fanning has started. From my understanding the pinning is something once it's started is pretty quick right ? All I've seen so far is just the mysilum growing more and more. Last question : is there something I need to Change with the golden teachers ? They have seemed to be growing as quite a bit of a slower pace than the a+ strain. They just haven't gotten as thick on the top layer as the a+ have. Are they a slower growing strain and I was unaware ? For any and all who answer I appreciate all help and feedback, thanks !!
  7. Hello, so this is my first try and cultivation and I'm worried something is wrong. About two days ago my monotub started producing these white puff balls? I don't know what it is I'm hoping it is something I can fix if it's not good. It's my first grow and I'm hoping I can produce something. I spawned on popcorn
  8. Hi all. I recently bumped on this site/forum on net, and it looks like a cool comunity, so i decided to join and ask for help. It is psilocybin cubensis (columbian) print. Can you guys help me to choose which mhetod of cultivation is best for this shrroms. And do I have to use glovebox when making syrengie prints form print.
  9. Ok, I won't bore with the background details because that's on another thread and it's also really hard to type right now. 1 hour and 45 minutes into this. Kaleidoscopic visuals, rainbow colors, check. Definitely some ego disassociation happening. I'm coming up for air right now, so to speak, so I can type this. Heavy body load. Really deep introspection. Very, very, very interesting.
  10. I'm so excited, My first pin! I'm saying the Chris Rock bit in my head, but pinning instead of spinning, lol.
  11. hi guys new to the community in more than a few ways. what better way to introduce myself than show my newbie build/tek here these are my pf tek cakes waiting to fruit: First run here for me, still yet to get a first flush. Have a friend helping me, inoculation and in-jar cultivation/consolidation came out pretty solid. Maybe 2 or 3 pins on these babies thus far, feeling pretty good besides being inexperienced with what I assume is the mycelium that's growing in fuzzy white on the cakes. Do they look healthy? Is mycelium ok? If not ideal, how can I prevent it from cultivating my cakes? I've read less CO2, drill more holes closer to perlite. Less humidity? More fanning? Last questions is where I am keeping them. They are currently under my desk which I sit at quiet often. I mist them about 4-5 times a day and fan them with the fan on the left side for about 4-5 minutes, then put the lid on which has plenty holes drilled in it. I keep an AC on in my room that tries it's damn best to regulate 70 degrees Fahrenheit. TLDR: If it's not too early to tell, how am I doin? Thanks a million.
  12. Ok I am going to be growing my own mushrooms ill explain what I have and at the end I will Ask a few questions I am a beginner but I'm not completely incompetent, so I went for the rye I am using a touch screen phone so I might have typos sorry What I will use Rye seed Coco coir , vermiculite for casing Monotub method with poly fill for least maintenance Jars I will inoculate 2 jars and then pour into 6 others jars withbpolyfill to breath Fish tank heater Spore syringe Temp gauge Pressure cooker Glove box I will clean the rye and cook it first of course I'll shake jar at 25% 50% 75% to keep it broken up So I'll be doing bottom and top casing I plan on pressure cooking to get Any germs out I'll be following the proper sterile techniques, Temp 85 while inoculating and 75 for fruiting I'll mist the casing until fruiting is induced I might leave some stuff out but hopefully you get the idea, does this all look ok so far? A few questions how many jars shoukd I use? And should I put the casing and mycelium into little Tupperware trays? Once the first flush is done do I recase it, or do I just spray with water? Do most people patch mycelium that grows through casing early , I hear some people induce fruiting at tht point instead. If I can't find coco coir will straight verm be at all ok for casing?
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