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Found 9 results

  1. Yhe lonh wait is finally here. I decided today to pick my first flush from 1 cake of z strain. Started pinning about 7 days sgo in sgfc. It weighs out at 80g. Some grew kinda weird. How do these look? Kinda wanting some feedback for future references.
  2. Hey, I'm on my 8th flush ATM on my cake, and I'm getting more mushrooms out of this one than I did with my 7th. What's the max flush count you guys have ever seen come from a cake? Before this, I only ever got three-four max before it contaminated with trich, but I've never seen something like this.
  3. I have been doing a monotub tek for the second time, this time with PE strain Last time I did a monotub I had less than ideal conditions in every step(mold colonizing in 3/4 of the cake style jars, improper soil(yard dirt instead of coco-coir, 80-90 fruiting conditions, flooding my tub continually, 2 1/2 pint colonized jars in a 60qt mono) and still grew 20g's dry. I have a few questions: 1: I am wondering what dry weight I should expect from 3lb's of colonized rye seeds and approx double the amount of coco coir as there is rye seeds in a 60qt monotek. PE strain ?????? (setup is fan/mist often, 12hr light cycle) 2: I am having trouble fruiting and have not seen pins yet and it's been 5 days since I put my chamber into fruiting conditions.(fan/mist, 70-80degrees, 12hr light cycle) I did not wait for the chamber to create the white fuzzy layer entirely before introducing fruiting conditions, but I did wait until there were white fuzzy spots in quarter size diameter around the rye seeds. Did I do something wrong? is it going to be okay? Did I potentially affect my overall yield? Should I continue fruiting conditions, or revert to no light, no mist no fan for a short period? What the tub looks like currently is the attached photo: Any advice would help, or if you want to suggest any improvements.
  4. I have followed the 6-qt mist-and-fan dub tub tek twice now, and I'm having mixed results getting additional flushes -- so I'd like to try to understand this from the mycelium's point of view. I'm finding that if I can understand what the mycelium likes and why, I get better results. The tek says this: "After the harvest you will want to dunk your sub. Set something heavy on top of the sub, then pour water in the tub until it is submerged. Leave the sub submerged for 24 hours. After 24 hours dump all the water out, and set the sub on something to drain for 30 min, the reintroduce the sub to normal fruiting conditions." When I do this, using distilled water, things get kinda ugly. Many of the pins go dark and wither, and my flushes seem to only get a few mature fruits as most of the pins die. I'm not sure if it is a moisture problem (too much or too little) or a ph problem, or something else. Any ideas? By chance I have a copy of the book Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide by O.T. Oss and O.N. Deric from 1976, and I realize this is old and outdated information. But their method does not add any water -- instead, they say to use a sterile fork to scrape off the old casing and aborted mushrooms, add a new casing layer, then after a recovery period of about two weeks they will be fruiting again. So my main question is, given these two different approaches, what does adding water do for or do to the mycelium? Is that added moisture essential for producing new fruits, or does it serve another function? After a 24 hour soak and 30 minute drain, my sub still seems super wet -- is this normal (I'm in a dry climate)? Can you give me more details on how you successfully dunk for more productive flushes? TIA!
  5. Long time visitor, first time poster. I am starting my first grow this week with 20cc of Alacabenzi's (From the SoS of course) and six sterile 8oz BRF/multigrain flour/Verm/gypsum substrate bags. I've purchased everything for a 48l monotub but am now hesitant to combine and commit all my spawns to a tub. I'm thinking of fruiting all 6 in their bags for the 1st flush and then making a bulk substrate (verm/coir+late casing) for the tub after. Is it a good idea to mix spawns to a bulk after they've fruited once? I am concerned of contaminating a tub on my first go and wasting it. Going with bags seems like less risk of contam. 6 seperate bags gives me 6 opportunities of success/failure rather than just 1 with a tub and allows me to make my $60 investment back. What would you do? Play it safe or Go Big or Go Home? also, I'm aware i don't need to mix all my spawns to my bulk but wouldn't there be an increased speed of colonization? Having a heavier myc -to- non-colonized sub ratio and all..? thanks in advance for any input!
  6. Hi guys I am stucked with second flush, 2 weeks after dunking, i fcked cause rolled them in vermiculit again. And those two are from today. ?
  7. Hey there! first time cultivator here and I dont know how to dunk or flush! Tried figuring it out but really dont want to mess anything up! I have a 6 qt tub with a peat moss casing and just finished the first harvest and now I am not sure what to do! Anything helps Thanks, JJ
  8. From the album: Random Pictures 2017

    I have put these things threw hell. But it didnt stop the life cycle. I got a few prints and thats what i was looking for. South African Transkei seems to be a really nice strain.
  9. Is it acceptable to clone from the second, or even 3rd, flush? As far as I know, it is ideal to clone from the 1st flush because... Well IDK why, because that is how I have seen it done and followed suit proceeding into assuming.
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